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Reviews Sennheiser PX90

The PX90 is a slightly enigmatic addition to Sennheiser’s portable line, slotting in below the PX100 and PX200 models and yet requiring more juice than either.

Headphones Koss KSC35

Originally priced at just $30, the KSC35 has been brought back into production at a new price point after being discontinued in 2005.

Headphones Prodipe Pro800

Despite Prodipe’s attempts too market the Pro 800 as a studio monitor, the thick and slightly colored sound of the headphones is undoubtedly far less suited for monitoring applications than mid-range sets from big name manufacturers such as Denon, Audio-Technica, and Ultrasone.

Headphones Koss UR55

The Koss UR55 is a comfortable, reasonably-well built mid-level headphone. The sound is forward and detailed, offering good overall balance and surprisingly decent instrument separation.

Headphones Sony MDR-770LP

The design of the 770LP is definitely refreshing but this fashion-forward headphone falls flat on the sound quality front, with the utter lack of sonic clarity presenting the biggest issue.

Headphones Coloud Colors

As advertised, the monochromatic Coloud Colors headphones certainly do stand out visually in a field of (mostly) black, gray, and white sets from competing brands. However, the company also makes claims to functionality and value.

Headphones Pioneer SE-MJ71

If the construction quality and choice of materials deliver a heavy blow to the Pioneer SE-MJ71, the audio quality makes sure that the headphones stay down for the count.

Headphones Sony MDR-PQ2 PIIQ Giiq

Sony’s style-focused portable is a cheap headphone done right – simple in construction, inoffensive in sound signature, lightweight, and comfortable.

Headphones Astrotec AS-100HD

The Astrotec AS-100HD is a consumer-friendly portable headphone that manages to provide a warm sound signature with surprisingly powerful bass.

Headphones Astrotec AS-200HD

The Astrotec AS-200HD encounters fierce competition from other closed-back sets and doesn’t have much going for it aside from startlingly strong bass.

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