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Looking Ahead

What does the future look like for Euphoria Audio?

It’s funny; I just had this conversation last week with Suyang, and yesterday with my team. I told them that I think we’re ready to move one step up going into 2019. We definitely shouldn’t stay where we are. We should step up every year. One way I’ve found that we can improve is follow-up. Even though I think we have sufficient follow-up, it’s currently not up to the standards that I wished we’d have achieved. So, we’re planning to introduce weekly or fortnightly updates. Whether or not I’ve received any news, whether or not there has been a response from the manufacturer, we’ll send you an e-mail or a text to say, “Hey, I’m still on this. I’m still alive.” So, I think it’d be better on the consumer’s end. I think they’d feel better, even if I was texting you with no information at all.

I definitely agree. A response with nothing in it is still better than no response.


That’s among the things we’ll be changing this year. We’ll also be looking into more kinds of interactive events. We’re looking into perhaps even factory visits, if we can afford it. We’ll also be looking into giveaways. We did some last year, and I think we’ll play around with them a bit more. So for example, there’ll be scavenger-hunt-type things, where you have to go to ConnectIT and try this item, then leave a note there, then come over here… those kinds of things.

That sounds really cool!

Also, possibly… possibly… we’ll start sourcing for a better location. There are no details at the moment yet, because I have not started. Possibly, we’ll also add some new brands. So, I think 2019 will end up looking rather interesting for us.


And, that has finally concluded our interview. (laughs) Thanks so much, Eric! I’ve learned so much today and I hope our readers have too.

My pleasure.





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