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RHA MA750 / MA750i Review


Reviewed December 2014

Details: Flagship in-ear from Scotland-based RHA
MSRP: $119.95 (manufacturer’s page) ; $129.95 for MA750i w/mic & 3-button remote (manufacturer’s page)
Current Price: $120 from amazon.com for MA750; $130 from amazon.com for MA750i
Specs: Driver: Dynamic | Imp: 16Ω | Sens: 100 dB | Freq: 16-22k Hz | Cable: 4.4′ I-plug
Nozzle Size: 4.5mm | Preferred tips: Stock single-flanges
Wear Style: Over-the-ear

Accessories (5/5) – Single-flange (6 pairs in 3 sizes) and double-flange (2 sizes) silicone tips, foam tips (2 pairs), shirt clip, stainless steel eartip caddy, and zippered leather carrying case
Build Quality (5/5) – As with RHA’s lower-end models, the construction is impeccable. The MA750 boasts machined stainless steel housings, metal nozzle filters, and thick, rubbery cables. At the earphone end there is a molded “earhook” section about 4” long. It’s not memory wire, but it’s a lot more comfortable than the earhooks I’ve come across in the past. The cable is thick and tangle-resistant, and all of the hardware is metal, including the 3.5mm I-plug with a long “spring” strain relief. The 3-year warranty is very impressive as well
Isolation (3.5/5) – The housings are narrow at the front, allowing a good insertion depth and good isolation
Microphonics (4.5/5) – The cable carries some noise but microphonics are generally not a problem due to mandatory over-the-ear fitment and the fact that the cord is thick and heavy, and doesn’t move around much
Comfort (4/5) – The earphone housings have a familiar flared shape a-la Dunu Trident and RHA’s lower-end models. The earpieces of the MA750 made of stainless steel, though, so they are a little heavier. The small diameter at the front nonetheless affords a surprisingly comfortable fit considering the weight

Sound (8.9/10) – The previous RHA earphones I’ve tried left me impressed with their bass power and clarity, but the new MA750 is a strong performer all around. Its signature is predicated on enhanced bass, but less so compared to the lower-end models. It has a strong emphasis on sub-bass, and a little less on mid-bass. The bass quantity is not at what I would consider “basshead” level – deep bass presence is good with the MA750 but there’s not too much mid-bass punch compared to some of its competitors. On the other hand it is a lot bassier than the HiFiMan RE-400, which sounds more controlled but appears deficient in subbass in comparison the RHA unit.

The MA750 is warm in tone, but not overly so. It has decent enough treble presence to balance out the bass, though it is certainly is not a neutral earphone. The midrange is rich and full-bodied, with very decent clarity considering the sound signature. Clarity is better than with many other stereotypically “warm” earphones, such as the Sony MH1C and Dunu Trident. The RE-400, on the other hand, is more mid-centric, but still sounds more neutral and is a little clearer through its midrange. The pricier Dunu DN-1000 hybrid, too, is clearer, making the MA750 sound veiled comparison.

The upper midrange of the MA750 is energetic but emphasis diminishes before getting into the regions that typically cause harshness and sibilance. The MA750 is brighter overall compared to the Sony MH1C and Dunu Trident and has a slight tendency to sound “tizzy”, especially at high volumes, thanks to the lower treble emphasis. It isn’t bothersome, however, and I definitely would not call the treble energy excessive. On the other end of the spectrum, the Dunu DN-1000 has treble that is brighter and more revealing of artifacts, making the MA750 sound quite smooth in comparison.

Presentation-wise, the MA750 performs well for the price. Its soundstage is larger than those of the MH1C and Trident, and separation is better as well. The Trident especially sounds more in-the-head and congested in comparison. Aside from the enhanced bass having the ability to throw a slight veil over minute details and take away from its imaging ability, there is not much to complain about with the MA750 here.

Select Comparisons

RHA MA350 ($40)

RHA’s $40 MA350 is one of my favorite budget-friendly sets for enhanced bass, but while the flagship model does command a healthy price premium, it also offers up a significantly more refined sound. The MA350 has strong, domineering bass, but the MA750 manages to sound rich and full-bodied while maintaining lower overall bass quantity and better bass control. It’s more balanced, as well as smoother and more refined. The treble of the MA350 is a little grainy in comparison, and more prone to harshness. The MA750 sounds more natural and enjoys a larger presentation with better depth and separation, making the MA350 appear congested in comparison.

Onkyo IE-HF300 ($129)

The IE-HF300 couldn’t be more different from the RHA MA750 in design, but sonically both earphones tend towards a warm, enhanced-bass sound. The RHA unit boasts bass that is both more extended and more powerful overall. The HF300, meanwhile, has less bass quantity with a focus on mid-bass. This results in mids that are a little more veiled compared to the MA750. The MA750 sounds clearer and more crisp, though it is a little more laid-back at the top end compared to the Onkyos. Both earphones boast above-average soundstages, with the HF300 being a little more open-sounding.

RBH EP1 ($149)

Yet another enhanced-bass, consumer-friendly earphone in the sub-$150 range, the EP1 nonetheless offers a sizable contrast to the MA750. Both earphones have a strong emphasis on bass but the MA750 is a little more powerful here, which gives it a warmer and more full-bodied sound. The RBH earphones place more emphasis on the midrange and sound a little clearer as a result. The MA750, on the other hand, has a thicker midrange presentation and a smoother and more forgiving sound. The RHA also boasts a slightly wider presentation and tonal character that, to me, is more natural overall.

VSonic GR07 Bass Edition ($179)

This earphone’s “Bass Edition” moniker is only true insofar as it is more bass-heavy than the regular GR07. Next to the MA750, however, the GR07BE sounds rather balanced. The RHA unit has more bass and a warmer tonal character while the GR07 is closer to neutral. The bass of the MA750 is boomier and results in more veiling of the midrange. The GR07BE lacks some of the full-bodied character of the RHA, but remains clearer, especially in the midrange. Up top, the MA750 is a little smoother where it counts while the GR07 is more sibilance-prone.

THL Recommended Badge 2014Value (9/10) – The RHA MA750 has a lot going for it – a warm and lush sound, spacious presentation, and good bass presence. No less important is the construction quality, which features stainless steel housings and thick cabling. The earphones are comfortable, too, thanks in large part to the over-the-ear fit and molded earhooks, and isolate surprisingly well. Most impressively, the MA750 is not at all exorbitantly-priced – it’s extremely comfortable just north of $100. Early last year I found myself impressed with the entry-level MA350 and hoped to see more great things from RHA, and this year starts off with another hit from the Scottish manufacturer.

Pros: Extremely solid build quality; 3 year warranty; warm sound with excellent bass presence
Cons: Housings a bit on the heavy side

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About Author

Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade. He spends much of his time listening to music and occasionally writes portable audio reviews across several enthusiast sites, focusing mostly on in-ear earphones.


  1. Noah on

    Hi I have been using apple quality ear bud for ages ad I am sick of the terrible quality and how easy they break, I was just wondering how durable these are for mainly everyday use?
    Also thanks for the review, the buyers guide is awesome and i will be using it in the future

    • ljokerl on

      More durable than most, but there’s still an expectation of using them like you would any other small electronic gadget that cost upwards of $100. Keep them in the included case and don’t stress the wires more than you have to and they’ll last the 3-year warranty term.

      Glad the site has been helpful!

  2. Omer on

    Hi ljokerl!
    After a few monthes with the MA750i I found out that they sound a lot better with my phone (Xiaomi mi4c) than my Fiio X1 (which sounds flat and boring with these).
    Unfortunately my phone has extreamly low storage space (not to mention the humilation of using my god damn phone as an audio player like some peasant!).

    Do you have a better match for the ma750i than the X1 at the budget of 100$-200$?

    • ljokerl on

      I like the MA750i just fine out of my phone as well, but I don’t have any dedicated DAPs in that price range besides an old Cowon DAP (meh)

  3. ANM on


    A while ago I purchased the here reviewed MA750’s. I like almost everything about them except the bass. I mean, what is there is good but I need more of it. I find their bass to range from OK to quite bass-light.

    As far as I know you have experience with both Creative Aurvana Live! models (you have owned the originals and have reviewed the newer version). Is there any earphone that you can recommend that will have a similar sound signature at an affordable price, let’s say sub-150$ (of course cheaper would be better).
    I just find the CAL!’s to have a good balance between sub- and mid-bass with a good punch while maintaining a nice soft sound.

    I do also have the Brainwavz M3 which I find decent in the bass department but they lack a bit of highs and clarity.

    The RHA T20 do look (on paper) like they would provide some more bass like the one I need but I would need someone to confirm this and you seem like the right person.
    The T20 is significantly above my budget but if it really would be what I’m looking for, I guess I could start saving. 🙂
    However, I still hope there are cheaper alternatives. 🙂

    • Matt C on

      Hi there, the bass filter is decent on the RHA T20 and definitely gives more bass than the M750. It’s got a hefty dose of quality (but occasionally boomy) sub bass. It’s more sub bass than mid bass which is still decent enough but def takes back seat to sub.

      Strangely enough the T20 with bass filter does sound quite like the CAL! when i compare the two together… the T20 obviously out performing it in quality though, which you’d expect given price difference and quality. T20 has better sub bass impact though and bass control. Both have great level of detail and both mids and treble sit very similar in the mix.

      It’s really whether you want to spend close to £200 for an IEM. I’ve returned both the Dunu DN 2000 and MEE Pinnacle 1 both which cost over £200 and even though they were stunning quality, as an upgrade they didn’t do enough for me when compared to my cheaper Dunu Dn 1000s (£120).

      The difference between the M750 and T20 (to my ears) is the T20 goes slightly lower with bass filter and DEFINITELY is clearer in the mids and highs, much better resolution all over. The mids aren’t veiled and they sit a bit more forward in the mix. They are less coloured than the M750 also. The only thing the M750 does better is in soundstage. width and especially depth. The 750s sound huge and holographic. Probably helped with their V shape, the T20 is a bit more balanced (but with sub woofer esque bass). Hope this helps.

      I am probably going to return the T20s though, they’re still not the sound I’m after but they are stunning quality and may be the sound you are after. I’m goin to try the Yamaha EPH 100s, maybe you should read the review on here for them?

      • ANM on

        Well, I would rather not spend over £200 on an IEM if I can avoid it. Salories aren’t exactly high where I live which is why I’m researching cheaper alternatives.
        I’m basically looking for nice bump in the 40 to 80-90 Hz range.

        What strikes me as interesing is that the Momentum In-Ear’s graph on InnerFidelity looks decently promising, however joker said that MA750 were bassier, which I suppose is subjective to some extent, but if the MA750 is indeed bassier, and I find it somewhat bass-light at times (depending on the track), than the Momentum’s are completely out of the question.

        I’ve reading a lot of praise about the XB90Ex being able to deliver orgasms through the ears so I might decide to try them…

        Blind decisions. It’s so hard and with so many models it’s quite overwhelming.

        • ljokerl on

          I’m not familiar with the XB90EX, sadly. Under $150, the only set that might be worth trying is the Yamaha EPH-100. Reason being, it does have a little more bass impact (esp. sub-bass slam) than the MA750 without sacrificing overall sound quality. It’s not hugely more bassy, but those in-ears I’ve tried in that price range that have even more bass don’t sound all that good overall.

          • ANM on

            And what about the T20? How do the Yamaha EPH-100 compare to the T20? Which one is closer to the sound signature of the Aurvana Live!.

            • ljokerl on

              T20 is more v-shaped, a little clearer, can be brighter. If anything it’s further away from the Aurvana Live! sound signature/tone, but it definitely can deliver more bass impact than the MA750 if you use the +bass setting.

              • ANM on

                Just dropping by for a quick update for anyone interested.

                Actually got the Sony MDR-XB90EX after more research and reviews.
                After listening to them for a bit I have come to the conclusion that these earphones take in an electric current and and successfully convert it to pure unadulterated love. I don’t know how but it’s right there. I put them in my ears and love just begins to pour in my mind and soul.

                Amazing deep, soft, well-balanced between punchy and boomy bass.
                Mids seem fine to me. Not recessed, and not too forward either.
                Highs lack some extension and sparkle but they are still there.

                Because of this they do lack a bit of detail compared to the MA750 but they keep the inoffensivenes and smootheness intact. There is no sibilance at all.

                I’m going to go slightly on a limb here and say that these do indeed seem to me to be the CAL!’s in an IEM form: solid and abundant bass with good everything else without any sharpness so I can simply lean back and enjoy my music with the enhanced bass.

                • ljokerl on

                  Great post, and something I will definitely keep in mind for anyone else asking about CAL!-like IEMs.

  4. Ceyer Wakilpoor on

    Do you mind me asking a few words of comparison between the ma750 and the vsd3s in regards to overall clarity, mids, and sound stage? I was looking for a potential upgrade that would have smoother treble than the vsd3s’s, better mids, and a larger sound stage.
    Also, have you by any chance heard any of the nuforce hem line? as there is a deal on massdrop I was contemplating over a pair of ma750s.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • ljokerl on

      No experience with the Nuforce HEM earphones, only saw them a few days ago for the first time.

      MA750 has more of a consumer-friendly sound than the VSD3. VSD3 is clearer, brighter, arguably more balanced overall. The MA750 is bassier and the mids can end up a little less attention-grabbing compared to the VSD3. Don’t think the MA750 has much of an advantage in soundstage, either.

      • Ceyer Wakilpoor on

        Is there, by any chance a pair of iems that comes to mind as far as an upgrade to the vsd3s with smoother treble (the sibilance really gets me), better mids, and a larger soundstage, bass quantity is preferred to be around the vsd3s give or take. I was looking at the sm64, which seem perfect but, unfortunately, I will most likely be using these iems without an amp most of the time. I was looking to not spend more than 350, and of course value is important, so if I can get a better value at < 150 I'd rather go with that.

        • Ceyer Wakilpoor on

          Have considered the ue900, but the issues with the cable seem like too big of a risk, have considered the oriveti primacy and the ie 80 as well, but the latter doesn’t seem like a better value than the ma750 and the prior I’m not too confident about the soundstage.

          • ljokerl on

            UE900 a little too flat in the bass region if you want to maintain VSD3S levels of bass. IE80 is good, maybe a little too bassy. Soundstage is good on IE80, definitely not inferior to MA750. DUNU Titan 1 *might* be a reasonable sub-$150 option. It has a very different sound tuning from the VSD3S but it keeps up very well in the areas you want (bass quality/quantity, soundstaging, clarity) and has a brighter but less sibilant ( and much less mid-recessed) sound. The fit is very different from VSonics IEMs also. It’s definitely more of a gamble vs something like the SM64, but you can find them for around $100 and that’s a very hard price to beat assuming you end up liking the sound.

  5. dori on

    i have rha ma 750. Do you think it’s good to pair it with x5 ? Now i have xduoo x3 dap, but i want better sound.

    • ljokerl on

      I’m not too familiar with the performance of those DAPs but the MA750 is not particularly source-sensitive. Improvements from changing sources are likely to be pretty small with it compared to something like a super-revealing BA set.

      • dori on

        Yes it’s not source sensitive, but i can hear the difference when i play with LG g3 and xduoo x3. I like ma750 sounds characteristic, i want to make the bass not that boomy, treble at high it not harsh (sometimes), can i achieve it with x5? i prefer to not using equalizer.

        btw i have bayer dtx 501p and sr80i too. do you think x5 will show these full potential? Sorry to ask these headphones in these pages.

        • ljokerl on

          You’d really need to ask someone who is using an X5 with those particular headphones – no other way to get a good indication of how well it pairs with each. Usually people ask these sorts of things in either the DAP’s or the headphone’s thread on Head-Fi, whichever is more active. I haven’t used the X5 enough (don’t own one) to be able to say anything about these pairings.

  6. Neik on

    Hey Joker
    my Brainwavz M2 recently broke and I bought the MA750 to replace them. I like the wide soundstage and their clarity and I love the bass, but the vocals are way too recessed for my taste so I’m thinking about returning them.
    I know that the Yamaha EPH-100 would be better in this regard, but my ears are quite small so I don’t know if they would fit comfortably. Is there any other alternative in the same price range that maintains the qualities I like about the RHA (at least to some extent) while having much more forward vocals?

    • ljokerl on

      It’s tough if you want to maintain bass like the MA750 – one of the reasons the bass comes through nice and strong on these is that it’s pushed forward compared to the midrange.

      Your first option is to try and maintain the bass level pretty high. The RBH EP1/EP2 (which I compared to the MA750 in the review above) is one set that will do that. I don’t think they’re as good as the MA750 overall as they can be a touch harsh, but they definitely favor the midrange a lot more and still have plenty of bass. The Sony MH1C (or SBH80 in Bluetooth form) is another one that fits in this category. Ignore the low price, they’re definitely not a step down from the M2.

      Then there are a few IEMs that have more forward mids but also sound loads brighter than the MA750 and especially the M2 – the Ostry KC06, for example, and the DUNU Titan 1. These could be a good choice if you don’t mind a very different tonal character than you’re used to. As an added bonus, they tend to sound quite wide and spacious, and are very clear.

      You could also give up the bass enhancement for a more balanced overall sound. Something like a Brainwavz R3, for example – these have just a bit of added bass impact and much more balanced mids. Still not quite as neutral as something like a HiFiMan RE-400, but a good compromise for getting a touch more bass in there. Compared to the brighter sets above, the R3 is extremely smooth.

      • neik on

        I finally got to try the DUNU, the vocals are clearer but they sound thin to me and the tremble is a bit too present. Their sound gets similar to what I’m looking for using an equalizer and raising the 250, 500 and 1k bars while taming the tremble a bit, getting them to sound fattier and warmer (I’m not familiar with sound related terms and I probably misled you with the “forward vocals” thing).
        I also tried the R3 and they were too uncomfortable, but the sound was a better match.
        Unfortunately, the RBH are not available in my country.

        I’m doubling my budget (200€ now). Looking forward for your suggestions! 🙂

        PS I read that the Shures are famous for their lush midrange, could the SE315 be good for what I’m looking for?

        • ljokerl on

          Hmm.. the only R3 alternative I can think of around that price is the Aurisonics Rockets. These are a good upgrade to the R3 and RE-400 sound-wise and also have a much better build and fit. Unfortunately they’ve been getting hard to find ever since Aursonics was bought out by Fender – not sure how good availability in Europe is at the moment.

          Failing that, you could try something very traditional like a Sennheiser IE80 – these are much more of a classic warm-and-smooth sound. Not a huge upgrade from the MA750 because the mids are still a half-step behind the bass, but theyr’re quite rich and full-sounding and quite smooth. I’d recommend giving these a listen first, though – they’re quite different from the R3. You could also try the SE315 if there’s one available to you but I don’t think you’ll like it – it’s on the thin-sounding side and lacks warmth.

          • Neik on

            Thank you!

            • matt c on

              Hi, I’m in a similar boat to you. I’ve always had the dunu dn 1000 as my everyday IEM, but I got the RHA M750 used at a very good price, cos box was damaged. I love their BIG sound and the richness of the mids and tamed treble. I’m now looking for similar sound but with a higher resolution in the mids, more of an upgrade sound.

              I paid £145 for the Aurisonic Rocket and hated them. They are nothing like the M750s, they are VERY bright. Bass wise the M750s is maybe a tad bigger but boomier (which i like), the Rocket’s bass is more realistic with better resolution still their main selling point. The mids are definitely clearer than the M750s but quite thin and mids/highs still take second fiddle to the bass and they sound very detached to the bass. It’s a unique signature. Very marmite. Getting a fit is so hard, they are easily the most uncomfortable IEMs I’ve worn. The cable is quite tight and hard to bend. the housing also sticks out, photos make it look more settled than they are.

              I’m going to try the RHA T20, I’ll see how they compare.

          • Matt C on

            I meant to say, you should try Spinfit tips with the M750. The deeper fit helps bring out bit more clarity in the MIDS more than any other tips i used. It’s a huge difference. It also gives the BASS bit more resolution and takes away a little of the boom without sacrificing depth. They also help bring out bit more punch in MID BASS.

            It’s funny, I used the Spinfits originally on my Titan 1 and hated them as they made them more bright and shrieky and I felt bass suffered. But I’ve since used them with my Dunu Dn 1000s which took away a bit of sibilance. On my Xiaomi Pistons 3 they are a joy to listen to, nice and clear with that punchy bass they are great at.

  7. Markus on

    Hi Joker
    Could I ask you re these MA750s …. I prefer balanced to bright sound, my favourites are Brainwavz B2, Ety HF5. My ‘fun-listening’ (bassy) IEMs are Titan 1 and GR07classic …. Fidue A71 I have but they sound bloated to me… (saying that, if I want heavy bass I sometimes come back to them).
    I have the chance to pick up the 750s for half price … to maybe upgrade my ‘bass’ IEM Fidue 71 ….. Do you know how these compare to the 71? Will I find the 750 too bloaty too?

    Jazz, acustic, female voice, classic are 90% of my music….

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

    • ljokerl on

      Yeah, balanced to bright does not describe the MA750. Compared to the Titan 1 and GR07 classic the bass on them is definitely more enhanced and a little bloated. Not sure about the A71 but if you get them they’ll definitely become your bassy/fun set over the VSonics/DUNUs.

      • Markus on

        Since posting this one I realised that you reviewed the Titan 1 with reference to 750 and gr07 … gave enough info to wait …. the A71 are likely pretty similar….
        Thanks again for all your excellent reviews!

        • ljokerl on

          Honestly that’s the best way to use my reviews as the comparisons are probably the least subjective and most straightforward part. And I try to do as many relevant ones as I can.

          Glad you were able to get a feel for the MA750!

  8. Mitchel on

    Hello LJOKERL I am in the market for some new iems. I just finished reading through your massive multi-iem review list. The RHA MA750. definitely caught my eye. I’m not sure if I will like the sound signature. I am going to try them regardless. but i’d thought i’d voice my question just in case. I am new to the audiophile world. I currently own the Philips SHE8000, so this will be a massive upgrade. but besides them My over ear drivers are the AKG K612 and i absolutely adore the sound I get from them. so will The RHA MA750 somewhat resemble the K612 or will this be a whole different ball park. I listen to everything from Heavy Metal to electronica. but one of the main features that really appeals to me about the MA750 without hearing them is the build quality. especially after reading about many qc issues with other appealing iems that you reviewed. Any Advice? thanks.

    • ljokerl on

      Sorry, I don’t have a K612 so I can’t really say how the MA750 compares. It is a really good starting point for higher-end IEMs in my opinion, though – the sound, the design, the build – one of its strongest assets is that it doesn’t really have any weaknesses. Plus, the tuning is quite versatile and while it may not be the ideal IEM for everyone, it’ll be positively received by the vast majority of critical listeners.

      • Mitchel on

        No worries ljokerl. I picked them up today. I haven’t been able to take them out of my ears. These IEMs are amazing. Very similar to the K612. Ears didn’t need to adjust to the sound signature at all. RHA will have my business for years to come. Thank you for doing such an awesome job on the review for these. found them thanks to you man. Have a good life and happy listening XD.

        • ljokerl on

          That’s awesome to hear, very glad all the research you did for your IEM purchase has paid off!

  9. omer on

    Hi ljokerl!
    Im obviously read your updated Buyer’s Guide and i’m aware of the fact the these pair are still the most recomended in their price range for warm and smooth sound .
    But unfortunately both the MA750 and their long time nemesis eph-100 are kind of hard to get around here.
    Considering the fact these two don’t get any younger, are there any alternatives threatening their throne in this price range? And perhaps from a worldwide shipping store (lendmeurears, mp4nation etc.)?
    Thakn’s, I’m a big fan of your work!

    • ljokerl on

      I haven’t come across anything that would make for a nice addition specifically to the “warm and smooth” category except at much higher price points, so you might have to bite the bullet and get something more in the “v-shaped” category. This will get you the closest to the performance tier of the Yamaha and RHA – for instance a JVC FXT90 or Alpha & Delta AD01, both of which ship internationally (the former from ebay and the latter from lendmeurears).

  10. Constantin on

    Hi Joker,
    I would like to upgrade my IEMs and was thinking about these. Currently I use VSonic GR02 Bass of which I’m pretty satisfied but I would like more clarity and maybe a little bit of better bass.
    In the past I owned Id America Spark which for me sounded better that GR02 and also Wooduo2 which I didn’t like.

    Could you tell me if MA750i would be a great improvement over GR02 ? Are they worth the money ?
    I mostly listen to music like AVICII, HansZimmer, Tiesto and sometime Rap.
    Do MA750i work on Android (I mean mic + start/stop button)?

    Thanks ,

    • ljokerl on

      The MA750 is a great IEM with a very versatile sound signature – it’s relatively balanced, but also a little warm in tone and slightly v-shaped in frequency response.

      As for it being a great improvement over the GR02, I’m not so sure. It ticks your clarity requirement and has slightly better quality bass than the GR02. However, If you’re looking for more quantity the RHA is not really a step up – it’s still a relatively balanced IEM. The Spark was certainly more impactful. To get the really deep bass in there you want the MA750’s natural competitor – the Yamaha EPH-100. But that has a different form factor and no remote, so it might not be a viable option.

      The middle button on the MA750i’s remote will work on modern Android phones.

  11. thdocta on

    First off-thank you for everything you do!

    I just received a pair of RHA750’s for the holiday, and my first impression is far from great– they just sound, well, weird to me. I’m not sure if it’s just not the right sound signature for me or if I happened to get a wonky pair. The sound seems a little muddy to me, and I don’t really perceive much of a soundstage. I don’t think it’s the seal–it took a bit of experimenting with the earpieces but I think I have a good seal now with the large silicone tips.

    In the past I’ve had a SoundMagic E30, a VSonic GR06 (my favorite set), and currently a Sony MDR-V6. I’ve had reliability issues with VSonic though, which is why I haven’t tried the GR07.

    Do you think I should try to do a warranty swap or just try a different model?

    • ljokerl on

      I can’t be sure what you’re hearing so it’s a little hard to say, but the IEMs you’ve had have all been thinner-sounding sets with brighter highs. That means it is possible that the warmer MA750 just sounds off to you and there’s nothing wrong with the unit. That might improve as you get used to the sound signature, but if you have the ability to return it and try something else that seems like the safe route at this point.

      • thdocta on

        The seller was able to process a return. I’d still like to use the money from the gift return to upgrade my current set. Switching over to the balanced section of your 2015 holiday guide, do you think the Audio-Technica ATH-IM02 is more in line with what I’ve enjoyed in the past? If not is there another headphone besides the GR07 that’d you recommend I try?

        • ljokerl on

          The IM02 is about as far as you can get from the MA750’s sound tuning. Much more focus on the midrange, pretty much no bass enhancement, and smoother upper mids and treble. I guess from what you’ve tried it’s most similar to the E30, but with an even more balanced sound signature, superior detailing, etc. Should be a good one if you’re paying less than $250 or so for it.

  12. Semih Güner on

    I want to upgrade my rha ma750.I have fiio x5 + e12a.Im looking for bassier iems.Im loving rha s v shape sound.I listen mostly edm,hip hop,rock sometimes metal music. Clarity, resolution and bass upgrade ım looking for.I found some good iems ;
    Westone um pro 30
    Rha t20
    Dunu dn2000
    Which one is good for me ?

    • ljokerl on

      Only the T20 fits your requirement of the potential for more powerful bass compared to the MA750 + a v-shaped overall sound. The DN-2000 has deep bass but it lacks mid-bass impact compared to the MA750/T10/T20 while the UM PRO 30 is a different type of sound entirely – more on the warm and smooth side, and with more intimate mids.

      • Semih Güner on

        What about dunu dn1000 ? Is it upgrade from rha ma750 or sidegrade ?

        • ljokerl on

          Generally an upgrade but with your requirements more of a sidegrade. Resolution and clarity (in the midrange and treble especially) are better, soundstage and bass impact not so much.

          • Semih Güner on

            Thanks for your replies and happy new year.

            • Semih Güner on

              Please review aurisonic forte and kicker

  13. Ak on

    Thank you for your review. I bought the Sony XBA-H1 after reading the wire cutter review. The sound was one dimensional and boring. Just got these and I love them. I have also owned the GR-06’s from VSONIC however their build quality is so-so.

    • ljokerl on

      Awesome, glad the MA750s turned out to be an improvement! Haven’t tried the XBA-H1 myself but I’ve disagreed with a few Wirecutter recommendations in the past.

  14. AliveNoMore on

    Nice review. I’m really considering these earphones. Would you be so kind to make a quick comparison with the Brainwavz M3, as those are the ones I have at the moment but I find them a bit light on the bass? Thank you!

    • ljokerl on

      The M3 is pretty well-balanced so you don’t get much bass enhancement with those. The MA750 has enhanced bass (a nice step up from the M3 without going overboard) and a slightly more v-shaped overall sound signature (the bass and upper midrange have some lift). This makes for an overall more colored and “fun” sound than the more neutral M3.

      • AliveNoMore on

        Thank your the reply.

        It sounds indeed like it would be a good upgrade in my case. However, i’m still considering the Sennheiser Momentum as well. I’m leaning towards the MA750 though, as I’m assuming its sound signature is closer the the M3’s sound signature (but with more/better lows and highs).
        Please correct me if I’m mistaken, as while I do like me some V-shaped sound, I don’t want to overdo things.

        Source is currently a Sansa ClipZip. Future might hold a FiiO DAP if they get their **** together and add ReplayGain support.
        I’m also assuming that both the current and potential future DAPs are enough to drive the MA750 and Momentum.

        • ljokerl on

          The Momentum should also have plenty of bass coming from the M3. The biggest difference will be in how the midrange is handled – while both are slightly “v-shaped” in response, the Momentum is thinner in the midrange and sounds more recessed, while the MA750 maintains a nice and rich sound throughout. The MA750’s approach sounds more natural to me.

          The MA750 is a tiny bit more power-hungry but both work great with a quality everyday source such as an iPhone. I don’t see why a FiiO DAP wouldn’t have the same or marginally better results.

          • AliveNoMore on

            So it’s the RHA MA750 then. Let’s hope that by the time I purchase there are still available on Amazon/eBay.
            My current source is a ClipZip. It should be enough? I don’t really need high volumes.

  15. Cagin on

    Hey joker ;

    First of all let me tell you that i am big fan of the work and effort you put in here . About a year ago i bought my xiaomi piston 2 thanks to your excellent review . İt was my first step into the quality iem market and i love the sound of my Pistons . Now i want to step higher , considering the sound signature of piston 2 would you think that RHA MA750 is an worthy upgrade ?

    • ljokerl on

      Yes, the MA750 is typically my recommended upgrade from the Piston 2 for those who liked the overall balance of the Piston2. Keep in mind that as with all things audio it won’t be 5 times better despite being 5 times the price, but the differences add up to a better listening experience.

  16. David on

    Wondering which set of earphones would be best for Hip-Hop. I previously have had the sennheiser cx300 and soundmagic e10s. I feel like I enjoyed the sound signature of the cx300’s more but the e10s were technically better. The cx300’s just had better sounding bass to me. The E10s were perhaps too bright sounding… I’m not the most familiar with audiophile language though. The E10s were just too bright and thin. I guess they were lacking in the lower area for me. I’m now debating on either getting the RHA MA750’s or the EPH100s. Wondering how they compare to the earphones I mentioned I’ve had in the past? Which would you recommend me?

    • ljokerl on

      Both the EPH-100 and MA750 will take you from the E10 sound tuning back in the direction of the CX300, which seems to be the way you want to go. Think strong technical performance like the E10 but with warmer, thicker sound and more powerful bass a-la CX300.

      I tend to prefer the EPH-100 to the MA750 for hip-hop – its vocals are a little less veiled – but really either one would be a good choice.

      • David on

        When you say veiled, would you say the vocals on the CX300 are quite veiled and that they’re much more prominent on the E10? I don’t know if you could help me out with comparing the MA750 and EPH-100 for sound? As for build quality, the MA750 seem much better so that might be the deciding factor for me.

        Also, thanks a lot for that reply… was very informative while being concise. I find choosing earphones (especially when expensive) to be one of the hardest things on planet earth haha.

        • ljokerl on

          The vocals on the CX300 are veiled. On the E10 there is very little veiling, but it’s hardly a vocal-focused earphone. Prominent vocals would be something like HiFiMan RE300h (http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/hifiman-re300h-in-ear-earphone-review/), where the midrange is pushed forward.

          I’ve compared the EPH-100 and MA750 a further down on this page: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/rha-ma750-ma750i/#comment-2534 .

          The best thing I can say is that you can’t really go wrong in this decision as they’re both very solid earphones for the money. They differ slightly in tuning and more so in design, so just get the one that appeals to you most.

          • David on

            Thanks again man. Absolutely last thing, where would you say the Sennheiser Momentum’s lay between the earphones I’ve previously used? Most people say the MA750 are better so I kind of wrote them off.

          • ljokerl on

            The Momentum in-ear is more v-shaped (meaning the midrange is less emphasized than the bass and treble). The E10 and MA750 are both like this, but milder than the Momentum, and the CX300 even less so.

            So coming from the E10 I think it’s the opposite direction of where you probably want to go with your upgrade.

  17. Mike on

    Ive been reading on this site for a while and purchased some of these recently.
    I think these sound great and are very comfortable. I immediately liked them. I havent managed to get a perfect seal with the included tips Ive tried yet and the foam tips do not really compress/expand like I expected.

    I am a little disappointed at the case as its not really functional other than to store the tips.

    • ljokerl on

      The foam tips included with the MA750 are not genuine Complys and behave differently when compressed. I’m not a fan of these foam tips either – there are better ones out there.

      The case is useable in my opinion, but nothing beats the portability of my small Fidue case (http://ebay.to/1UXnijG). Whatever IEM I’m carrying with me usually ends up in that.

  18. Kaleb on

    Just wanted to say thank you for your time reviewing all of the products. It allows us consumers to have a better idea of sound and build quality. I purchased the RHA 750i mostly because of all the positives views on your website and amazon. This is my first over the ear headphone and was surprised by the comfortablity. The sound is probably a solid 8 out of 10 for the money.

    IEM I’ve had in the past: Klipsch Image S4, B&W C5, Monster Pro Turbine (GOLD), Many different models of Sennheiser (CX 200, CX 300 ii)

    I personally like the monster pro’s the best but at the price I paid for them years back was around the $250 mark, these RHA seem like a better value.

    • ljokerl on

      Awesome, glad to hear you’re enjoying these! Value is indeed the name of the game here.

  19. Eric on

    I bought these last year because of your review, and I’ve absolutely loved the way they sound. Unfortunately, I’ve had 3 pairs die in less than a year.

    I also have a pair of Sony XBA-H3’s that I really like, but the form factor of those is a bit cumbersome to use every day when I’m out and about.

    I have the Shure SE215 as well, but I’m not a huge fan of them, find the bass a bit muddy and the treble weak. And the Sennheiser Momentum In Ear, I find the sound overall a bit empty/thin.

    Are there any other IEMs with similar sound to either the RHA 750i or Sony XBA-H3 by other manufacturers you’d recommend?

    • ljokerl on

      Yes, there’s a couple of good options for enhanced-bass, smooth-sounding IEMs that don’t have dull and rolled-off treble like the SE215 or thin, recessed mids like the Momentum. First one that comes to mind is the Yamaha EPH-100, which is a good XBA-H3 alternative, but there’s also the Sennheiser IE8 / IE80 and the various JVC FX-series wooden earphones, such as the FX700 (there’s also newer versions of these I haven’t tried).

      And then at the high end there’s the EarSonics Velvet. I compared it to the Sony XBA-Z5 in my review: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/earsonics-velvet-in-ear-earphone-review/ . The Z5 reminds me of a slightly bassier H3.

      • Eric on

        Thanks for the recommendations! The EPH-100 look intriguing, I just wish they had a version with iPhone controls. RHA’s customer service is stellar and they are sending me another replacement set, so I’ll probably just roll the dice with those for now. I do love the way the MA750i sounds.

        • ljokerl on

          Unfortunately even in 2015 headset functionality is often still the most limiting factor in finding the right IEM. Glad RHA is standing by their product, though.

  20. arie on

    Hi joker,

    awesome review, yet i still need your input before i decide to buy or not..

    i listen mostly to metalcore/rock (if you want to listen, “not your ordinary metalcore band” please google “broken promises” by august burns red, its awesome)

    i love the sound of double pedal with good speed, tight bass not bloated, yet still giving good impact that makes you want to bang your head ;p

    i dont like treble that too high and harsh, i prefer a bit balanced sound + warm that still giving good detail, especially instrument separation, like the clarity of drum cymbal sound when the double pedal is on full speed.

    right now im using hifiman re400, and overall its almost perfect, it just need a little bit more bass for the double pedal.
    and after reading through the comment ive narrowed it to rha ma750 or your choice vsonic gr07 BE

    so which one is better? is it better for me to upgrade or not? or maybe adding some amp? right now my DAP is xduoo x2

    i just need a little bit more bass from re400 for head banging 🙂

    • ljokerl on

      VSonic GR07 would be better in the sense that you won’t be giving up any of the crispness you’re used to with the RE-400. The MA750 is a warmer, bassier sort of earphone and does give up some of that accuracy in return. GR07 BE is also perfect for giving somewhat more bass impact than an RE-400, but not so much as to be bloated or slow.

      What you will lose is the smoothness of the RE-400. The MA750 is already not as smooth as the HiFiMan, and the GR07 BE even less so, especially when it comes to sibilance. Just a sacrifice that has to be made in this case – if you had an earphone with the bass of an MA750 and the treble of the RE-400 it would sound very biased towards the low end and would probably be too dull and warm to be enjoyable.

      • arie on

        well noted joker,

        what about comparison in between the gr07 variance? which one will suit me best?
        trying to save some buck due to difference pricing on each var 🙂

        right now if im not mistaken they are 3 variance

        gr 07 classic
        gr07 mk 2 pro
        gr 07 be

        • ljokerl on

          The bass edition is the safest choice here. It’s not hugely bassier than the Classic and MKII, but it is punchier which will likely be a positive in this case.

  21. Garcs on

    Hi there,
    Listened with Fiio X3 mk1. – before few hours tried with my wifes Clip + —-> faster , fuller body . Whatta hell? Joker?

    • ljokerl on

      Beats me. Faster and fuller body are not usually things that go hand in hand, and these are single dynamic driver in-ears so they tend to be pretty stable across sources. Maybe one of the DAPs has an EQ preset or something? I have a Clip but no X3 so I can’t verify.

      • Garcs on

        Always forget Mr. Ivor : “Tiefenbrun also battled the thinking, since Edgar Villchur, that the loudspeakers were the most important, instead asserting primacy of “the front end”, saying that the quality of sound of the source was key”. So I was just heard the Clips sound signature (no EQ). Simply the 750s plays better with it. My capability of describe the SQ isn’t enough to say what I heard – after few beers definitely zero. Peace out!

        • ljokerl on

          After a few beers we are level in that regard 🙂

          Maybe someone else can try the MA750 with a Fiio DAP and something else and share the results.

  22. Punit on

    Hello ljokerl

    Kudos for excellent review! Many times in comments I’ve seen you recommend EPH-100 over MA-750i because of its sound signature. I listen to mainly classical music or acoustic tracks with vocals a little bit pop. I wonder which of these two be better for me for my taste? Will I be missing out on treble details in EPH-100? Will male vocals sound too subdued on 750’s? Can you help me out please? Also, can you please suggest if there is any other earphone under ~250$ that would be drastically better than either of these for my tastes?(DN-1000/2000?) ( I will consider increasing my budget if something would be significantly better than 750 or EPH-100). I listen to songs in metro on my iPhone so good isolation is must.

    • ljokerl on

      Ultimately it depends on which sound signature works best for your ears and tastes, less so for the genres you listen to. The answers to your questions about the detail and vocals are yes and yes. Both are a compromise in one way or another, but depending on the listener one compromise should be preferable, which is how I try to arrive at my recommendations.

      The DN-1000 would be a step up in things like midrange clarity and resolution, but a slight compromise in smoothness (especially compared to the EPH-100) and warmth/fullness. I tend to not value those as much as other things when it comes to your genres so I’d consider it a good upgrade. The DN-2000 is even better, but by a small amount that you may or may not appreciate without trying the DN-1000 first. If you can get a DN-2000 for $250 I’d say go for it, but if it’s $100 more than the DN-1000 it might be best to just take the middle option in this case.

      • Punit on

        Thanks for your reply! After a long thought choosing between EPH-100 and DUNU-1000, I decided to buy DUNU DN-1000 for $179+9.99 (Protection plan). They should arrive by late tomorrow. This will be an upgrade from Audio Technica CKS-77x which I find quiet engaging but instantly very fatiguing, often very muddy and sometimes too bright. I will post my first impressions about DUNUs when they arrive. Thanks a lot for your help..

        • ljokerl on

          All of those things can apply to the DN-1000 depending on what you’re comparing it to. But hopefully it’s an all-around upgrade to the CKS-77x (which I haven’t tried) 🙂

          • Punit on

            So, My DN-1000’s are here. I listened to them twice on Metro on my iPhone and liked them a lot. Listened to them on Macbook and LOVED ’em. Mids are fabulous, treble is good. Bass could be better but nothing unsatisfactory. I have been listening to them for a while now and they are not at all fatiguing. Thanks a lot for your recommendation!!

  23. TK on

    Trying to upgrade from s4i. Can’t decide between rha ma750i or shure se215. Liked the sound of the s4i but always more

    • ljokerl on

      I generally prefer the MA750 to the SE215 in pretty much every way (barring the sound signature differences that may make the SE215 more suitable in certain situations). The SE215 is also going to be more different from your S4i in overall tuning.

  24. Bayonetwork on

    Joker, Ive owned these (MA750i) for a while now and am looking to upgrade to the next tier. Some IEMs that have caught my eye are the ATH CKR10, JVC FX850 in the $200 range or possibly the DUNU DN2000J or IE800 in the $300 range if they offer that much better performance for the price.
    I listen to a lot of metal (Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, Metallica) and rock/classic rock (Pearl Jam, DMB, Mumford & Sons) and absolutely have to have deep, punchy, fast bass and prefer something not too hot in the treble (which worries me about the DN2000J). Im also not a fan of IEMs that require deep insertion or need foam tips to sound their best. Oh and easy to drive from an iPhone is a plus. Any thoughts?

    • ljokerl on

      I don’t have any experience with the CKR10 or FX850.

      As for other options, the most important consideration is exactly what you mean by better performance. You can find earphones that are clearer and have tighter bass, but lack the warmth and body of the MA750. Or you can find ones with more bass, but that won’t necessarily bump you up in clarity or resolution. If smoothness is a priority, I’d pass on the DUNUs and probably on the IE800 as well.

      The DN-2000 is just plain brighter than the MA750 (in fact, enhanced-bass sets that are also as smooth/forgiving as the MA750 are few and far between). The IE800 is specifically designed as an easy-to-fit (read: shallow fit), easy-to-drive IEM, but the treble is not always smooth. They actually use a special tuning mechanism to try and smooth out the treble, but it is not 100% effective in my experience. I tend to find them a little splashy on the whole, though not as bright as the DN-2000. Other than that, they are great if you can get them for $300.

      The smoothest enhanced-bass IEM I’ve tried in the $300 range is probably the Sony XBA-H3, but as expected it give up some clarity in comparison to a DN-2000 or IE800 in exchange for that mix of warmth and smoothness. Nothing you can do about that – it’s normal. Again, it really comes down to what you’re finding unsatisfactory with the MA750 and would like to see improved.

      • Bayonetwork on

        I should have mentioned as a point of reference that I previously owned the DN1000 which had nice sub-bass but it felt disconnected from the rest of the soundstage and way too slow. I actually liked the mids and treble of the DN1k but the slow bass killed faster rock music for me.
        As far as an upgrade to the MA750, I would like deeper, faster (non-bloated), textured bass; more treble extension (the MA750 is a bit metallic to my ears and not well extended/detailed); better midrange separation (MA750 can feel a bit cramped with complex music). I can deal with more treble than the MA750 as long as its not sibilant and provides greater extension/sparkle.
        Aside from a focus on percussion (deep, fast bass) I really just prefer something thats “musical” with that PRaT factor where its easy to just get lost in the music.

        Ive seen some good deals on the IE800 but worry about the cable length and quality. Ive also considered splurging on something like a Westone or Earsonics Velvet if they really offer a significant upgrade in quality past the $300 range.

        • ljokerl on

          With the DN-1000 you ran into a problem called “coherency”, which exists in pretty much every hybrid. The dynamic and armature drivers always differ from each other in attack/decay and other subtle ways. Most people don’t hear it or aren’t bothered by it, but if coherency is important to you it’s best to stay away from most hybrids. The DN-2000 is better in this regard than the DN-1000 because the bass is tighter and more level, but ultimately it’s just more of the same. It might be enough of an improvement, but it might not be.

          The IE 800 fits the bill as far as bass quality and midrange resolution goes, but the treble could go either way. Sennheiser developed a proprietary dampening system for this earphone that’s meant to provide a smooth treble response in the ear with a shallow fit. The trouble is, the IE 800 only takes the stock eartips, and for some people (like me) the stock eartips don’t seal shallowly enough to let the system do its job. So, I never got the smooth treble you’re supposed to get out of the IE 800 and it’s always sounded a little tizzy to me. On this more than anything else YMMV. I don’t find the IE 800 to be particularly musical, just bassy and v-shaped but not in a bad way. I typically only recommend it when someone wants a bass-heavy high end earphone, because ones that have lots of bass AND don’t sound bloated are few and far between.

  25. Shreyans on

    I own the RHA MA 750i and ATH M50X and listen to them on a Fiio X5 2nd gen. M50s sound fantastic with the X5 but the RHA sounds flat! The bass response is flat. When I use them on my phone, bass sounds full and the right amount(the way I like them). I tried EQing on X5 but that didn’t help either. Is there anything I can do to improve the sound of MA750i using X5?

    • ljokerl on

      I’m not familiar with the X5 but I can’t imagine what would cause this. The MA750 is not a BA earphone and doesn’t react to source as much as like a Shure or Westone multi-BA, so I don’t know what the problem is.

      • Shreyans on

        Oh! Thank you 🙂 I look up to your guide before buying any pair of earphones! Awesome job mate.

  26. Ryan on

    Hey Joker. I was hoping you could help me out with something. I recently had my RHA-ma750’s stolen, and I’m having a hard time deciding on a suitable replacement. I’ve considered a lot of the good V shaped and balanced headphones, including the Ety HF5’s, DUNU-DN1000’s, and the JVC HA-FXT90’s. I’m a bit nervous about switching from a smooth dynamic to an analytical dynamic, so I’ve also considered the EPH-100’s.
    I’m somewhat wary of re-buying the ma750’s. I loved the way they sounded, but I’m interested in hearing a different “sonic perspective”. A pair that I am curious about, but did not find listed, are RHA’s newer models, the T10’s and T20’s. Have you had a chance to listen to those and compare them to the ma750’s at all?
    Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it.

    • ljokerl on

      Yeah, that’s quite a wide gamut of earphones you’re considering. Definitely recommend taking your time with deciding which direction to go next.

      Can’t say anything about the new T20 but I’m not really a fan of the T10 in comparison to the more balanced MA750. It could be an upgrade if you specifically want more bass than the MA750 can provide, but otherwise not so much. Lots of other options out there that I’d rather have, including all the ones you listed.

  27. Ben on

    Hi joker, I love your reviews! I was hoping you could help me pick an iem that would best fit my taste. I’m looking for an iem with decent build quality and would work well mainly for electronic music. I’m looking for punchy fast bass, wide soundstage, detail, and good vocals. These two songs have everything I’m looking for.

    Cyberbird GITS OST:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lBfYXE098bA

    And Skrux Being Human:

    So far I’ve considered the rha m750, yamaha eph100, and the jvc fxt100. Looking forward to your thoughts.

    • ljokerl on

      Not sure about the FXT100 but the MA750, EPH-100, and FXT90 would all be good choices. I tend to prefer the EPH-100 for its slightly more forward lower midrange and smoother upper mids, but the MA750 has a wider presentation and the FXT90 has arguably quicker bass. I would still go EPH-100 for electronic music, but you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

      • Ben on

        I ended up with a pair of EPH 100s. Couldn’t be happier. Excellent bass impact and a fun v shape sound signature work really well for my electronica. However I purchased a pair of $12 Koss KSC 75s and they are my go to choice for anything not bass heavy like classical and acoustic. I find that the EPH 100s have a certain flavor to them which really doesn’t work well for those genres. Ex. when I’m listening to a classical piece it sounds very unnatural and in some cases congested. With the KSC 75s they have a more airy, “sincere”, lifelike sound to them which I greatly prefer for those genres and are a whole lot more comfortable as well. Interesting how something as cheap as this can compare to a pair of earphones ten times the price.

        Are there any on ears/in ears that are a significant upgrade from the KSC 75s that you know of? Ideally < $150?

        • Ben on

          Also just a note, but I don’t agree with the 4/5 build quality on the EPH 100s. 3.5/5 is more like it, microphonics are an issue, cord is fairly thin and the stress relief isn’t that great either. I feel that if I accidentally yank these the wires would come out and I’d have to to open it up and resolder them. The aluminium housing is quite solid however and that is really their only redeeming trait to me.

        • ljokerl on

          Yeah something like a Philips Fidelio S2 or VSonic GR07 would be better for classical. There are less warm and bassy, more clear and accurate-sounding in-ears. Even something like the inexpensive Ostry KC06 would give you a more clear and airy sound than the EPH-100. But it won’t sound that great with electronic music.

          As for on-ears, not sure which of the current crop would be best – I’m behind on this year’s releases and most of the new ones I’ve tried have a more colored sound (there are over-ears that are better, though). The on-ear headphone market is huge so I’m sure there are many suitable options that I just haven’t had a chance to hear.

          • Ben on

            Thanks for the response, I will look into those earphones. Have you had the chance to listen to some of the other budget options out there like the Zero Audio carbon tenore or TTpod t1-e?

          • ljokerl on

            No, haven’t tried either of those.

  28. m_h on


    A word about me, I’m a recent “convert” to digital audio, I’ve always loved music but kind of left ship in the decade of mp3 music. I had several models of the iPod and never used them for more than a couple of weeks – without knowing why in technical terms, only that it sounded terrible. Ignorance kept me out of digital audio for many years. Not until I made the effort to understand while it sounded like crap, from file format to chips to headphones, and began to rip my CDs in FLAC, and looking into gear, did my perspective on digital music begin to change. Gear-wise, I’ve been going one prudent step at a time, as my wife doesn’t quite share some of my obsessions, and truth be told, we have other priorities with two young children. When the time came to replace my phone, I was delighted to see that manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to audio performance, and got an Xperia Z3c which serves as my everyday player. Even though a beginner, I’m not going to preface with “Disclaimer: not an audiophile” as anyone with functioning ears and an appreciation for music can tell the difference between good and bad quality sound – and I believe I have pretty good ears.

    To get to the ma750s, I recently got a pair of those headphones, but regrettably made a moronic mistake in the “burn-in” process and ruined them after a few days. The pink noise track I was using had been recorded very loud and instead of using my ears to set the volume at the recommended medium level, I physically set the slider halfway at medium level. Four hours was all it took to ruin the poor headphones. I’m sharing that embarrassing story as a cautionary tale for others.

    Another pair is on its way and in the meantime I wanted to submit a few comments and questions. Out of the box, the sound of those headphones was amazing, but they were definitely lacking in bass. Not in extension and quality, which were beautiful, but in volume. At home it was ok, but it became a problem on the commute. Kind of frustrating, because hearing full bass extension was heaven on jazz recordings, I never realized how much information I was missing. It really changes the appreciation, enjoyment and intelligibility of the music itself, I need to emphasize that. There is absolutely no way jazz can be properly appreciated in mp3 format. Hearing jazz with anemic or distorted bass doesn’t make any kind of sense. In the real band context, other musicians can’t do what they do if they don’t get the full information from the bass, and get it musically. Jazz doesn’t make any sense in the mp3 format and the same holds true of any quality music regardless of genre. So the ma750s gave me that to a degree, but I need them to perform while on the go, as those are my best opportunities to really listen to music.

    I don’t think I was using the wrong tips, as the only ones that fitted were the single flange medium ones that come by default on the phones. Many reviewers seemed to be enraptured by the selection of tips coming with the phones, but I wasn’t, as the foams are supplied only in large, and the double flanges only in small and large, so that leaves only one choice only for medium ear canals, which I would think are the most common. Some reviewers have also stated only foam tips really should be used to get good bass, but in that case why is RHA supplying all the other ones? Also, I will need to investigate further but it’s possible that my size is in fact “medium-large” and I didn’t get a perfect “airtight” seal with the mediums. I find Comply’s price policy to be a bit silly, and might go the DIY route, customizing some standard ear plugs.

    So I’m giving the RA750s another chance because they’re available in my country at a ridiculous $85, and some reports (such as the whatifi review) that they really come into their own, including in the bass department, after a long burn-in. Whatifi say it wasn’t the tips as they had tried all of them. They ended up burning in the ma750s for a whole week, which is a lot of time, but may be ultimately worth it. Sorry about the long-winded post, take care,

    • m_h on

      Hello, an update on my experience with the ma750s since I received the new pair yesterday.

      I almost got the Sony MDR-EX650 instead as they have good reviews, seemed more user-friendly and were discounted at $50 on the same site, but went on to order the RHAs anyway.

      First thing I did was trying some of the other tips provided. Last time I had quickly determined the default silicone medium ones were my size, and the L ones did not fit anyway; and honestly the Ms do seem to fit perfectly, even though they clearly do not provide a perfect seal.

      This time around I first tried the L double flanges and immediately noticed a better bass response, but they were very uncomfortable; I then noticed in the manual indicates the foams are an M size. I had not bothered to try them on the phones as visually they looked like Ls, much larger than the silicone Ms, and felt very stiff and difficult to insert on their own, not even mounted on the phones. The foams provided a further improvement in sound.

      So, the verdict? I’m really happy now with the ma750s, even with no run in period. They do sound like they need to settle a bit, but the experience has been brilliant so far, with everything present across the full spectrum. I nearly fell into a dream trance listening to “Return to Paradise” by Shirley Horn, “Question And Answer” by Pat Metheny (featuring the amazing Dave Holland and Roy Haynes) and “Waltz for Nicky” by Richard Galliano. It’s been a fabulous listening experience and I just can’t take the damn things off. My source is a Sony Xperia Z3C phone.

      I still think that RHA, and other manufacturers can do a better job of explaining the importance of a good seal. RHA might consider providing foam tips in all sizes. There is no objective reason IMO for some of the very negative reviews those headphones have been getting, even though such reviews are a tiny minority. But some appeared on major sites like What Hifi, and a prominent French digital tech site. There also needs to be more options besides Complys, which are too expensive. Foam tips are still a bit uncomfortable to me, and I plan to try the following hack – I wonder if you ever tried it?

      All the best,

      • ljokerl on

        Glad you’re enjoying the MA750!

        Yes, a poor seal is probably the most common reason any in-ear earphones get poor feedback on their sound. This is also why I don’t really trust Amazon and other mainstream sites when I see reviews of in-ears complaining about sound quality, especially bass.

        DIY custom tips are something I haven’t tried. As for foam tips, you can import various kinds from China via ebay, but I don’t think we will see any mainstream brand providing an alternative to Comply any time soon due to patents.

        Foam and silicone tips from different manufacturers can differ quite a bit in comfort and seal quality so ultimately it’s just a matter of coming across one that works for you. I tend like tougher/firmer silicone tips like those from Meelectronics, for example, but some like softer silicone tips such as Sony Hybrids.

        • m_h on

          I think I’m going to try the sugru thing. I feel manufacturers should do better with tips, especially with sizes. A trivial reason why I almost bought the Sony EX650 (I might still buy them in fact) was that they come with 4 different tip sizes rather than 3; 5 sizes would have been even better.

          As to the MA750, believe it or not, but I’m now noticing a bothersome issue with the midrange, where on some tracks the piano comping (Ella sings Cole Porter) or certain guitar parts (Lucinda Williams’s Car Wheels album) are really recessed far back, leaving very little charm to those tracks. Damn. I will abstain from any further comments on the MA750s though until they’ve have a good many more hours of use.

          • m_h on

            Well, problem solved! Found back those missing mids.it occurred because I had pushed the tip too far back on the shaft. The sound now is fantastic. Thank you for bearing with me!

          • ljokerl on

            It’s been quite a ride…

            Very glad to have all this feedback on here – no doubt that other new MA750 owners will benefit from it.

          • m_h on

            Yes and hopefully other will understand that my problems had nothing to do with the quality of those IEMs and everything to do with this user’s incompetence… I learned my lesson – the importance of a proper fitting for IEMs cannot be overemphasized ; careful with pink noise – played too loud it will wreck your phones.

            I frankly have my doubts now about the two supposedly professional reviews I mentioned. I can now safely say that those are great IEMs out of the box, and I’m not even sure they need to be burned in over a very long period of time as What Hifi wrote in order to be appreciated. They’re excellent as they are, well done RHA. And thank you joker again for your patience and the great work that you do.

          • ljokerl on

            One positive thing that came out of What HiFi mentioning burn-in is that you didn’t make up your mind about them out of the box but ended up experimenting some more to find a better configuration. While an unintended result, that’s a positive in my book and why I never really advise against “burn-in” when asked about it.

            Happy listening!

  29. picky on

    Hey joker, first of all: Thank you! Your reviews are awesome! I have used Etymotic mc3s for 3 years and i liked them alot until they finally broke. Now i am looking for new IEMs and i think some more bass would be great (but i am no basshead). Comfortable fit (would be great if you can lay down with them) and nice build quality woukd be great too. I thought about sure se215, vsonic gr07 bass and rha ma750. i dont know if the bass of the re400 is enough. But im open to other IEMs too if you think they woukd fit me better. I listen to Linkin Park and some EDM (etc.) and my budget is up to 150€.
    Greetings from germany, picky 🙂

    • ljokerl on

      The RE-400 isn’t much bassier than the MC3, but on the other hand the MA750 might be too enhanced in the bass department. It’s much bassier than the MC3. Good if you want a sizable change from your MC3, but if you liked the Etys and just want something a little different, the MA750 is quite an extreme jump in sound signature.

      The GR07 BE is a nice mid-point. It’s smaller than the MA750, too, so you’re more likely to be able to lay down with it. The only limitation of the GR07 BE is that it can be mildly sibilant. Usually it’s not an issue but some people can be more sensitive to it. There is an alternative with similar sound quality and slightly less sibilance – the Philips Fidelio S2 – but you won’t be able to lay down with it.

      • picky on

        Thanks for the really fast reply! I think you are right saying that the ma750 might be to bassy. I heard that the isolation of the fidelio s2 is not that good. What do the sure se215sound like compared to the etys? I am looking for something with a more punchy base than the mc3s rather than a bassy sound, you know what i mean? Thank you for your help, picky

        • ljokerl on

          Shures are closer to the MA750, just have more relaxed treble which makes them even more different from your Etys. And yes, I figured you wanted something that’s not too bassy coming from the Etys, which makes the MA750 a “maybe” – it’s a good IEM, but definitely bassy.

          • Picky on

            So i ordered a pair of rha ma 750 and I love them! Thank you for your help it made my decission easier! Glad I found this website!

          • ljokerl on

            Thanks, very glad to hear you like them!

  30. Earl on

    Hey Joker

    I really liked my Rha 750 . I really liked that warm sound and clarity but unfortunately my left driver stopped working two weeks ago.
    Soo I am looking for a new pair of headphones which would isolate as rha 750 or even better and maybe it should sound a bit better (I work in a noisy environment and I also travel a lot , and I started to dj in my local music club) .

    I listen mostly to EDM (but bass is not a high priority for me) So which iem would recommend me ? My budget is 400-600$

    P.S what do you think about HD 25 and DT1350 compared to iem (Sound and isolation ) I know that’s like comparing apples and oranges , but I want to know your opinion on this


    • ljokerl on

      There’s quite a few things to recommend for this because your budget is sizable. First thing that came to mind is the EarSonics Velvet. It’s one of the most fun and engaging warm-sounding earphones I’ve tried and can currently be had right around $600 (was $799 at launch, I think). My full review is coming soon, but there’s already one from average_joe on the site.

      Lots of other options for warm sound with clarity, good noise isolation, and bass that’s no necessarily as enhanced as it is on the MA750 – InEar StageDiver SD-3, EarSonics SM64, Westone UM3X, and so on. If a little more treble energy is okay also, then there’s also the 1964EARS 1964-V3 customs. These two still maintain good bass impact, but have a bit more treble emphasis than the MA750 and sound slightly brighter.

      If you want to try an different model in a similar price range, I rather like the Yamaha EPH-100. It has the potential for better noise isolation than the MA750 (with the right tips) and has a different, though still bass-heavy, tuning that also works well for EDM. Reviews of all these can be found at http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list of course.

      The HD25 and DT1350 are fine, too. I tend to prefer IEMs, especially where isolation is important, but for sound those headphones will be up there with the MA750. I’ve always quite like the HD25 for EDM, though these days it falls short with some other genres.

  31. Ooi on

    Hello Joker,

    I am considering to upgrade my Klipsch S4 to RHA MA750/T10 after going through your review and comments. I had heard that the T10 have much overpowering bass and less clarity and was about to go for the MA750, but recently they just announced their new RHA T20 which have a new Dual Coil dynamic driver which work like its have 2 drivers that will be releasing this summer. Will you be trying it out any sooner and would it be worth waiting for compare to the MA750?

    • ljokerl on

      I will be trying the T20 at some point but it’ll be a while before they are ready. For what it’s worth, I think the MA750 is a good S4 upgrade and the T20 will be quite a bit pricier.

  32. Dai on

    Hi Joker!

    I absolutely love your reviews and have been buying my IEM’s based on your big master list for awhile now. I’ve been seriously considering the MA750’s based on the build quality and strong warranty. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what sort of sound I’m looking for in an IEM.

    I almost exclusively listen to audiobooks on my IEM’s, and I’ve never had a clue what sort of sound profile is well suited to them. I’d like something rugged and well-built following bad experiences with RE-400’s (bad from factory) and Ety HF5’s (fell apart due to steam, maybe). I guess, would the MA750 have a sound well suited to speech and extended listening?

    • ljokerl on

      That’s an interesting question. Normally I recommend more balanced IEMs for this sort of purpose, but you’ve already owned two of the better ones and I can’t think of any in this price range especially focused on build quality. I guess as long as clarity and vocal intelligibility are good, the remainder of the sound tuning shouldn’t matter too much. The more balanced HF5 is excellent in this regard while the warmer, bassier MA750 is merely good, but I doubt it will make much of a difference in the overall experience. At least the MA750 won’t be harsh or sibilant, so it should make for a good extended listen.

      • Dai on

        I’ve generally bought cheap in the past for IEM’s because I wreck them in the gym, but I’m keeping seperate pairs now. Some really cheap ones that go to the gym until the succumb to the steam room, and a nicer pair for listening when I’m out and about, or when I don’t want to wear a full over-ear set at my PC.

        Between the two, I vastly preferred the RE-400 to the HF5. More comfortable to wear, and sounded great. The sort of IEM I could end up wearing at my desk instead of switching to my over-ear set. I’m going to try the MA750. I’ll let you know how they stand up to extended audiobook sessions.

        • ljokerl on

          Yeah, I’d be interested in how they hold up!

          • Dai on

            Sadly, I’ve returned them. I positively loved the sound. It was great for on audiobooks, but the large-ish steel housing rubbed against my ear (antitragus) and left them very sore on day one. That was about six hours of wear, and I had them in briefly twice afterwards, but couldn’t avoid them pressing uncomfortably.

            I’d still recommend them easily, ear shape fitment issues won’t be universal. The bass and clarity without any harsh treble is brilliant for spoken word, and I chose challenging material with very high quality and very poor quality recordings. Male and female narrators.

            I’m seriously considering trying another pair of RE-400’s now. I just wish they had less issues with bad cables.

          • ljokerl on

            Ah, that’s a shame. I guess the combination of weight and size is always a limitation with earphones like these.

            I still can’t think of a better small-and-comfortable IEM with a smooth sound signature than the RE-400 that also has better build quality (this eliminates the Klipsch X10/X11 and UE600). Closest thing is probably the Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3. I never really recommend these because the $100-150 price they used to go for was too high for the sound quality with things like the RE-400 and HF5 on the market. Now that it’s $60-ish it’s a decent value: http://bit.ly/1dTsdUC . Cable is a little thin, but Amazon reviews don’t indicate reliability issues so it should be better than the RE-400.

  33. Helloman on

    Hi Joker, first of all I would like to thank you for making this list. Now I’m having a little of a dilemma here. You see after looking at your website, I was thinking of getting the MA750i but my friend recommended me the audio technica CKR9 which after more researching about it is actually a pretty good earphone. Now is it better to pay the extra $50 for the CKR9 or should I get the MA750i? Or is there a better alternative from the 2. My budget is up until $200. For reference I have the ATH-M50x as my headphone right now and I really like it. I’m just looking for a earphone that I can carry around. Hope you could help me out and thank you

    • ljokerl on

      No experience with the CKR9 here, so I can’t provide a comparison. Obviously I do like the MA750 a lot for the price and sound signature – warm, slightly v-shaped with full-bodied and impactful bass. The M50x is, in theory, more neutral than the MA750 but it’s hard to compare headphones to IEMs because certain things – especially bass and soundstaging – are perceived differently. An IEM that’s as neutral as the M50x will probably have less bass impact than you’re used to with the ATH, while the warmer MA750 certainly won’t have that problem.

  34. Vivek on

    Hi |Joker|, i recently lost my headset which was a Klipsh Image S4 and I am in for a new in-ear headphones. Well, it was about time I changed them anyway. I am confused between, the multitude of options and I cant seem to get clarity and come to a conclusion and I ran into your website here.

    I emphasis mostly on crisp vocals, detailed instrumentals and not too overpowering bass.
    I listen pretty much to every kind of music to movies.
    I would really love to have a controller, if not volume controllers atleast a mic
    around $130 budget

    Ive listned to Sennheiser Momentum in-ear and they were pretty great. Fits my requirements but I dont know if I am falling for the controllers there. Ive read the RHA MA750 and the Dunu Titan 1 are equally brilliant at the similar price range but I cant conclude.

    What do you recommend, among them or any besides them, will be better when it comes to the giving the best audio experience in that price range ???

    • Vivek on

      from all the other reviews and discussions, I am leaning towards the HiFiMAN RE400 but the VSonic GR07 pulls me back (however, bass is not a high priority for me but I want the base to be there as its intended). Im dropping the RHA MA750, says it gets corroded if not handled with care. But Dunu Titan 1 remains.

      • ljokerl on

        The Klipsch S4 is a very v-shaped earphone (emphasized bass and treble), so just keep that in mind as you’re reading about more neutral sets like the RE-400. The bass and treble on that will be much more balanced and delicate than you’re used to.

        The Momentum is much more similar to the S4 than the RE-400. The GR07 (in terms of tuning) is somewhere between the RE-400 and Momentum. But, unlike those two, there is no option for a mic. I don’t really see anything wrong with going for the Momentum if you like the sound and features – it might not be quite as crisp and clear as the RE-400 or GR07, but it trades that off for nice bass that’s closer to the Klipsch S4, and of course the headset functionality.

        If you’re certain that you want to try a more accurate earphone, and don’t mind flatter bass, then I guess the RE-400i is your best option – it has smoother, more delicate treble than the GR07 and more emphasis on vocals, as well a a remote.

        • Vivek on

          Yes, overall it appears as if I feel I should go for the Momentum Inear but the base on that wasn’t quite exactly I wanted.

          I really want to go for the RE400, cos people have been talking about their magical mids and how wonderful they sound in terms of accuracy. But when I went to amazon to order, I read lot of customers having issue with the cable and seem to break relatively early, some even weeks into the use. I dont know if the guy has been rolling down a hill or bashing his headset with a hammer, but with 1yr warranty I am kind of insecure. My very first Klisch S4 broke in the first 6 months even after careful usage, had to replace them to get these pair and now they are lost. So i would like if I didnt have to go through replacements.

          Meanwhile, I am revisiting the RHA 750i, with the headphone option and I think they seem to have decent base and overall detail and sound quality. Built like a tank and rolling out with 3yr warranty, I am willing to take the bite.

          In your reviews you mention, Gr07 is more clear and detailed than the RHA. RE400 i believe is more detailed than the GR07. So coming from Klipsch (although I havent lost them few months ago and been using my basic Sony DR/MDR eaphones, so I might not exactly remember how Klipsch sounds like now but with Momentum, I know yeah, its similar).

          So, if cable quality wasnt an issue, I would just go buy RE400. But coming from S4, you say I might not like it. If, RHA is better in terms of quality, sound stage, clarity etc than Momentum or S4s, I would consider buying the RHA instead.

          Ive been running around in circles for a while now. I appreciate your finesse to see things as it is, in these matters. Perhaps, if i were to try these then I couldve arrived at a conclusion myself, but unfortunately, not so lucky there. Thanks again 🙂

          • ljokerl on

            You mentioned the Momentum’s bass wasn’t what you wanted – if it was more enhanced/emphasized than you would have liked, then for sure don’t go for the MA750 – it’s actually a little bassier. Otherwise the MA750 does have several advantages over the Momentum, but the two biggest ones are treble smoothness (likely not a concern coming from the harsher S4) and soundstaging. For clarity and resolution, the MA750 and Momentum are similar, but don’t quite keep up with the more neutral RE-400/GR07.

          • Vivek on

            I finally bought the MA750i, and im reallly impressed with it. I like the clarity and bass, on this better than my Klipsch, although the bass is a bit high for my liking but im learning to love it. 🙂
            Thanks for the recommendation, Joker.

          • ljokerl on

            Awesome, very glad to hear it! Enjoy!

  35. Yoni on

    I’ve just picked up a pair of these, and like them so far – but think there might be a smidgen too much bass for me. I’m coming from Etymotic HF3s, and would be the first to agree that those would have gotten me used to very light bass – but these seem like they might be a bit over-emphasized. However, I love the fit and build quality on these, as well as the airy and lively presentation.

    Keeping in mind that an iphone mic (“3” in the categorization here) is mandatory for me, would you recommend I keep these and wait for burn-in / equalize them a bit, or is there an alternative you would suggest that falls somewhere between the HF3 and MA750i? Something with a bit less bass and more clarity than the MA750, and a bit more bass than the HF3?

    • ljokerl on

      These and the HF3s are just very far apart in bass quantity, burn-in won’t help, but you might get used to them some given time and of course equalizing helps. That’s what I would do.

      Otherwise your best bet in this sort of price range is the HiFiMan RE-400i. It’s definitely closer to the HF3 in sound, but with slightly more full-bodied bass and smoother, slightly more dull treble. Build quality is not as good as the MA750 of course.

  36. Iounno on

    Hey ljokerl! My Havi B3 Pro 1’s recently broke (getting a replacement) and I’m in the market for new IEM’s. I loved the Pro 1’s but found the bass (especially sub-bass) to be lacking in quantity and depth. I had this same problem with my Vsonic GR06’s but adored the soudstage and overall clairty (bought them off your guide). I currently use DT770 Pro 80’s at home and the V-shape, especially the deep and powerful sub-bass is what I love about them. I do have slightly bothered ears by sibilance but mainly only at higher volumes. I purchased a pair of EPH-100’s last summer off Amazon and I’m pretty sure they were legit but I really didn’t find there to be very deep bass extension which was weird to me so I returned them.

    I’m considering the MA750’s but I’ve also been looking at the ATH-IM50, SE215, and the XB90EX. I’m willing to spend $150 or so but could potentially go to $200 if the jump in quality would be that much of an improvement. I’ll be sourcing out of a iPhone 5S with mostly high quality bitrate songs. I mainly listen to hip-hop, pop, alternative, post-hardcore, k-pop, j-pop/rock. Thanks!

    • ljokerl on

      Not sure about the XB90EX but the MA750 has noticeably more bass than the SE215 and IM50, though I think all of them already have better sub-bass than the Havi.

      I’d probably stick with the MA750, especially considering the EPH-100 didn’t do it for you bass quantity-wise. That is, unless you want to spend extra for the DUNU DN-1000 to get more of that v-shaped sound signature coming through. The DN-1000 is getting up into the top tier of things, mostly just improving on the MA750’s bass control, overall clarity, and treble crispness/sparkle, at the expense of a little less bass and a slightly more v-shaped overall sound sig.

      • Iounno on

        Ah okay thanks! MA750 is at the top of my list right now. Would you say the MA750 is better than the Momentum in-ear’s and A71’s for what I’m looking for? I really dislike when vocals are veiled but I dislike it more when the bass rumble isn’t what I’m expecting from a certain song, if you understand what I mean.

        • ljokerl on

          The Momentum tends to be mid-recessed while the A71 is not as powerful when it comes to bass (but better for vocals). I guess the MA750 is a good compromise between them if you want to look at it that way. It’s biased a little more towards good bass than good vocals, which seems to be in line with what you’re after anyway.

          • Iounno on

            Awesome, thank you very much! I’m keeping the MA750 at the top of my list.

  37. Ali on

    Hi Joker,

    Great review I’m a begginer and decided to go with RHA MA750i and I also bought Fiio X1 to go with it. I’m currently using Samsung Galaxy Note4 and not happy with it’s sound quality at all. Do you recommend those two for begginers like me btw I can’t find all models in my country and u.s. dollars are as twice as expensive from my currency. Long story short my budget can’t afford more than these 🙂 but I’m open to suggestions at this price range.

    Thanks in advance for your hard work and time reviewing all these models.

    • ljokerl on

      That’s a pretty open-ended question but generally speaking I do think these are good mid-high level IEMs to start with if you tend to like a bit of enhanced bass. At the very least there’s nothing clearly better unless you 1) spend a lot more or 2) have sound preferences or other requirements these don’t meet.

      Can’t comment on the X1 as I don’t have any experience with it, but I did like the X3 and X5 the few brief times I’ve tried them.

  38. Syd on

    i was just searching for some reviews on this and yours is much more detailed than others :,) . so I’m here about to ask;; (well partly bc you seem friendly too) , ignoring the price budget, what earpiece would you suggest? Noise-isolating ones, i mean. I guess in terms of the overall sound quality, since I don’t really notice the bass much when i listen to songs.. I would get the RHA but i hate having to wear earpieces via over the ear method, since straight down is always the most comfortable way for me ..

  39. Alex Kamen on

    Hey, jocker,
    Huge thanks for all you do for us, headphone enthusiasts.
    I love my Ortofon Q5 and I am looking for a similarly voiced IEMs for travel.
    Would the MA750 fit the bill?
    Any other recommendations under $150-200?
    I listen mostly classical and jazz.
    Thank you.

    • ljokerl on

      The MA750 is a bass-heavy earphone while the e-Q5 is quite well-balanced.

      If you want to go in a slightly warmer direction from the e-Q5 you might want to check out the TDK BA200. If you’re interested in a slightly more analytical sound – the VC1000. If you want a dynamic driver, the Sony MDR-EX600 would be a better match than the RHA – aside from smoothness, which is superior on the Ortofons, it’s a very good earphone.

      • Josh on

        Hi Joker,
        I am torn between buying the MA750 and the Ortofon EQ5 (very different, I know). I own the JVC FXT 90 which I like but is too bright for my taste and I’m a bit treble sensitive, so the MA750 appeals to me as being similar but with less treble. I listen to almost exclusively rock and I love good mids which brought the ortofons to my attention. I like warm sweet vocals and mid range guitar. I like to feel some bass, but not bass head level (I think the FXT has a good amount).

        Any other recommendations are welcome, thanks!

        • ljokerl on

          Both the MA750 and eq-5 are smoother than the FXT90. However, the eq-5 gives up a big chunk of bass. The mids are great but overall it’s a pretty extreme change from the FXt90 signature. I would say the MA750 is the safe choice (being more similar to what you’re used to while improving in key areas) while the e-Q5 is more of an “I just want something different” option.

          • Josh on

            Thanks! I’ll probably get the MA750, but is there anything else you can recommend that is mid centric but with a little more bass?

  40. Sahil Dhingra on

    Hi Joker,
    Great review! I had purchased VSonic VC1000 after seeing yours and other reviews, and seeing that they sit very high in your earphone rankings. I’ve been using them for over an year now, and been really pleased with their sound.
    My only qualm about them has been the durability. Should I prefer RHA MA750 or T10i while making my next purchase?

    • ljokerl on

      Neither the MA750 or T10i sound anything like the VC1000. If you want a VC1000-like sound with better durability you’re better off with an Etymotic ER4 or HF5, or even a Westone W20. Those have balanced BA sound much more similar to the VC1000.

  41. Dave on

    Thanks for all the helpful reviews. I like the bass and mids on the RHA MA 750’s but I was wondering if you could suggest maybe two or three headphones that sounds similar but less veiled and have an even bigger soundstage. I was thinking around the $150 price range. Could you also compare the soundstage of the Dunu 1000 and some other less expensive suggestions to the RHA? I would greatly appreciate it!

    • ljokerl on

      I consider the MA750 to be one of the best enhanced-bass earphones under $150. What you’re asking for would be an excellent upgrade but in the same price range it just doesn’t exist among the sets I’ve tried. If you want to give up some bass quantity and treble smoothness, you could get the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition or even Philips Fidelio S2 – they are both more neutral earphones with slightly better soundstaging and much better clarity.

      The DN-1000 also has the clarity you’re looking for but I wouldn’t call its soundstage necessarily wider than that of the MA750. It does have better layering and imaging thanks to the extra clarity and detail resolution, but the soundstage width is not really larger compared to the MA750.

      • Dave on

        Thanks that is really helpful! So what’s the minimum I would have to spend to get what I’m looking for and what would be your recommendations? Also, are there ear tips you could recommend for the RHA’s?

        • ljokerl on

          While there are limits on the clarity vs bass curve (bassy things simply tend to not be all that clear), with a larger budget you can split the difference between the GR07/Fidelio S2 and the DN-1000/MA750, keeping the soundstage size (and most of the clarity) from the former while having bass quantity more like the latter. For instance the Dunu DN-2000 ($300) and Fidue A83 ($280). You can also consider the Sennheiser IE80, mostly for the expansive soundstage it provides while maintaining plenty of bass power.

          • David Lee on

            Thank you for the suggestions! How about the T Peos Altone 200 compared to the RHA MA750? Would this be a better solution for what I’m looking for such as tight bass, not veiled, v shaped, great soundstage?

          • ljokerl on

            The Altone200 is a rather bright earphone and I typically don’t recommend it as an MA750 alternative or upgrade for that reason, but it does have tight bass, good clarity, a v-shaped sig, and a spacious soundstage (more so than the DN-1000, at least). It’s just less balanced and tonally less natural (to my ears) than the higher-end DUNU and Fidue models, and even the warmer MA750.

  42. Flyer on

    Hey joker. Nice review. I Was torn between. These and the Yanahas but decided to get these instead but then I decided to buy the RHA T10.

    My question is would it be worth getting an amp for this? I was going to get the Fiio e6 and just work my way up since it being my first amp but Im thinking that it wouldn’t be worth much of a difference on near $200 earphones. Since I guess you get what you pay for. Should I upgrade to a more expensive one?

    I have an iPhone. Do the amp improve the sound quality such as making it more clear and crisp or does it just increase the volume and bass?

    Thanks for any help.

    • ljokerl on

      I personally like the MA750 better than the T10 but I don’t think either one needs an amp. The E6 is more of a toy anyway. If you use the bass boost it will increase the bass, otherwise it won’t do much of anything with an iPhone (which already has great audio hardware for this type of earphone).

      • Flyer on

        A toy lol. Yea that does make sense. Thanks Im glad I cancelled my order for the amp it just didn’t feel right after reading reviews and your input.

        I just got the T10’s today and they’re not bad. I never seen a build like that before. I realized I had to put them kind of deep since they sounded so flat at first. Plus, I’ve been looking for some durable earphone since my Vsonic Vc 1000 and my multiple pairs of brainwavz s1’s broke. So hopefully these last,
        Thanks again.

  43. Kevin on

    Thanks for the review!

    I was wondering if you tested out the mic on the 750i and if it was clear enough for regular phone calls/Skype etc.

    • ljokerl on

      Yeah, it’s good for one of these small inline mics – about the same quality as the one on Apple EarPods.

  44. Oliver on

    Hi Joker-nice review. I was wondering how these compare with the Thinksound MS01. From your review it seems like they would be somewhat similiar. I have the Thinksounds and like their sound but love the look of the RHA 750’s and wonder if they are a bit more detailed vs the Thinksounds which can be overly warm at times.

    Thanks in advance!

    • ljokerl on

      Hmm… I don’t think these are the answer for LESS warm sound. I would probably put them about on-par in that department, as well as overall resolution. The advantages the RHAs have are in bass depth and power, smoothness, and soundstaging, but not detail, clarity, or neutrality.

      • Oliver on

        Thanks Joker! do you think maybe the gro7 Classic Edition would be the answer for some thing a bit more neutral? If not do you have a more “audiophile” IEM @$100?


        • ljokerl on

          The GR07 Classics are way more neutral, yes. They have great detailing for a $100 earphone. Unless you want to go for a totally flat response and get a Balanced Armature earphone (which will be a big change coming from the MS01), the GR07 is as good as it gets.

  45. salar on

    Hello, i loved this beautiful and detailed review and also i really appreciate your enthusiasm in answering people’s questions and helping them as much as you can.
    I have a pair of over ear momentum and in past i had a pair of Klipsch Image s4 and some cheap Philips earbuds.
    Most of the times i listen to EDM and Classicals. I really care about the quality of the bass( not just the quantity which overpower all the other parts) and also overall detail and clarity and specially soundstage and imaging of my musics, i really love to feel the impact and also vibration of the low frequencies and the speed and detail of them and also hear the detailed sound and clarity of each note in the music. the soundstage and imaging is also really important for me.
    My budget is around 150$ and i was considering the Ma750, Shure Se215 and D1000. What’s your recommendation for me?
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • salar on

      I was meaning Ma750, Shure Se215 and Dunu Dn1000. sorry for misspell.

      • ljokerl on

        If you don’t mind spending more and also having moderately prominent treble (a-la the S4) as opposed to the smoother treble the MA750 and especially SE215, the DN-1000 would be my choice. It has better overall SQ even though its bass quantity (not quality) is a lower than that of the MA750 and my other EDM pick, the Yamaha EPH-100. If you prefer to maximize bass quantity instead, the MA750 and EPH-100 are both great options.

        • salar on

          Thanks for your detailed response. actually i wasn’t so happy with the treble of my s4’s , i was founding them a little bit too harsh and sibilant for my taste. Now i am mostly using my momentum over ears with my Fiio X3. But sometimes i feel that i can’t get the full detail and specially soundstage that i would like from them, and also i am looking for a little bit more subbass than what momentoms offers.
          Do you think that any of the above mentioned In ears can satisfy me or not? what about GR07 BE? Do you have any other suggestions? my budget can extend to 200$ at maximum.
          I really appreciate to hear from you. Unfortunately i can’t test those headphones where i live, That’s why i am trying to get help from expert people like you. 🙂

          • ljokerl on

            The GR07 BE lacks the bass depth and power of the DN-1000, MA750, and SE215 and tends to be more sibilant (closest to the S4 in this regard). The SE215 is the smoothest of these, but can sound a little dull and lacking in detail as a result. So, I would pick between the DN-1000, MA750, and EPH-100.

            The EPH-100 is the smoothest and has the deepest bass, with the MA750 close behind and the DUNU a little more balanced in the bass and has brighter and less forgiving (but also more detailed and resolving) highs. I can’t provide a comparison to the momentum over-ears but IMO you can’t really go wrong with any of them – just have to decide which seems the most appealing based on your past experience.

            As a general rule, don’t expect IEMs to have a better soundstage than an over-ear headphone, but they can separate out instruments better and of course there is a lot of variation from poor to great in both classes.

  46. rob on

    Seems almost impossible to go a year listening to stuff through IEMs every day without spending a large amount of money. Expensive IEMs are, well, expensive, but nonetheless they always fail at some point. And cheap IEMs are so often false economy: just recently I bought a couple of pairs of Philips SHE3590s; both pairs failed within a month, both times the left ear failed. (Don’t think I’ll bother buying anything Philips again for a while – they seem to be a company with an almost infinite range of unreliable products.)

    Reviews of these MA750s suggest the build quality is unusually good, so I’ve ordered a pair from Amazon. If they fail within 12 months, I give up!

    • Martin on

      That’s the beauty of these IEMs. I broke all of my previous ones within 6 months due to hours of daily use but these come with a 3yr warranty, so no worrying about that. The build quality is so good that I think they may actually survive their time with me for once.

  47. Alen on

    Hi Joker,
    I’m new here – great effort – very much appreciated.
    Since I had my IE80 stolen I’m in a market for new pair of IEMs. First of all I liked how IE80 performed and was very close to just repeat the purchase, but as usual new options always seem worth checking 🙂
    I’m a bit undecided – how would you compare the two and if IE80 is in your opinion worth the extra cash.
    I’m located in the EU so can get MA750 for 100€, IE80 for 210€ and IE8i for 230€.
    Also looking at your reviews I see DUNU DU1000/2000 get a lot of praise – so this may still be in the combination.
    all input highly appreciated.

    • ljokerl on

      The MA750 is certainly a great value at 1/2 the IE80 price but it gives you a slightly different experience. The bass is still enhanced but the midrange is a little less prominent and the presentation is not as wide and out-of-the-head. The IE80 has other advantages such as being more lightweight, detachable cables, etc. It probably is worth the extra cash when taken as a whole (with that price split at least – here in the US it’s more like a 3x difference in price).

      The DN-1000 and DN-2000 are again different-sounding earphones with a brighter sound that’s overall not as smooth, warm, and bassy as the IE80 or MA750. They’re very good if you want to try something a little different but I wouldn’t call either an IE8 replacement.

  48. Jen on

    Hi, so if I get this for $80~ is it a good deal?

    • ljokerl on

      Well, I consider it an excellent value at $110 so… yes

  49. Matt on

    Hey joker, your guides have been extremely helpful for me in my search for the right IEMs, thanks for the invaluable info! I own the RHA M750i iem’s based on your review here and I really like them. However, I have been itching to try out some custom iem’s but I cannot spend more than $400. I really enjoy the sound signature on the m750s so do you have any recommendations on ciems within my budget that produce a similarly warm sound signature as the m750s? Thanks!

    • ljokerl on

      Hmm.. there are two difficulties with this, even not counting the price of impressions there’s only four customs I’ve tried in that (well.. <$450) price range. Not exactly a wide pool to choose from. More than that, the very basic property of the MA750 is its enhanced bass, which further cuts that number from four to one - the 1964EARS V3. The V3 is a great IEM for the price but still a step towards a brighter, more accurate, less smooth and bassy sound from the MA750. There's one <$800 IEM I've tried that sounds more like an MA750 but it's pricier - the Gorilla Ears GX-4b. It's not really better than the cheaper V3, but it has a warmer, smoother sound sig that's a little closer to the RHA sig.

      • Matt on

        While I enjoy the sound signature of the ma750s, I do sometimes feel like they are veiled which is really my only complaint with them (that and the fact that iems just aren’t very comfortable in my ears which is the main reason I’d like to try customs). Just for reference I use Sennheiser hd650s at my desktop rig and these are more what I’m used to so something with that sound signature is ideal for me. I like bass, but not overbearing bass. I appreciate smooth, clear treble but not something too bright (I’m sensitive to sibilance and it drives me nuts!). Maybe a slight V shape but not too much to where the mids are muddled. The 1964 V3 do seem like a good match but I’m hesitant to invest $500. Do you think the Custom Art Music One/Two would be something I’d be interested in?

        • ljokerl on

          Yeah you’re not going to find a CIEM that’s as veiled as the MA750, so no worries there. The V3 is still brighter though – it’s actually not as smooth as the HD650 and quite revealing in the treble, so if you’re sensitive to sibilance and okay with having significantly less bass than the MA750 has and a non-v-shaped sound, the flatter and smoother Music One (haven’t tried the Music Two) would be a better choice. Plus it’s a better value.

  50. Michael on

    Thanks Joker i returned my 215 for 750 wow i can tell a big difference i do feel the 750 is much cleaner and crisp but is it me but all the tips dont fit my ear they feel kinda hanged out. i am using the foam one because it the best one in there imo. Also whats are the difference between the t10?

    • ljokerl on

      The T10i is bassier and warmer than the MA750 but not as clear. It’s also physically heavier. I prefer the MA750, personally.

  51. Simon on

    Hello Joker i am looking for a iem for about 100€ (i’m european so i have limited choise). I’m new to hi-fi but i think i’m looking for a slightly enanched bass iem that doesn’t lack of overall clarity. I restricted my choise to ma750 and XBA-h1, which do you suggest (even other iems)?
    P.s. A question about ma750: is the over-the-ear hook made of rubber or hard plastic? Since i wear glasses, do you think it could be unconfortable?

    • Simon on

      Adding some information: since not all my music library is high quality (have some 128kbps MP3) iems should also sound smooth and be tolerant.

      • ljokerl on

        I can’t comment on the XBA-H1 because I haven’t tried it. The XBA-H3 is better than the MA750, but also a lot more expensive. For the amount of bass (I would say MA750 is more than “slightly” enhanced) and the price the MA750 has good clarity. It’s not going to keep up with BA earphones in the same price range in clarity, but they don’t sound anything alike anyway. It’s also quite forgiving.

        The MA750 ear hook is some kind of rubber (same material as the cable). The fit isn’t really different from any other over-the-ear IEMs. I wear glasses and haven’t had any problems.

        • Simon on

          So, in conclusion are thay a good choise or you have better advices?

          Thanks for your help and wishes for a Happy New Year

          • ljokerl on

            Good choice but keep in mind the bass is more than “slightly” enhanced.


    • Dangur on

      I Have owned both the M750 and H1s. I really did not like the H1s for hybrid IEM the bass was not all the impactful or dynamic nothing like the m750. I also felt like the H1s where not crossed over correctly I could hear that it had multi drivers. Also the clarity of the H1s was not overly impressive

      • ljokerl on

        Good to know. Funny that the H1 was just named The Wirecutter’s best IEM under $200. I didn’t agree with their previous pick (RBH EP1) and it sounds like I wouldn’t agree with this one, either.

  52. Michael on

    Is there a huge difference between the 215 and the 750i? In sound quality

    • Michael on

      Mean 750

      • ljokerl on

        Not huge but noticeable. The MA750 is a little bassier and has a more lush and full-bodied sound without losing refinement, which is impressive in and of itself, but it also has a slightly larger presentation and livelier treble.

  53. Michael on

    Hello Joker i am looking for a iem for about 100$ i was thinking about the shure 215 rha ma750 or the Hifman re 400

    i mainly listen to EDM/Dubstep/Trace/Pop/House/Female vocals.

    want something thats fun to listen to have good soundstage good isolation warm and imaging

    also is buying a used shure rha ma 750 or re 400 on amazon a bad thing will there be fakes?

    And if you have any more suggestions

    • ljokerl on

      They sound pretty different – the RE-400 especially is much more balanced and neutral than the other two you’re considering. It might be better for vocals but its sound isn’t what’s generally considered “fun”. The SE215 is warm and smooth, has some enhanced bass but overall the MA750 is better, especially for EDM.

      No counterfeits that I know of for either model but you probably won’t have any warranty with a used unit (the MA750 has a 3-year warranty, which is especially valuable).

      • Michael on

        Thanks I going to try the shure 215 first and if I don’t like it I can just return it

        • Michael on

          Also what amp will be good with the shure 215 and the ma750 I was thinking about the fiio e6 because it’s cheap and I heard good things about it

          • ljokerl on

            You really don’t need an amp for these model. They’re dynamic driver-based and not sensitive even to basic things like impedance and hiss. You can get an E6 just to play around with and get a volume boost, but it won’t make an appreciable difference in overall sound quality unless there’s a problem with your source that it solves.

  54. Drew on

    Hey thanks for an amazing guide.

    I’m a little confused about warm sounding, neutral, etc. and what it means.

    I guess I just want to know which IEMS would be best for grunge and acoustic rock?



    • ljokerl on

      The funny thing is – different people prefer different types of sound for the same genres. Generally speaking, there is no right or wrong sound for most music types. Personally, I prefer a neutral to slightly v-shaped signature for grunge and rock. In this price range and without any additional requirements I’d probably go with a VSonic GR07 Classic or GR07 Bass Edition (the latter has a bit more bass, still not too much).

  55. thebaron on

    Joker, thanks for the review!
    I’m looking for a good IEM and narrowed my search down to the MA750 and the Yamaha EPH-100. I mostly listen to metal, and the build quality is really important for me. Which would you recommend?

    • ljokerl on

      For my taste they’re both a little bassy for metal but I guess if I had to pick one for sound and build quality I’d go with the MA750.

      • thebaron on

        So which IEM in the same price bracket would you suggest for listening to metal, joker?

        • ljokerl on

          For my taste the bassiest I could go with metal is probably a VSonic GR07 Bass Edition.

          • thebaron on

            OK, thanks, and this, my friend, is why you’re the hero of the internet.

          • Josh on

            You say that the GR07 is the bassiest you would go, but what are the best IEMs you’ve used for metal? I listen to mostly punk rock and grunge, do you have any recommendations in the 100-120 dollar range? I don’t prioritize any sound frequency, although I listen to almost entirely to rock derived genres (hard rock, metal, grunge, alt rock). What do you prefer for those?

          • ljokerl on

            The GR07 Bass Edition is the bassiest I would go, but the regular GR07 (or GR07 Classic) would probably be my personal pick in that price range.

  56. Karan on

    Hi Joker,

    Ok so before asking the obvious I would like to share bit of the backstory so please bear with me.
    The thought of moving on to IEMs came to my mind when I listened to my friend’s CX300s.I was totally left spellbound when I heard things that were never there in the same songs on the earpieces that came with my iPhone. Henceforth I began my search for the perfect set of IEMs for less than 150$ and delved inside the world of an audiophile, looking at sites such as headfi,inner fidelity,whathifi etc.
    Finding the perfect set how hard could that be? To my dismay,very hard. Being a newbie and the ditz that I am, I was overwhelmed by all the technical jargons and terminologies that are used, Honestly I couldn’t make out the difference between 2 drivers or how low the perfect bass should be or what kind of a stage a soundstage is? etc.
    Perplexed, I then began my search for the “best” IEMs under my budget,after a few hours of looking I finally came across something – the RHA M750i.
    Now these earbuds are mentioned everywhere and receive appraisals from many reviewers, seemed like these were the ones to get and hence I
    finally decided on putting my money on these.I found these on eBay retailing for 141$ and decide to buy them within the same week,
    then for some reason(festive shopping) I had to put my earbud purchase on hold.(I hope you’re still with me)
    Now after my shopping spree I had to cut back on my budget and revise it to about 70-100$(max.).
    This now leads me to the 1st problem all over again and I can’t decide on anything. Though after some looking here and there I have shortlisted a few? earphones but I have no idea whether the sound they would produce would be to my liking or not. These are as follows — Vsonic GR07 classic, BE, Vsd1s, vsd3s ; sound magic e30, e10 ; RHA MA350,MA450; Shure Se215; Klipsh s4; or any other model in particular that you can suggest?
    Since I’m not that familiar with the terminologies, all I can tell you is that I do enjoy bass but it shouldn’t be overpowering or “muddy” and treble shouldn’t be too high such that it becomes sibilant (screeching),also clarity should be good and feel as if I’m sitting in the studio next to the singer. 😀 😛 . I dont care much about design or durability since I’m a careful user. Sound quality is utmost important to me.
    I listen to most kinds – Alternative/pop/classical/indie rock,grunge,r’n’b,hip hop. Everything except EDM,trance and such.

    Thank you for bearing with me and I do apologize for the lengthy query.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks once again

    • ljokerl on

      Well, that’s a lot of text but underneath it’s really a very simple query of the type my Buyer’s Guide is designed to address: http://theheadphonelist.com/earphone-buyers-guide/ . The list of earphones you’re considering is all over the place both in sound signature and performance. It’s fine if you want to spend less and get something like the RHA MA350, but with a $100 budget and options like the SE215 on there, considering the MA350 (for instance) doesn’t make much sense.

      First off, audio is a matter of degrees and what’s “present but not overpowering” bass to you could mean a totally different quantity to someone else. Same goes for treble energy/harshness and pretty much everything else. You just have to start somewhere, keep track of your journey, and over time you’ll be able to better narrow down what you do and do not want in your earphones – then suggesting a set of earphones for you will be less of a guessing game.

      Anyway, there are very good sets on your list and the ones that stand out to me are the GR07 Classic, VSD3S, and SE215. The GR07 Classic is the flattest of the three and the most accurate. It doesn’t have anywhere near as much bass boost (or bass bloat) as something like a CX300, but technically it’s the best earphone there. The VSD3S is a lot less expensive and a little less accurate, with slightly more bass as well. It might be a safer choice both in terms of investment (not diving off the deep end right away, etc) and sound signature, but it leaves some room for improvement in both fidelity and treble smoothness (the latter being a weakness of the GR07 as well).

      The SE215 is by far the smoothest of the three (I actually prefer more treble energy than it offers, but again that’s a personal choice). It also has the most bass. It’s still very clear and detailed and just an all around strong performer. If you’d gone off the buyer’s guide I linked above and just taken a step back from the MA750 in price, the SE215 would’ve been the one you ended up with. It’s really the “safe” choice from your requirements – plenty of bass but without bloat, good mids, and smooth, somewhat relaxed treble. Maybe not as clear and detailed as the VSD3S or GR07 Classic, but a good jumping off point for mid/high-end IEMs.

      • Karan on

        Thanks for the reply joker!
        I couldn’t agree with you more and did a little more research referring the buyer’s guide you recommended. After going through the various IEMs I figured I’m looking for a balanced sound with a good enough soundstage, imaging and instrument separation.Since I’m not a basshead, I didn’t heed the first category but as personal preference I do enjoy a decent amount of bass.I was also looking for good mids and clarity, and highs that are less prone to sibilance.
        Now as you suggested, the Shure SE215s in my country retail for around $130 which is crossing my budget and hence I have to rule them out. What I’m left with now is VSD3S($43.53), VSD3($43.53),VSD1/S($37), GR07 Classic($77), RHA MA 450($66).
        Now which according to you fits best under the given circumstances or if you could suggest any other IEM that I could look into.
        Also can you point out the difference between VSD3 and VSD3s and how well do these two hold against the GR07 classic.
        And how does GR07 compare with its old versions a la GR07 BE and GR07 mk2.

  57. MrMonte on

    Hi. I love your reviews, both on Head-Fi and here. This has rapidly become one of my favorite sites on the net.

    I bought the MA-750s and they are as advertised. Very good especially at the price point, and the signature I’ve been looking for. Here’s the thing though: the clarity is not quite what I was hoping for at the mid- and high- ends. I’ve noticed you’re a big supporter of the TDK 200s and you also like the EPH-100s. But I haven’t seen any direct comparisions to the EPH-100s.

    Which of the three would you recommend if I’m seeking a nice warm signature, solid and impactuful, but not overpowering, bass, a nice wide soundstage, and a somewhat bright sound – and as much clarity as I can get, given the priority of a warm signature? I value your opinion and love reading your detailed comments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. It seems like perhaps the EPH-100s would have given me everything i’m looking for, but I’d really appreciate your take and I’m just not at all familiar with the TDKs.



    • ljokerl on

      Thanks, glad you like the site!

      Yes, with the heavy bass you just don’t get that clarity that you would get from a good balanced-sounding set. The BA200 will do much better in clarity than these, but it also has a lot less bass. The same is true, for instance, of the VSonic GR07 and other balanced-sounding earphones. The EPH-100 has less recessed mids and maintains a little more clarity that way, but on the whole it still has the heavy bass and thick, warm sound. There’s a slightly longer comparison in one of the comments at the bottom of this page: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/rha-ma750-ma750i/#comment-2534

      I don’t think the EPH-100 makes sense as a compliment to the MA750, but if you want to substitute the MA750 with something that still has heavy bass but a bit less of a midrange veil, then the Yamaha should be a good buy. It’s still nice and warm, but not particularly bright.

      In the end it really depends on how far you want to move in that direction from the warm and fairly bassy MA750, because you could go for something like the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition to get bass levels greater than BA earphones such as the TDK BA200 but still better clarity and brighter treble than the MA750. You also could just spend $50 and try the VSonic VSD3S, which has 95% of the GR07’s audio quality and better clarity and treble energy than the MA750.

      • MrMonte on

        this is great and appreciated input. I should clarify one thing however. If I left the impression that I am a basshead, that’s a mistake on my part. I like a good bass presence; I love especially when I can feel it. I don’t, however, want or need to be overwhelmed by the bass. I like it balanced overall in the presentation.

        I’m not an IEM expert so maybe I’m using some terms incorrectly. I apologize for that. When I say “warm” presentation, I mean, something that won’t make me want to take the IEMs out of my ears after an hour, I guess because the highs are too high. but I do like some punch, AND I want to hear the full range of the instruments nice and clearly, with some dynamic presentation. Maybe I’ve just had bad experiences with BA IEMs so I’m open to reconsidering as I know that many are highly recommended.

        My budget is up to about $125.00 realistically but could go a little higher.

        So just curious – given that description of what I’m looking for, what would you recommend in a nutshell? Are the RMAs discussed here the answer or is there something else you’d steer me to?

        Very appreciated,


        • ljokerl on

          Hmm.. interesting requirements. If you want to be safe on the treble front and avoid anything that might be piercing, I guess that eliminates the VSonic sets discussed above as they tend to be a little bright. If you can find a BA200 in your price range, by all means go for it – while not heavy on the bass, it is an extremely capable earphone for that sort of money and doesn’t have piercing treble.

          If you want to go dynamic with smooth treble and a balanced presentation, the Brainwavz R3 comes to mind: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/brainwavz-r3-ver-2/ . It won’t quite have the clarity of the BA200, but it’ll be closer than the MA750 while maintaining smooth treble and extended bass. Fit can be a little finicky but the current version is okay.

          • MrMonte on

            thanks again. The BAs are a little out of my price range, and I’ll take a look at the Brainwavz.

            On my requirements, if I had to simplify I’d say just more clarity and detail than the MA-750s, particularly in the mid-range where the 750s just seem a bit muddy, and no pain after an hour or so. Maybe I’m overdoing the “warmth” thing!

          • ljokerl on

            Well, that eliminates the BA200 but the R3 is still be in your price range, more or less. If you want to risk harsher treble, then the VSonic VSD3S is a great buy and only $50 or so. It’s crisper and clearer than the MA750 but not as warm/bassy (still good bass though) or as smooth.

          • MrMonte on

            so, after much deliberation and consideration of all your points, I’m thinking of going a different route and investing in the GR-07 Bass Edition. I take note of your comments that it has all the clarity of the non-bass edition, but that the enhanced bass is minimal – not in your face overwhelming. It can be had right now at the upper tip of my price range on Amazon – about $125.


        • MrMonte on

          just to add – I know you recommended them above so I’m interested in hearing your perspective in light of our recent conversation, but ALSO which you think would be more appropriate for me – the 07 BEs or the EPH 100s. Thank you in advance!

          • ljokerl on

            You are correct that the bass boost on the GR07 BE is minimal and keeps the clarity very high. The GR07 BE still has the same caveat of having less smooth treble than the MA750 and EPH-100 as the other VSonics mentioned, though. Other than that it fits your requirements very well.

            I guess without hearing it (or another similar VSonic earphone) first you won’t know if the treble is above your tolerance level or not, so I would just recommend staying away if you tend to listen at high volumes. Otherwise, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try.

          • MrMonte on

            hmmm, I’m a high volume kind of guy…:)

            the RMAs are growing on me as I continue to use them – I have a few days before I need to make a final decision. I can’t escape the feeling that they ‘could be just a little better,” but the sound seems to be tightening up. They do GREAT will high quality recordings. It’s the lower quality ones which seem to give them a little trouble.

          • ljokerl on

            Most higher-end earphones do better with good recordings. If you have a paremetric equalizer on your device you can try boosting the midrange especially in the ~1-2.5k range to see if that gets it closer to your desired sound.

      • MrMonte on

        So I picked up the Shure 215s and I’ve spent the past week or so doing a lot of comparisons – and giving both burn in opportunities.

        It’s tough as they do have different sound signatures, and both (the RMA-750s and the Shure 215s) are clearly excellent IEMs.

        My first reaction was go with the 215s. They don’t have quite the overall clarity of the 750s but they make more of an immediate impact.

        As I thought about it though, I decided to stick with my 750s! The overall sound clarity is just a bit better; the 215s seem a bit muffled to me. Just a bit. But I think with the 750s, the range is better, and the “impact” I like is definitely starting to come through. Right now, I really like them.

        I’m glad I didn’t make a rash decision. And I am definitely in the camp that says there is value to burn in. I think there is an overall process of getting your ears and the IEM in synch, and burn in may not be the only factor involved there, but it definitely (in my opinion) is one of the factors.


        • ljokerl on

          Yep, you are totally right. Different sound signatures despite both being generally a little warm and bassy, and good overall performance (they are both found on my Buyer’s Guide here: http://theheadphonelist.com/earphone-buyers-guide/). The MA750 has some added treble energy, clarity, maybe a little better bass depth as well. When given the choice of only one I chose the MA750 as you can see here: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelitys-wall-fame-ear-monitors . I could only have one ~$100 enhanced-bass over-the-ear earphone on that particular buyer’s guide so the MA750 stayed and the SE215 went.

          As for burn-in, I’m a believer in the mental aspect of it. It’s not hard to get used to different levels of performance and different sound sigs given time, especially if you only use on IEM on any given day. I call it “Brain burn-in”.

          • MrMonte on

            Here’s something I’d really like your thoughts about. Now that I’m enjoying the 750 so much, I’m naturally saying, well, how about upgrading to the T10? I know you haven’t reviewed them on the site yet, but I’m curious if you have any thoughts on a) the extent it would be an upgrade (it’s expensive for me) and b) how they compare to the 750s. Thanks again!

          • MrMonte on

            that comment you made about the T10 was really helpful. I hadn’t realized that it wasn’t an upgrade. Thank you!

  58. Jeff on

    Hey ljokerl, I’ve heard a lot about having to burn these earphones in to get the best quality of them. Is this true? If so, how long did it take to get them into form? Thanks.

    • ljokerl on

      Burn-in is kind of a hotly debated topic, always has been. I don’t ascribe much value to it these days and believe that (at least in large part) it’s a mental process but just to be thorough I put a good number of hours on all my earphones before doing the final review. I know that many manufacturers recommend it, but to them that’s a no-lose proposition. Either way it will occur naturally with your earphones whether you like it or not, so I definitely don’t recommend doing anything specific or waiting a X number of hours to enjoy your earphones.

  59. Karan R on

    Hi Joker,

    Thanks for all the great reviews
    I lost my set of Westone 4 last week and an contemplating the M750’s
    I loved the W4’s for their warm sounds and ability with all types of music like jazz, pop, electronica , metal
    Do you think I would like the 750’s too?

    • ljokerl on

      That’s an interesting question… MA750 as a step back from the W4. In the context of the MA750 being more bass-heavy (especially deep bass) I think it will work fine, but you may find yourself missing some of the midrange presence and clarity of the W4. For metal especially I think the bass of the MA750 will appear a little more intrusive than you’re used to. Other than that, they should be fine, especially considering they are 1/4 the price of the Westones.

  60. Georgi on

    My Vsonic GR02BE just broke (the cable from one of the earpieces is disconnected or something and maybe non-repairable), so now i need new ones. I decided to get something more expensive and i stoped at these. Could you say that they are good replacement to my vsonic? Btw i love their sound, but bare in mind that they were my first good iems if this has to do with something.

    • ljokerl on

      The MA750 is going to have a smoother and warmer sound than the GR02 – it’s a little bassier and less sharp in the treble as well. It’s a bit of a change from your VSonic tonally. I would say the MA750 a good step forward if you’re looking for something a little bassier – otherwise you can get a closer match for the GR02 with something like the VSonic VSD1S or GR07 BE – both of these have less bass than the GR02, but not by much, and present a clearer and more balanced sound overall.

  61. rob on

    If you have small ear canals, there are probably better options. In fact, my right ear started to hurt after a short period of use.
    So, beware if you got small ear canals. And in my opinion, the cable was a bit too sturdy and the clip wasn’t as easily adjustable as I would’ve liked it to be.
    I only tried stock tips but since most ppl seem to get an OK fit with them, I suppose my ears are at fault here.

  62. John Orls on

    Hi, first of all i wanted to thank you for all your hard work !!
    i want to get a good par of in earphones, the thing is i don’t live in America, i’ll have to import them and i can’t apply any garante if they broke, so i’m looking for a sollid earphones.
    i really like these but i’m not sure if it is better to get these or get something like the Shure 215 with a detachable cable that can be more durable.

    I’ll use them mostly on the streets, i can be really carefull with them, but i’ll use them all the time, so i don’t if it is bettet to get the shures or the RHAs or even get some cheaper ones like the UE600. (also i listen mustly groups like Daft Punk, Red Hot chilli Peppers, Strokes)

    Sorry if u can’t understand me, English is not my native language

    Thank you again for everything ! 😀

    • ljokerl on

      It’s hard to say whether these or the SE215 will be more durable in the long run, but if you have to import everything the replaceable cables of the SE215 might not be viable for you since replacements can end up being expensive.

      If you’re worried about spending a lot you can definitely get a good earphone that’s less expensive, but don’t get the UE600 – it’s just not designed for durability. You can get a very good earphone for under $50 these days – the Xiaomi Piston 2, for example. It won’t be as impressive in terms of sound as the RHA or even UE600, but it’s not miles behind and will be much cheaper to replace when it breaks since you can’t take advantage of warranties.

  63. Anthony Maddison on

    Hi Joker, excellent review as ever.

    I wanted to ask about a three way comparison really if I may. I currently have a set of Shure SE425’s but I wanted another earphone with a Mic so it could double it for conference calls with work, so after spending a lot of time on your site went for the MA750i. I couldn’t be happier with them in general and I really like the sound signature I get from them, everything is more upbeat and I’ve found myself really liking music I was a little tired of previously hearing using them over the SE425’s, and my problem is that my SE425’s sound a little dull in comparison….

    So began the search for something to replace the Shures. There are a lot of review sites on the net all advocating different models as the best and I can’t help but think that a lot of them are sponsored by manufactures, apart from yours. I’ve been reading back through a lot of your older reviews and have asked a few questions on your facebook page (sorry if I’m getting annoying by the way!) and various models stood out, Custom Art Music One/two, UE 900, or the DUNU DN-2000.

    Of the three (or any others you’d recommend) what would be your recommendation? I’m not exactly flush with money but I’d happily spend $300-$400 on a set due to the amount of use I’d get out of them, with a preference towards V-shaped or warm balance.

    Many Thanks

    • ljokerl on

      You know, that was one of the reasons my reviews on Head-Fi and here are organized the way they are. Even without conscious bias it’s very easy to be excited about every new thing, especially on a forum – wanting to be part of the discussion and all that. Having to put some numbers on the performance (that can be at least to a degree verified/questioned by others running the same comparisons with other sets) is a good way to keep everything balanced.

      I guess the question to ask would be, what are you looking for in terms of sound signature in comparison to the MA750s, which is both warm and somewhat v-shaped? I.e. what’s the MA750 not doing for you?

      The three sets you are considering right now are fairly different – the Music One is balanced with a slightly warm tilt due to the (marginally) relaxed treble (akin to a HiFiMan RE-400) while the UE900 is balanced with a brighter tilt. The DN-2000 is more v-shaped than both of these, with more bass. In terms of bass (especially subbass) presence it’s closer to the MA750 than to the UE900 or Custom Art Music One.

      • Anthony Maddison on

        Hi thanks for the reply, I should have probably clarified one or two things in my initial post reading it back.

        It’s not so much that there’s anything the MA750i isn’t doing, I really like them and if anything I much prefer them over my more expensive Shures, it’s more the fact that I like to have two separate sets. One I use for work when on calls (hence the mic was needed) and listening to music in between, the other will be for when I’m at home, out running, at the gym, on holiday… I very much like the warm and V-shaped signatures as it tends to fit better with my preferred music taste, upbeat rock. It sounds like the DN-2000 is probably going to be the best match for me from your reply (unless there’s anything other with the same signature that may be a better unit overall for the price) which matches from my initial thought as well so thanks for that. Perhaps in the past I’ve approached it wrong and gone for the best set overall I could get for the money rather than getting the best set for my preferred listening tastes (in truth, until your post about the buyer guide on signature I’d never even considered that at all).

        If you have a UK affiliate link to get hold of a set then please feel free to post up, if I can give a little back the site I’m more than happy to do so, it’s been a massive help to myself and no doubt lots of others. I’ll also need some comply tips for DN-2000 and the MA750’s so again any affiliate links you have I’ll use.

        Regarding your initial comment, totally agree. I’d never had put myself in the category of being an audiophile, but I guess I’m turning into one and I’ve been watching your blog posts with mounting interest for a while and using the Head-Fi page for a couple of years. I must have spent hours on that site reviewing and re-reviewing posts and comparing them to others in different price bands (it was only last week I realised you had a facebook site though!) before settling on a set. There’s some great work in there and I’ve been using it as my point of reference for a while, easily the best comparison/review site of its kind on the net anywhere.

        Thanks for the help.


        • ljokerl on

          The only thing with the DN-2000 is that it’s not very warm. There’s just not enough mid-bass to have the kind of warmth you get with the MA750 or Yamaha EPH-100. The focus with the Dunus is mostly on deep bass, and of course they have pretty bright treble (brighter than MA750) as well. If I were you I’d consider saving $100 and going with the cheaper DN-1000 instead. It’s not as clear or spacious as the DN-2000, but it’s got a warmer sound that’s more conventionally v-shaped, and it is still a great earphone that provides a strong contrast to the MA750.

          We do have Amazon UK affiliates but the earphone selection on there is not good. Mp4nation ships globally and has a better selection for Asian brands. See here for all affiliate links: http://theheadphonelist.com/about/support-headphone-list/

          And thanks – glad the reviews have been helpful so far! There’s so much more I want to do with this site – just got to find the resources, especially time.

  64. El Pablo on

    Hi ljokerl. Would the 750 make a good upgrade to the Soundmagic E30? I really like the E30’s sound signature, but am considering upgrading to something better. You mention in the comments the 750 has a slight V shape. Is that relative to other warm/smooth IEMs or is it on the boundary of being classified differently? If the 750 isn’t suitable, could you make a recommendation please. I assume the EPH100 or a GR07 variant would be next on the list?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


    • ljokerl on

      It’s not a great signature match for the E30 – just not similarly balanced. The MA750 and EPH-100 are both much bassier, though the mids of the EPH-100 are more in line with those of the E30 while the MA750 is a little less forward in the midrange. The GR07 is better, but still less has less midrange emphasis and more treble energy than the E30. I would maybe even say the HiFiMan RE-400 or TDK BA200 would be a better match, though the RE-400 is a little lighter at the low end than the E30.

      • El Pablo on

        Cool, thank you for the response. The RE400 and BA200 weren’t even on my radar until now. It was the work of you and ClieOS on Head-Fi that enabled me to pick the E30 several years ago. Thanks again, and I hope the good work continues!

        : )

        • ljokerl on

          Thanks, glad to hear it.

  65. Alex on

    There is a MAJOR problem with the MA750i. The where the cord comes out of the volume control/mic unit it has ZERO give, and after a few accidental tugs, it broke, rendering one side silent. I’d recommend the MA750 without the mic, unless you are an extremely careful user. They sound pretty good, but Im going back to the Yamaha EPH-100, which I returned for these, I think they sound better.

    On an unrelated note, Joker, you are a hero, your list of IEMS is one of the best things on the internet, thank you.

    • ljokerl on

      Just out of curiosity, why did you return the EPH-100? I prefer its sound to the MA750 as well so I’m just curious.

      And thanks, glad the website/list has been helpful 🙂

  66. Thomas on

    I think that sibilance is huge problem with these. At high volumes for many recordings it’s almost unbearable. The bass is okay but I have trouble getting a good seal (despite the many size choices) and some recordings need to be turned up loud for good bass. And at that point the sibilance starts to hurt. With material that has solid bass and low sibilance the ma750 sounds excellent but I can’t recommend.

    • ljokerl on

      Increased sibilance and decreased bass presence are both symptoms of an imperfect seal. I think both of your issues could actually be the same fit problem.

      • Thomas on

        I thought about going through the different sizes again but I spent over an hour trying all the sizes in the beginning and settled on the one that provided the best bass response. I’ll try again later today but unfortunately I feel like I’ve given these a chance and want to exchange before my 30 days is passed. Thanks for the reply.

        • Thomas on

          Okay you are correct. I didn’t realize sibilance was affected by a poor seal. I pushed the tips deep and moved them around to find the “sweet spot”. Sibilance gone. Bass excellent. You can delete my first comment. The real problem I have is getting a good seal. I’ll have to go home and experiment with different tips again. Thanks for the review.

          • ljokerl on

            Glad to hear it. Yeah, their odd shape is not ideal, but it’s still just a matter of finding the right eartips and insertion angle.

            I’ll leave your comment up in case someone else runs into a similar issue, if you don’t mind.

      • Thomas on

        Can you recommend some different tips for these? I looked at some on Amazon but I’m not sure what to look for. The large single flange that comes with the MA750 provides the best sound but is still not a good fit for me. I’ve never had a problem with getting a good fit/seal with other earphones so I’m surprised that none of these that came with the MA750 fits.

        • ljokerl on

          You can try the L-sized Sony Hybrids. They’re a little softer and more flexible than the stock tips so they might seal better, especially if your ear canals are flattened and not circular.

          • Thomas on

            The Large Sony Hybrid tips are indeed MUCH better. In the future I may want to try something that inserts a little deeper but these Sony tips are an excellent fit for me.

  67. rey031 on

    Wonderful review! Could you compare the RHA MA750 with the Shure SE215? Also, are there any channel imbalance issues with the MA750i version with inline controls?

    • ljokerl on

      It’s got a little more bass and slightly less prominent mids than the SE215, with a bump in the lower treble to give it a little more energy and better treble extension overall. Overall I would say it’s a similar signature, just warmer and a little more v-shaped.

      No imbalance issues because the volume control is digital and not analog.

  68. 5u5m1t on

    Hi, could you please give your opinion on how these headphones compare to the musical fidelity eb 33 and the beyerdynamic mmx102. I listen to mainly classic rock and alternative music. Thanks very much!

    • ljokerl on

      I haven’t tried the EB33 but the MMX102 is a little muddy and lacking in treble presence and overall balance compared to these. Not that the MA750 is very balanced, but given the same price I’d pick it over the Beyerdynamics.

      • 5u5m1t on

        Ahh, thanks. A lot of other sites talked about how the sound of the 102 was superior to the RHAs but I had my doubts. Also the superior build quality of the RHAs helped sway my decision to them! Thank you.

      • 5u5m1t on

        And also, for some bizarre reason, both the RHA 750 and the MMX 102 are priced at £79.99 over here in the U.K. I felt the RHA was more worth the money.

  69. Ardijan on

    Which is more natural between RHA MA750, Etymotic HF3 and Martin Logan Mikros 70? I need something very natural for classical music.. I have Sony MH1C, Shure SE215 but they seems too boomy and dark for classica.. my headphones Martin Logan Mikros 90 seems perfect, but I need an IEM like them! Can you help me?

    • ljokerl on

      I haven’t tried the Martin Logan earphones or headphones but if you want clarity and balance, then definitely the Etymotics over the RHAs.

  70. housepartey on

    First of all : thanks a lot for another great review.

    I’m looking for a new (balanced) earphone and am very impressed by the quality of the RHA MA750. Can you please compare them to the TDK BA200? My hearing preference is rock music (alternative, classic, hard), blues, house/acid jazz and classic. The other earphones I looked at were the HiFiMan RE-400, Yamaha EPH-100 and the Monster Gratitude.

    • ljokerl on

      Compared to the BA200 the MA750 is very bass-heavy and somewhat mid-recessed. If you’re looking for a balanced-sounding in-ear the BA200 is the one to get. It’s like an RE-400, but a little bit warmer and bassier, with an extra bit of energy in the upper treble. The EPH-100 is not a balanced-sounding earphone and I haven’t tried the Gratitude.

      • housepartey on

        Thanks. After reading your reviews that is no real surprise. But I liked the design and packaging of the MA750 so much that I hoped for another answer 😉

        Great work, will be continuing reading and testing the BA200.

        • ljokerl on

          If it’s any consolation, the MA750 is the most balanced-sounding earphone in the RHA lineup :p

          • housepartey on

            Monday I received my BA200. They sound fantastic and with the memory foam the fitting is perfect! Thanks a lot for your reviews.

          • ljokerl on

            I’m very glad to hear that – the BA200 is great. Enjoy!

  71. Harijs on

    Could you please compare RHA MA750 with Vsonic VSD1s? Clarity, hights?
    Thanks, Joker!

    • ljokerl on

      The MA750 is bassier and a result not any clearer than the VSD1S but its low end does extend deeper. Tonally it is warmer and the top end is smoother vs the brighter and more energetic VSonics. The VSD1S is on the whole more neutral.

    • John Stone on

      The MA750 looks interesting to me, but I worry about your comments on the lower treble and the tendency towards “tizziness”.I very much didn’t like the high end of the Vsonic VSD1S. I found it exceedingly bright, and it also sounded quite peaky to my ears, almost as if there’s a resonance peak in there somewhere. In the end, far too fatiguing for my taste. Other sets I’ve owned are (were) SE 530 Shures and Thinksound TS 02’s. I like both better than the Vsonics in that they sound smoother and more pleasant to my ears. I’m really not into “hyper detail” either. It seems like the Yamaha EPH100 may be the better choice for me. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

      • ljokerl on

        The MA750 is not nearly as bright or sibilant as the VSD1S. It just has a bit of an upper midrange boost – really shouldn’t be a problem. EPH-100 has even less, though, so if that’s really a great concern it would indeed be better. These two are some of the best bass-heavy sets in the price range.

        • John Stone on

          Thanks, Joker
          The build quality and availability of a mic version is what attracts me to the RHA. The Yamaha seems to suffer a lot of failures due to design of the cable, and I tend to use my headphones for just about everything from phone conversations to listening to music while exercising. The Vsonic VSD1’s were an experiment. You recommended I try those instead of the GR07’s and it was very good advice. I’ve let friends borrow them, and most thought they were great and couldn’t believe the price. I gave them to my wife, and she loves them. My hearing is very sensitive at high frequencies. Any excessive peakiness or brightness is literally painful to me. This is not to say I like my music dull and devoid of high end, as I own very high quality home equipment with very flat, extended response. If it’s smooth and not “grainy”, then no problem. But it’s hard for me to understand the tolerance for the kind of highs the Vsonics produce. To each his own, I guess.

          • ljokerl on

            Right you are – there are as many different tastes and preference out there as there are different earphones.

            It’s hard to gauge your tolerance to uneven treble based on just one data point (and a somewhat sibilant one at that) but the MA750 is closer on the spectrum to properly “smooth” sets like the EPH100, Beats by Dre Tour 2.0, etc., than it is to VSonic’s earphones. I think it’s worth trying. Can’t think of an alternative with mic, solid build quality, similar sound quality, and smoother sound.

  72. 10fold on

    Hey Joker, have you heard the DN 900 yet? If so then how does it compare to the MA750? If not then are you planning to review it? Thanks as always for your reviews.

    • ljokerl on

      I have, and I don’t find it to be as good as the MA750. Its bass is good (deep, but not too enhanced) but the mids are a little more veiled than I would like and the treble can be unrefined at times. The MA750 is better IMO.

      • 10fold on

        Thanks so much for your insight. I guess I’m gonna go for MA750 then!

  73. Harijs on

    Joker, please give me advice.
    I can’t decide between RHA MA750 and VSonic GR07 BE.
    I like my TF10, but want more impactful bass and sub-bass, but same or better control and overall sound quality. The treble could be smoother too.

    • ljokerl on

      For significantly more bass impact and especially depth you’ll want the MA750. However, you’ll be sacrificing a bit of clarity compared to the TF10/GR07. This works in the context of the warmer MA750 signature but something to be aware of nonetheless.

      • Harijs on

        Thanks for reply.

  74. newmann on

    Joker, you forgot to give the “recommended” badge, like for the DN-1000? 🙂

    By the way I bought this (based on your recommendation) after the GR07 and I like this more, I think its not perfect, but a really great package for the money. I am happy with my purchase!

    • ljokerl on

      Haha the DN-1000 got the first badge ever. I didn’t go back and retroactively add it to sets I had reviewed previously, though I might when I have time.

      Glad you’re enjoying these!

      • newmann on

        :)) You are right, sorry!
        I just tried the DUNU (and read the review about the DN-1000) before these and I thought you wrote this review after the DUNU, I see that I was wrong..
        By the way I like these more than the DN-1000, EPH-100, GR07BE (because of the smoother and not weird highs), so I had to buy and try quite many to arrive here, but at least I obtained some knowledge about the topic 🙂

        • ljokerl on

          They all have their pros, cons, and tradeoffs, hence the importance of each listener’s signature preferences 🙂

  75. bfielder on

    Are the RHA’s worth the extra scratch over the Philips Fidelio S2 at a little over a 100 bucks and the JVC HA-FXd80-Z at 79 bucks? I listen to a little bit of everything from rap to heavy metal to classic rock to some EDM music and even country. I’d appreciate help, thanks in advance.

    • bfielder on

      Oh and also if it’s not asking too much a short comparison would be great too.

    • ljokerl on

      Different sound signatures – the FXD80 is good if you like a v-shaped sound with a cooler/brighter tone. The MA750 if you want a slightly v-shaped but overall much bassier and warmer-sounding earphone, and the Fidelio is the most neutral of the three. I did compare the S2 to the MA750 and thought it was more neutral, clearer, and more transparent, but also a little harsher in the treble region. The MA750 is warmer and bassier, and sounds thicker overall.

      • bfielder on

        Ok great thanks. I appreciate the quick and informative response.

  76. bod010621 on

    Very goo review. Could you compare RHA MA750 with UE TF10?

    • ljokerl on

      Yeah, sure – the MA750 a lot bassier – they both have good bass extension but the MA750 is a lot more impactful. It also has a warmer tone. The TF10 is more neutral in tone and its mids are more in-line with bass. Because of its lesser bass quantity it can appear a touch clearer on bass-heavy songs than the MA750 but most of the time their clarity is similar. They have similar treble energy but the TF10 sounds a bit more refined to me there. Both have good soundstage size but the TF10 images a little better.

      • bod010621 on

        Thanks 4 replay.

      • bod010621 on

        Thanks 4 reply.

  77. marcookie on

    Hi! Thank you for your precious work. The sound signature of these IEM seems similar to that of Klipsch x10i (I’ve just bought that and love them almost completely). Can you give a quick comparison of these two models. Thank you very much, Marco (Italy)

    • ljokerl on

      In terms of general sound signature they do have a lot of similarities, especially in the bass and midrange. Both have good midrange clarity and enhanced bass with an emphasis on deep bass. The RHA MA750 has a “fuller” bass presentation but the X10 is no slouch, especially for a BA earphone. The biggest difference would be in the upper midrange and treble, where the MA750 has more energy and better extension, respectively. Lack of treble energy was probably my biggest complaint with the X10, but not with the MA750.

      • marcookie on

        Thank you. I’m replacing my set of two under 50€ IEM with two 100€ IEM of somewhat different sound signature, and I think the second one (with the Klipsch x10) could be the RE-400!

        • ljokerl on

          I’ve never advised anyone not to get an RE-400 – it’s a great example of an accurate, slightly warmish sound at $100.

  78. abhi_jollyguy on

    I feel that a comparison to EPH-100 should have been included in the review itself.

    • ljokerl on

      I only include full A:B comparisons for earphones I have on hand. I don’t have the EPH-100 anymore as it was a loan.

  79. misoo9005 on

    Hello Joker,

    thanks for the excellent review! Could you compare RHA MA750 with Yamaha EPH-100? I have a pair of Sony MH1C earphones and liked the sound quite a lot. I am considering getting a new pair of IEMs just because I feel like trying something new (and better of course 🙂 ).

    • ljokerl on

      The EPH-100 is bassier overall but also has a little more midrange presence to me whereas the MA750 tends to sound a bit more veiled. MA750 is brighter though and has more lower treble energy. Really comes down to what you want – the EPH-100 is a better signature match for the MH1C while the MA750 is a bit more of a contrast.

    • Alex on

      Ive had both and prefer the EPH-100s, they sound so much deeper and wider. The MA750s are good but ultimately I felt like I was missing out compared to the EPH100s.

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