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We write reviews and articles because we are passionate about audio gear and want to share our knowledge with you. Our mission is to help our readership make informed buying decisions when it comes to personal audio. Our vast experience and the large amount of gear we have available to us for comparisons often allows us to provide a unique perspective, and we strive for consistency and lack of bias. All recommendations are our honest opinions – we test enough products that we don’t ever have to recommend anything that does not impress us. However, audio reviews are inherently subjective, and we encourage you to do as much outside research as possible for any major purchase.

This website is an extension of our efforts on the forums at It is not our day job – if it was, our families would starve. However, maintaining it carries a number of costs, and there are still many more exciting features we would like to implement in the future.

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As if we didn’t already have plenty of motivation to stay true to ourselves and to our readership, this means that we are entirely supported by our readers – if you stop visiting our site or don’t enjoy the products we recommend, The Headphone List will quickly fall in the red.

The short of it is, while many of the products we discuss were bought and paid for with our own cash or come on loan from Head-Fi members, we prefer not to plaster every other page with disclaimers, so please assume that everything we discuss was provided free of charge by manufacturers, every lunch we’ve had was comp’d (we can dream, right?), and all links are affiliate links.

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  1. Hello, I want to ask for your opinion as you are a reference for me in proffesional sound, I bought in MP4 Nation last January during the offer in the T-PEOS 300 for 194$ that I saw in your web, they are telling me that are out of stock and they dont know when they will receive the product (in their web looks like in stock) so they will cancel the order I will have the store credit and I will have to place the order again and pay the difference, because now there is no offer.
    I thought that it was a serious page and I want you to know the kind of advise you include in your web.
    I also will like to know if there are more problems with MP4 nation of other customers.

    Thanks a lot for your patience


    Santiago Simal

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