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Earphones Shure SE215

Highly isolating for a dynamic-driver set and boasting a smooth and detailed sound signature with an emphasis on bass and mids, the Shure SE215 is poised to be a high-value in the consumer market.

Earphones Monster Turbine Pro Gold

With a relaxed and buttery-smooth sound signature, the Monster Turbine Pro Gold is an excellent all-around earphone, picking up where the original Turbines left off and providing a more balanced and refined sound signature.


Reviewed Aug 2010 Details: Limited edition TRRS-balanced earphone from HiFiMan/Head-Direct Current Price: $99 from (MSRP: $99) Specs:…

Earphones JVC HA-FX700

Like the earphone’s aesthetics and construction quality, the sound of the JVC HA-FX700s is unique and substantial.

Earphones Ortofon e-Q7

With tight bass, full mids, and smooth (albeit slightly relaxed) treble, the Ortofon e-Q7 possesses one of the most coherent sound signatures in the land of portable audio.

Earphones Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII

The second revision of Fischer Audio’s renowned DBA-02 finally matches the premium sound of the earphone with a premium feel, making a series of gains over the old version as a result of a new housing design, more durable cable construction, and improved accessory pack.

Earphones Sony MDR-EX1000

Blisteringly expensive when first announced, the Sony MDR-EX1000 has since dropped enough in price to compete with other top-tier universal dynamics.

Earphones VSonic GR01

Though the VSonic GR01 strays little from the dual-armature monitor formula, it is one of the more competent such earphones I’ve heard

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