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Custom IEMs

Hidition, located in Korea, re-launched their business and product line near the end of 2011 and I was privileged to be able to review the NT-6, which is one of their two flagship products. The NT-6 was designed with a reference sound and has 6 balanced armature drivers in a 4-way configuration, delivering a ER4 like sound with greater detail, resolution, clarity, and capability.

Custom IEMs

A look at the 6-driver, 4-way custom-fit monster from Korea-based Hidition that his finally knocked the UM Miracle off the top of my rating scale.

Custom IEMs

Reviewed Feb 2011 Details: Two-way, triple-driver custom from Oregon-based 1964EARS Current Price: N/A (discontinued) (MSRP:…

Custom IEMs

Though the base Kozee Infinity X1 runs an incredibly affordable $139 including DIY impressions, the $50 Executive upgrade buys additional accessories, acrylic shells, custom artwork, detachable cables, and a vented transducer.

Custom IEMs

Starting at $399, the Alclair Reference is a mid-level custom monitor that combines a versatile sound signature with the usual isolation, fit, and customization options of a full-shell custom monitor.

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