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Earphones Brainwavz Beta

The sound really is quite good for the asking price – among their similarly-priced peers the Betas surprise most with their speed and lack of low-end bleed.

Earphones Hippo Shroom

Yet another impressive midrange entry from Jaben’s house brand, the Hippo Shroom is a small-and-slim earphone that should be comfortable and well-isolating enough for most users.

Earphones ViSang R01

The ViSang R01 promises the sound of the higher-end ViSang R02 in an even more reasonably-priced package.

Earphones Soundmagic PL30

The aging Soundmagic PL30 offers a whole lot of bang for your buck with its stellar accessory pack, lack of microphonics, and comfortable form factor.

Earphones H2O Audio Surge Pro Mini

The H2O Audio Surge Pro Mini is a purpose-built underwater listening device that, like H2O’s lower-end models, sacrifices surprisingly little in the way of functionality and sound quality for the sake of shrugging off moisture.

Earphones Woodees IESW101

The Woodees IESW101B are excellent earphones in their price bracket. Though the build could be better, they still feel like a quality product and compete well against other sub-$50 earphones.

Earphones Monster Lil Jamz

The Monster Lil’ Jamz are not a low-budget version of the Monster Turbine earphones, offering instead a heavily colored, sparkly sound signature

Earphones Spider TinyEar

While not as impressive as the higher-end Realvoice model, the Spider TinyEar provides clean and balanced sound in an extremely compact form factor.

Earphones Monster Jamz

It would seem that the midbass-heavy balance of the Jamz should appeal to the non-audiophile much in the same way the ever-popular Sennheiser CX300 does – the Jamz are not nearly as aggressive as the Beats by Dr Dre Tour and not as bright or tinny as the Lil’ Jamz.

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