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Custom IEMs samba

After gaining worldwide recognition with the 6R, Jomo recently released a new reference-tuned flagship sporting 8 BA drivers: the Samba.

Custom IEMs 6.2

Custom Art recently took a new look at their flagship, the renowned Harmony 8 and 8 pro. After replacing more than half of their drivers and implementing a new crossover, the result was a brand new ‘TOTL’ custom with its own sound.

Custom IEMs 24189179666_9e22c3735f_o

Presenting the Perfect Seal AR6; a 6 BA model with a uniquely spacious presentation, and lively and clear signature.

Custom IEMs A3

Review of Lime Ears’ flagship ciem: incorporating a 5 BA driver design with adjustable bass switch, the Aether offers a very natural and airy sound.

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