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With an oddball driver config and a big, boisterous sound, the Lime Ears Anima adds some much needed color to the flagship space without losing an inch of finesse along the way.
Apos Audio are proud to announce their cooperation with Lime Ears!
Lime Ears extends their Black1 Week sale on the Aether R and Pneuma
Lime Ears new flagship provides a thoroughly engaging, insightful yet versatile listen with gorgeous artisan design and custom PWAudio cable on top.
Lime Ears announces their First flagship hybrid. Welcome the Pneuma!
Lime Ears partners with Drop to deliver savings on their co-flagship Model X!
Lime Ears’ Aether R is a revitalisation of their acclaimed flagship with marked improvements in extension, resolution and midrange presence – all whilst maintaining their signature blend of energy and control.
A sneak preview of some of 2019’s most exciting flagships, featuring initial sound impressions, brief comparisons and more.
Listeners searching for an exceptionally well-balanced earphone with excellent treble detail and clear vocals will love the Model X from Lime Ears.
The Lime Ears Model X marks yet another home-run for the Polish veterans. Vibrant, airy and crystal clear, it sets the bar high for all-rounders everywhere in 2018.

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