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Reviewed Nov 2009 Details: Discontinued IEM from Chinese manufacturer Cyclone, succeeded by the…

Earphones Pioneer SE-CLX60

With the SE-CLX60 boasting superior ergonomics, solid overall sound quality, and a more unique sound signature compared to the lower-end CLX50, I can only assume that Pioneer made the CLX50 their US flagship by some freak error

Earphones Hippo Pearl

Despite its modest price and austere appearance, the Hippo Pearl packs quite a sonic punch, beating out its siblings – the Boom and Shroom – in balance and musicality.

Earphones Monster Turbine

I went into this test fearing that the Monster Turbine would end up being Skullcandy’s big brother, offering overblown “subwoofer” bass and little else. I am extremely glad that I was wrong.

Earphones Xears XR120PRO

Great sound at the expense of packaging, accessories, and sometimes build quality is what I’ve come to expect from Xears earphones. With the XR120PRO II, however, the disparity between performance and presentation is greater than ever.

Earphones Meelectronics CW31

The MEElectronics CW31 is yet another solid entrant in the sub-$60 market segment, offering a minimalistic design, comfortable form factor, decent build quality, and a microphone option all for not very much money.

Earphones Xears PS120PRO

The Xears PS120PRO offers a competent, fairly inoffensive take on the warm and bass-heavy sound so popular with the mainstream consumer.

Earphones Brainwavz M5

The Brainwavz M5 is a well-built, well-accessorized, and comfortable earphone with sound that puts it at the top of its game.

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