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Following hot on the heels of its big brother Orpheus, can PW Audio’s First Times Shielding similarly find its way to the IEM cable summit?
There are cables, and then there’s Orpheus. With a reputation that far precedes it, can the world’s most expensive cable live up to its own legend?

When we look at a thing, we might think it as a unit but when…

PW Audio’s Monile imparts exuberance, intimacy and bite without losing sight of balance, realism or finesse.
Peter Wong’s latest brings ferocious lows, end-to-end extension and a smooth, textured tone to produce one of the most powerful-sounding entry-level cables I’ve heard yet.
The last instalment of the affordable cable series features the PW Audio no. 5, a clean-sounding cable with an accurate timbre.
A review of a two high performance cables: PWaudio’s Blackicon 1960’s 2- and 4-wire.
The No.5 best suits buyers searching for a supple cable with a more natural, linear signature and great control.
Eletech’s Ode to Laura is more than just a flagship cable, it’s a love letter to all of us who share the passion for beautiful sound.

Disclaimer: I formally thank Jason from ODA for graciously providing us with the Amarantine in exchange…

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