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Hybrids are becoming ever more popular, and Perfect Seal has released the world’s first silicone hybrid custom in-ear monitor, the Fusion 11.
If you’re up for trying something different when it comes to premium third-party cables, Effect Audio’s Fusion 1 and Code 23 might be just the ticket.
qdc in collaboration with Music Sanctuary and DITA Audio announce their very first hybrid IEMs: The Fusion.
The Tekfusion Twinwoofers are competent bass-heavy earphones that suffer from a spot of bass bloat but still offer up good midrange presence and a smooth, inoffensive top end.
Recommendations for can’t miss custom in-ear monitors recommendations by average_joe and joker.
The Minerva Mi-Artist Pro custom in-ear monitors utilize the Sonion AcuPass dual balanced armature driver, but the differentiator is the ease of purchase, with a one-stop-shop approach, simplifying the process of getting a CIEM.
Spacious, natural, and detailed with the ability to adjust the amount of bass from a little to a lot with ultra-high level performance. What more could you want in an in-ear monitor? Check out the Lear LCM BD4.2 review for more info on an instant classic.
The Headphone List officially launched last September. We wanted to thank all who have come along for the ride so far and share some statistics and takeaways from our first year.
The Perfect Seal SportBud Silver is a high-end workout earphone that provides the perfect fit and audiophile quality sound at a reasonable price.
The ADL X1 is a superb DAC/amp with plenty of upside potential and one caveat. Check out the review to find out if it is right for you.

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