64Audio U3 In-ear Earphone Review

Verdict –

The U3 is a high-resolution in-ear with a very solid fit, making them perfect for activity. But unlike the super bassy UM 50 Pro from Westone, the U3 remains balanced enough to provide a nuanced listen in quieter environments too. 64Audio’s APEX modules also provide a little extra comfort for those sensitive to pressure within the ear and smart shaping of their housings prevent fit-compromising hot spots. Top that off with a supple, quiet braided cable and strong passive noise isolation and the U3 provides a truly compelling user experience.

DSC02911-23And in terms of sound quality, the U3’s are easily comparable to similarly priced models with some advantages and certain disadvantages. They don’t possess the neutrality of the AF1120 nor the cleanliness of the Jupiter and Prism, but they are an invigorating and separated earphone with plenty of refinement. The U3’s high-frequency performance, in particular, really astonishes with exceptional extension, texturing and detail.

Verdict – 9/10, The U3 is a clean looking, clear sounding in-ear that offers TOTL features at a premium but accessible price. Their design is smooth, fit stability is exquisite and isolation is excellent. Furthermore, thanks to those APEX modules, the U3’s are able to produce a truly illuminating listen without the fatigue.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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