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Advanced AcousticWerkes Nebula One Review

Advanced AcousticWerkes is an in ear monitor manufacturer from Singapore. They have a wide variety of earphones, such as Meister Line, entry level Muziker Line and W500 AHMorph as a flagship. They also offer universal and non-Morph versions of their flagship as well as reshell/modification service. They don’t sell monitors directly; we need to contact their distributors. There are many in Asia, one in Europe and one in the United States,

AAW has recently launched a budget-type universal earphone. It is called ‘’Nebula One’’. There are two other universal earphones in their line-up such as Nebula Two and Q In Canal Monitor. Actually, the Nebula One is a very good product that can be used outdoor. It is priced at S$149 and can be considered in the ‘’affordable class’’ regarding the pricing policies in the industry.

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(Picture from AAW)

Built Quality, Internals, and Accessories:

The Nebula One has a 10mm micro-driver inside. The driver consists of a titanium diaphragm and a neodymium magnet. According to AAW website, the driver used in the Nebula One is a consequence of 18 months of development.

The Nebula One has a small shell that provides a good comfort during long listening sessions. On the faceplate, there is AAW logo that looks cool and the ventilation hole for the driver is put on backside of the earphone. In addition, the nozzle is medium scaled as well as angled to provide a better fit.

The cable of the Nebula One can be considered as flexible and comfortable. Although it is a bit thick compared to the industry standard stock cables, but it is soft enough. As a disadvantage, the Nebula One has a non-detachable cable that is offered as a standard function by some manufacturers.

On the other hand, the earphone has a remote control including a microphone on the cable. This way, customers can use it with both Android and Apple devices. Pursuant to that feature, the plug has a 4-pole structure; the plug is 3.5mm and has an effective shape for an easy connection to a smartphone covered by a case. AAW did a good job here. Well-thought-of!

As accessories, the Nebula comes with a soft carrying case, a flight adapter, 3.5mm to 6.3 mm converter, 3 pairs of flex tips, and 3 pairs of ultra flex tips. Also, there is a warranty card as well as a user manual. The packaging seems cool and the outer box gives a premium feeling to customers.

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