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The Denon DN-HP1000 retains the slightly sub-par ergonomics of the lower-end DN-HP700 model and manages to lose a chunk of the audio quality of the cheaper headphone.

Earphones Xiaomi Piston 2

While higher-end in-ears can point out where the audio quality of the Xiaomi Piston 2 falls slightly short, the dearth of choices among full-featured Android headsets makes the Piston 2 a bargain, and a must-have for any Android user.

Earphones T-Peos D200R

As far as reasonably-priced earphones go, the T-Peos D200R has a lot going for it – sturdy build, headset functionality, and a sonic signature that makes all the right concessions.

Headphones Koss KSC75

The Koss KSC75s provide an unmatched combination of practicality, durability, comfort, and impressive sound characteristics at their price point

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