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Earphones Xears Nature N3i

Quite simply, if you really like bass and can live with the form factor, the Xears N3, when on sale, is one of the best deals in portable audio.

Earphones Dunu DN-12 Trident

More so than the pricier Ares and Crius models, the Dunu DN-12 Trident aims straight for the segment leaders in its price bracket and – in most ways – scores a direct hit.

Earphones ECCI PR300

The ECCI PR300 is the company’s latest and most convincing attempt at offering hi-fi sound for lo-fi money.

Earphones Xears Resonance

Giving up a couple of points here and there to the higher-end TD-III model, the Xears Resonance nevertheless holds up quite well in its price range.

Earphones Sony MDR-EX300

The Sony MDR-EX300 impresses with its punchy bass, warm and liquid mids, and spacious presentation, especially considering the age of the earphones.

Earphones Fischer Audio Eterna

The Fischer Audio Eterna is not a balanced earphone. Its sculpted response was not designed for absolute fidelity and it would make a pretty poor studio monitor. What the Eterna does best is deliver the fun factor in a completely unadulterated form.

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