EarSonics S-EM6 Blue Edition IEM have arrived

EarSonics S-EM6 Blue IEM


The EarSonics S-EM6 is a great sounding universal version of the EM6 custom in-ear monitors, and has gone through several iterations of limited time versions.  The original had a black faceplate with a clear shell, the Crystal Edition was next, which I reviewed, and the Devil Edition came next.  Now there is a Blue version as pictured above.  The Blue version is again a limited time edition, but not only that, EarSonics has included some additional ear tips, including two sizes of Comply foam and a small silicone bi-flange.

The EarSonics S-EM6 Blue Edition is available now from many retailers and the new ear tips will be available from the EarSonics website soon at 1€67 for a pair of the small silicone tips and 3€60 for a pair of Comply foam tips

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