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Earphones VSonic GR07 Bass Edition

While it does not deviate from the feature set of the original GR07, the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition does deliver exactly what it promises – the clear, detailed sound of the popular GR07 with a bump in bass quantity

Earphones Astrotec AM-800

The Astrotec AM-800 is one of the best-looking earphones I’ve come across in a long time, but it’s more than just a pretty face.

Earphones Coby CVEM79 Jammerz

The Coby CVEM79 Jammerz Platinum offer solid build quality, a comfortable form factor, and a variety of colors for a bargain-basement price


Reviewed Mar 2011 Details: Entry-level earphone from bargain-bin electronics brand Sentry Current Price: N/A…

Earphones Koss KE29

The KE29 is an inexpensive and readily available budget earphone that offers plenty of bass, a smooth and slightly veiled midrange, and laid-back treble


Reviewed Sep 2010 Details: Bass-heavy earphone oriented at PSP users Current Price: N/A (discontinued)…

Earphones VSonic R02 Silver

The aging VSonic R02 continues to impress with its latest tuning, eschewing the v-shaped signature of the GR02 Bass Edition for a more mid-centric sound with surprisingly good clarity and bass quality.

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