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We are passionate about reviewing gear and providing information to help our readership make informed buying decisions.  Our vast experience and the large amount of gear we have for comparison allows us to provide a more complete perspective, and we strive for consistency and lack of bias. In an effort to remain as impartial as possible, we do not post sponsored content. However, running this website comes with a number of costs and there are still many additional features we would like to implement.

If you have enjoyed reading The Headphone List  and want to give back, here are ways you can help us out in one of the following ways:

  • Use affiliate links
  • Donate
  • Share
  • Advertise
  • Become a reviewer

Affiliate Links
Affiliate links can be found below and also throughout our reviews and buyer’s guides. Using these links does not cost you anything, but lets the retailer know that we help their customers make buying decisions, and we get a small tip in return. You can also click on the corresponding link below once you’ve made your buying decision(s), and your order will earn us a small tip. 

Make a Donation
If we have helped you make a good decision on a product, we appreciate any “tips” you are willing to provide with the button below.


You can also help by letting more people know about us:

  • Link to the headphone list on the web whenever you think our reviews may be helpful and relevant
  • Share our reviews and articles on social media including Facebook, Google+, and twitter
  • Tell your friends, family members, or any other fans of portable audio about the headphone list

We truly appreciate any and all help and look forward to continuing to provide you with quality content and informed answers to questions.

Become a Reviewer
Reviewers: From time to time we accept new pro bono reviewers.  In order to be considered, please provide review samples that describe physical and sound characteristics of a product, comparison, and other information.  Links to previously published content is helpful.
Programmers: The site still has a long way to go before we are happy with it both from a look and feel perspective as well as features and functionality.  We are interested in working with people experienced with WordPress/PHP, database structures, and/or HTML5 and are readers, so if you fit, let us know.  If you are also a reviewer, even better!

Please send all inquiries to [email protected].

Sponsor / Advertise On THL
The Headphone List audience consists of audio enthusiasts and audiophiles at all stages of their career, ranging from those just getting their start to veterans that want to add to their collection and/or try the latest and greatest.  Advertising on THL will put your product in front of that audience, and sponsorships will give your brand a big push with the audience.  To inquire, send an email to [email protected] with some information about your company, advertising interests (such as a new product campaign), and budget.

We do not write sponsored/paid posts or accept them on the site.


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  1. Hiya, Can you ask Pinky to try out the R01 module in the Cayin N6ii he clearly loves a lot and see how it compares to the E02 please????

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