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The FIBAE 4…

Let’s talk about the upcoming FIBAE 4, which is now on pre-sale. Can you tell us what kind of signature it’s meant to embody, or what kind of audiophile it’s targeted towards?

FIBAE 4 has quite a mainstream signature. I describe it as a very wide V-shape with a boosted sub-bass and highest highs. It’s definitely a fun sound that will appeal to a wide range of customers.

Did this IEM happen to spur from another eureka moment like your other recent releases? Or, was it perhaps the product of feedback?

Neither, actually. It’s just an evolution of Custom Art’s sound in a direction that would be appreciated by mainstream consumers.

What’ve you learned from developing the FIBAE 2, 3, ME and Black that you’ve brought onto the 4?

I think the FIBAE 4 improves in some departments where FIBAE 2, 3 and ME were lacking.

In addition, what do you think differentiates it against other 4-driver in-ears on the market today (in both performance and pricing, perhaps)?

A unique driver set-up and, thus, a unique presentation.

Is there a specific sound signature you haven’t fulfilled with the other FIBAE IEMs that you wish to cater to in the near-future?

Honestly, I think what the FIBAE line-up doesn’t have are some extremes – like completely super-neutral-flat or bloated-bass-heavy. I don’t think we will go there.


And, that concludes the interview. Thanks so much, Piotr! I really appreciate you doing this.

No, thank you for this opportunity. 🙂

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