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ALT-R Juno: Inception – A Carrying Case Review

DISCLAIMER: ALT-R provided me with a discounted price on the Juno in return for my honest opinion. I am not personally affiliated with the company in any way, nor do I receive any monetary rewards for a positive evaluation. I’d like to thank ALT-R for their kindness and support. The review is as follows.

ALT-R is a leather atelier and maker of premium audio accessories. Founded in August 2023 by Visveswaran Umashankar (AKA Vishy), the New-Delhi-based start-up hope to make a splash in a market long-ruled by Japan’s Van Nuys, Korea’s Miter and fresher entrants like Eletech, Effect Audio and DD-HiFi. How they plan to do so is simply the spoils of choice. Whether it’s custom textures, patterns, colors, sizes, or even how the cases open and close, Vishy dares his clients to let their imaginations run wild. Today, the case we’re reviewing is the Juno. Capable of holding 2 sets of DAPs and several IEMs (in a unique way we’ll see later), it’s time to put ALT-R to the test, and see whether or not they’re ready for the big leagues.

ALT-R Juno

  • Product type: Portable audio carrying case
  • Build: Genuine leathers and suedes
  • Capacity: 10 IEMs; 6 IEMs & 1 source; 2 IEMs & 2 sources
  • Key feature(s) (if any): Detachable shoulder strap, multi-tiered, modular case system
  • Price: $275
  • Website:

The Order Process

As of writing, ALT-R don’t have an official website. So, if you’d like to order from them, you must do so from their Instagram page.

They have 7 models currently to choose from, and these are the 2 smallest ones:

  1. Minerva (1x IEM case; multiple available shapes) – $100
  2. Pluto (1x DAP + multiple IEMs) – $135

Now, the remaining 5 are the larger ones, and you’ll notice something interesting as I lay them out:

  1. Juno (2x Pluto + outer bag) – $275
  2. Apollo Jr. (2x Pluto + 1x soft top case + 1x external tray) – $365
  3. Neptune (2x Juno + holster) – $475
  4. Apollo Briefcase (3x Pluto + 3x soft top case + 1x external briefcase) – $575
  5. Apollo Holster (3x Pluto + 3x soft top case + 2x external case of Apollo Jr. size + holster) – $575

As you can see, the larger cases aren’t just bigger versions of the smaller ones. They include the smaller cases within them too. So, unlike the other brands I mentioned in the intro, ALT-R’s approach is a Russian Doll of cases, where you’re getting more as you climb up their line-up. The case I have here, for example, is actually 1 Juno plus 2 Pluto’s. As I said at the start, this is a completely unique concept that offers an immense value proposition to the consumer, and I commend ALT-R heavily for that.

After deciding on the base model, the next step is picking the leather it’ll be made with. ALT-R currently have a catalog of over 50 hides – both full-grain and top-grain – with a massive variety of looks. You have solid (or natural-looking) hides, to dyed ones, ones patterned like crocodile and snake skins, waxed leather, crunch leather… you name it! Again, personally and cautiously-sourced high-grade leather is what Vishy and his team pride themselves in. So, you can’t really go wrong with anything off their collection, which you can view right now at this link.

Next, as previously said, Vishy and his team are capable of entertaining any bespoke requests their clients may have. Maybe you want the carry handle modified a certain way, or you want it placed in a different location. Maybe, you want different hides for each of your many cases. Or, you want your cases to open and close with buttons or magnets, rather than Velcro. ALT-R will make it happen (for a price, of course).

Once your order is finalized, ALT-R’s team of 4 craftsmen will go right to building your order, which should reach you within their current turnaround time of 1 month.



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