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Alclair Audio Black Friday Sale 2019

Years ago I met Marc Musselman, Alclair CEO, and was impressed by his desire to deliver great sound at affordable prices. Marc was very helpful to THL back in the day and when I saw this deal come across my email, I felt compelled to share the additional value their only sale of the year brings to THL readers.

The sale is on now through December 1, 2019 at Alclair with discounts up to 30%. Deezel reviewed the top-of-the-line Electro earlier this year, which uses 4 balanced armature drivers and a dual electrostatic tweeters. Getting a TOTL CIEM for the discounted price of $1049.30, dropped from the starting price of $1,499, seems like a steal. While I advise you read the full review, here is a teaser:

Whether you’re an audiophile, engineer or performer, the Electro’s clean, resolving and complete signature will always appeal. Take into account its relative value as a flagship piece, and you have yourselves a jack-of-all-trades with little to no compromises.

Here is info on the Alclair Black Friday deal from their email:

Up to 30% off on Alclair IEMS, including the new Universal UV2 and UV3. AND, if you order early, we’ll be giving away accessories like our zipper case and dotz clips. No coupons are necessary, all the Black Friday pricing is reflected on the site.

FINE PRINT: Unfortunately, we can’t stack discounts. Also, we can’t honor the sale price for orders already purchased or for orders purchased after the sale ends. If we could, we definitely would but it turns out that we have to pay the people making your monitors and the people writing this email. We tried to pay them in in-ear monitors but apparently acrylic is not super edible.

If you were thinking of getting an Alclair earphone, want your first custom IEM, or just like value, now is the time!



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