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Earphones InEar StageDiver 2 SD-2

One of the most well-rounded earphones I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying, the InEar StageDiver 2 amazes with its all-round accuracy, exhibiting tight bass control, level mids, and a good balance between treble presence and smoothness.

Earphones Nuforce NE-700X (2013 version)

The 2013 version of the Nuforce NE-700X stays true to its predecessor, delivering a rich, full-bodied sound underpinned by tactile, powerful bass. The low end extends well and provides enough impact to satisfy all listeners, even serious bass fanatics.

Earphones SteelSeries Flux In-Ear

A dynamic-driver in-ear monitor from Danish manufacturer of gaming peripherals SteelSeries, the Flux In-Ear took me by surprise with audio quality that easily puts it among the very best earphones in its class.

Earphones SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pro

SteelSeries’ flagship in-ear headphone delivers balanced and capable sound courtesy of a single balanced armature driver, along with a comfortable form factor and headset functionality for both PCs and smartphones.


VSonic’s second dual balanced armature earphone is a lower-priced – but not less capable – alternative to the more expensive GR01 and a very solid earphone for those who tend to prefer a balanced sound signature.

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