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Reviewed Jan 2011 Details: Budget basshead-oriented earphone from Jaben’s in-house brand Current Price: N/A (discontinued)…

Earphones Yamaha EPH-50

Like the lower-end EPH-20, the Yamaha EPH-50 boasts a large amount of very visceral bass but adds to it a fairly clear midrange and crisp, natural-sounding treble.

Earphones Rock-It Sounds R-11

While the Rock-It R-11 improves on the R-10 in several areas, its non-vented housings result in sound that is less suitable for the discerning listener.

Earphones Sennheiser CX280

Sennheiser’s latest foray into the ranks of entry-level in-ears takes us one step further from the bloated and boomy sound of low-end Sennheisers of years past.

Earphones Fischer Audio FA-788

The Fischer Audio FA-788 is an entry-level earphone that offers the comfort of a shallow-insertion IEM along with surprisingly crisp and accurate sound.

Earphones Monoprice 8320

Budget IEMs typically follow a simple formula – cheap, straight-barrel housing, high-sensitivity driver, and massively enhanced bass. The Monoprice MEP-933 shrugs such convention.

Earphones Denon AH-C360

The Denon AH-C360 is one of the many bass-heavy entry-level earphones with mediocre sound quality offered by mainstream manufacturers,

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