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Headphones denonahp372

The overall signature of the AH-P372 is rather balanced and neutral. Nothing jumps out at first listen and yet nothing is notably missing.

Headphones Sony MDR-Q68

The frequency response of the MDR-Q68 is far from even and a good equalizer is highly recommended to get the most out of them.

Headphones Maxell DHP-II

The Maxell DHP-II is yet another outstanding sub-$50 buy for anyone in search of great-sounding, extremely comfortable, and reasonably portable headphones.

Headphones Earsquake PIXI

The Earsquake PIXI is yet another small portable headphone that pursues fashionable aesthetics and a minimalistic form factor in lieu of comfort and isolation.

Headphones Earpollution ThrowBax

The Earpollution ThrowBax attempt to emulate the venerable Panasonic RP-HTX7 but with the price point of the Panasonics coming down into the lower $30 range over the past year, buying the Earpollution version makes little sense.

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