Earphones RHA MA-350

There is quite a lot to like here but ultimately the RHA MA350 stands out in two ways – excellent build quality and deep, subwoofer-like bass.


Reviewed May 2010 Details: Thinksound’s pricier “crisp and balanced” wooden IEM Current Price: $64.99 from Amazon.com…

Earphones Paradigm Shift E3m

Paradigm’s flagship in-ear is less of a shift and more of a paradox, promising sound akin to high-end speakers but delivering a bass-heavy signature saddled with veiled vocals and dull treble.

Earphones Thinksound TS02

The Thinksound TS02 is a very pleasant earphone that borrows quite heavily from the company’s older models – the TS01 and Rain

Earphones Meelectronics M11P+

Engineered to correct the sub-par sound quality of Meelec’s flagship, the M11+ competes well with the aging M6 model in sound quality and boasts the superb ergonomics and aesthetics of the original M11.

Earphones Meelectronics CW31

The MEElectronics CW31 is yet another solid entrant in the sub-$60 market segment, offering a minimalistic design, comfortable form factor, decent build quality, and a microphone option all for not very much money.

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