Aedle Announces A New BT ANC Headphone – The VK-X


Aedle stormed onto the market a few years ago, turning heads on Kickstarter with their stunning industrial designs. They’re a company that I’ve become acquainted with as one of those first backers and, by extension, users. Aedle has returned with another over-ear offering, the VK-X, that seeks to compound upon the strengths of its predecessor while introducing a significantly enhanced feature set.

It’s an over-ear headphone that sports a premium leather/aluminium construction realised through Aedle’s signature minimalist design. In the wake of recent smartphone developments, the headphone also supports Bluetooth including higher quality Apt-X (and LDAC if they meet their stretch goal). Active noise cancellation keeps ambient noise at bay during critical listening, even on the go. Aedle’s adoption of USB type-C is also very welcome.

Initial impressions suggest an L-shaped sound with warm bass, a more neutrally toned midrange and interestingly, a smoother high-end. As an avid portable headphone user, the VK-X is shaping up to be a fine addition to the modern market. The VK-X launches on the 19th of June on Indiegogo where 1000 units will be available at a discounted pre-order price of $349 USD. The headphones will cost $649 when final units start shipping. They have a made-to-order program that costs an additional $50 during the campaign and $150 upon final release.

You can read more about Aedle’s VK-X and pre-order a discounted unit here! Estimated shipping date is November 2018.


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