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Earphones NarMoo S1

The NarMoo S1 is a dual dynamic driver earphone with a powerful, likable sound. While bass control and clarity are limited by the plentiful bass quantity, both impress in comparison with other similarly-tuned sets.

Earphones Xiaomi Piston 2

While higher-end in-ears can point out where the audio quality of the Xiaomi Piston 2 falls slightly short, the dearth of choices among full-featured Android headsets makes the Piston 2 a bargain, and a must-have for any Android user.

Earphones T-Peos D200R

As far as reasonably-priced earphones go, the T-Peos D200R has a lot going for it – sturdy build, headset functionality, and a sonic signature that makes all the right concessions.

Earphones NarMoo R1M

The NarMoo R1M is an excellent first effort, offering pretty much everything one could want from a budget earphone – a solid construction, built-in mic and remote, and the ability to select between three levels of bass ranging from “basshead” to “mild enhancement”.

Earphones Astrotec AX-35

The Astrotec AX-35 is a dynamic + single BA hybrid earphone that utilizes a Knowles ED armature driver and competes with the likes of the T-Peos H-100 and Dunu DN-900, albeit at a significantly more attractive price point.

Earphones TDK BA200

With sound that is reminiscent of well-regarded high-end earphones from the likes of HiFiMan and Shure, an ergonomic form factor, and good noise isolation, the TDK BA200 is a solid all-rounder with plenty of mass appeal.

Earphones T-Peos Popular

The T-Peos Popular is similar in price and construction to the T-Peos Tank but delivers a more balanced and neutral sound

Earphones Olasonic Flat-4 Nami

The Olasonic Flat-4 Nami is not just an interesting-looking earphone with a hefty price tag – listeners are sure to be impressed by the clarity, bass control, and soundstaging.

Earphones T-Peos Tank

The new T-Peos Tank boasts headset functionality and a sturdy construction along with an enhanced-bass sound signature and warm tonal character.

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