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Earphones Shure SE215

Highly isolating for a dynamic-driver set and boasting a smooth and detailed sound signature with an emphasis on bass and mids, the Shure SE215 is poised to be a high-value in the consumer market.

Earphones Monster Miles Davis Tribute

The Monster Miles Davis Tribute is devastatingly expensive but what you get is a beautifully packaged and unique-looking earphone that lags just behind the two cheaper Turbine Pro earphones in overall usability

Earphones Audio-Technica ATH-CK90Pro

The Audio-Technica CK90Pro may be the odd one out among the company’s high-end IEMs in design and build quality but its sound signature is just as polarizing as those of the CK10 and CK100

Earphones JVC HA-FX700

Like the earphone’s aesthetics and construction quality, the sound of the JVC HA-FX700s is unique and substantial.

Earphones Sennheiser IE8

Launched at a time when “high end IEM” was synonymous with “balanced armature”, the Sennheiser IE8 re-introduced dynamic drivers into the world of ultraportable hi-fi and firmly established Sennheiser, a late entrant in the IEM game, in the realm of top-tier earphones.

Earphones VSonic GR01

Though the VSonic GR01 strays little from the dual-armature monitor formula, it is one of the more competent such earphones I’ve heard

Earphones Phonak PFE

Despite the crop of excellent mid-range earphones currently available to the average consumer, the year-old Phonak Audeo PFEs still amaze with their incredibly coherent presentation and musical sound signature.

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