The Delight of Ambition – A Review of the iBasso IT01 In-Ear Headphones


iBasso provided the IT01 free of charge for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

The IT01 sells for $99 MSRP
IT01 on Amazon

I contacted iBasso because I had seen a photo of an early build for their IT04 in-ear monitor. Wood. Lots of wood. You know how Pinky likes that. So I thought I should strike up a dialog as soon as possible.

But of course, that release was still a ways off. Paul Hu of iBasso suggested I try their new entry-level IEM, the IT01, and maybe the DX200, if I was into reviewing DAPs. hoho! Boy am I!

In a snap of the finger, this lot arrived on my doorstep.

iBasso put in some serious effort in creating something no sane person would call “Just a Dynamic Driver.” 1 Tesla magnetic flux magnet. Dual Helmholtz Resonator driver. Multi-layered 5µm Graphene Diaphragm… I don’t know what it all means, but goddamn, it sure sounds exciting. And not to give anything away, but I believe some of the hype. This thing does not perform like you’d expect.

The IT01 is kind of large for a single-driver product, but it fits my ears very well. They go in comfortable, and remain that way for long sessions. They come with a few different tips, but I tend to neglect stock provisions and just throw on my standards, the JVC Spiral Dots. They worked a treat here, as always.

What really sits you back in your chair is the cable. If they sold this cable as a $100 upgrade, I’d call that more than fair. It’s excellent! But they don’t. This is all stock, included in the whole package for $99. It is one of the most supple, ergonomically compliant wires I’ve ever owned. I’m not a huge fan of MMCX connectors, but this one is quite nice, and with zero noticeable microphonics, I can’t find anything to complain about. I heartily approve of this whole thing.

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  1. Adrian on

    Can you compare this with Shozy Hibiki and Advanced Sound Model 3?

  2. Fudge on

    Trying to decide between these or the Magaosi K3 HD. Any thoughts? Or should I save my money and splash out on the Oriveti New Primacy? Is it worth tripple the Price?

    • Pinky Powers on

      Is it worth triple the price? Surely I answered that through the whole body of the review. No, of course it’s not. I actually feel the IT01 sounds better than New Primacy.

      I have not heard the K3, so I can’t comment on that.

  3. Zack on

    Will it pair nicely with Hiby R6?

  4. Manny on

    How does it compare to the Vsonic GR07 bass edition? I currently own the Vsonic VSD3S and I’m looking to upgrade.

    • Pinky Powers on

      I don’t own any Vsonics.

  5. Juan Luis on

    Would you make a good pair with the Cayin n3? I was just looking for a replacement for my oriveti basic, which I love, but I miss something more bright in the highs.

    • Pinky Powers on

      Yes. The N3 is quite warm and smooth, and will give the IT01 extra musicality.

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