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Ankit Stay True

Ankit Stay True Review

Ankit Stay True
Reviewed Mar 2010

Details: New line of fashion-conscious IEMs from Ankit
MSRP: $49.99 (discontinued)
Current Price: N/A
Specs: Driver: N/A | Imp: N/A | Sens: N/A | Freq: N/A | Cable: 3.9’ I-plug
Nozzle Size:3mm| Preferred tips: Jays Single flanges
Wear Style: Straight down

Accessories (1/5) – Single-flange silicone tips (3 sizes)
Build Quality (4/5) – Weighty housings made of a thick, sturdy plastic with metal designs attached. Cable is fairly thick and rubberized to reduce tangling but lacks strain relief
Isolation (3/5) – Insertion depth is quite good due to angled nozzles, yielding reasonable isolation
Microphonics (4.5/5) – Nearly nonexistent
Comfort (4/5) – Angled-nozzle design makes them quite comfortable for prolonged stretches

Sound (5.5/10) – Ankit’s marketing mumbo-jumbo lauds something called ‘G-Bass Technology’, which is said to reduce low-end clipping and provide deep, clear bass. Unexpectedly, I found these claims to be true to a surprising extent. The bass response can occasionally be slightly boomy, but no more than certain head-fi favorites and certainly not enough to make the Ankits sound unbalanced, remaining taut and dynamic most of the time. Sub-bass extension is very reasonable although there is a mid/upper-bass emphasis that gives a small amount of coloration to the midrange. Vocals are slightly on the warm side of neutral. Clarity is good and the mids are lush and thick, though some microdetail is glossed over. Treble presentation is soft, almost timid, but at least they steer far clear of sibilance. There are some peaks in the lower treble but not enough to cause harshness. Soundstaging is average, with adequate width and depth and decent separation. Drums are sometimes brought too far forward for my liking, but for the most part everything is positioned properly in the sonic stage. Overall, the sound is natural and boasts good dynamics and a surprising amount of clarity, definitely an enjoyable signature, even if it is not one to be used for monitoring purposes.

Value (7/10) – The Ankit Stay True earphones offer an ergonomic design, above-average isolation, solid build quality, and four unique visual styles. With sound quality to match their practicality, the Ankit earphones should not be dismissed as another blingy piece of jewelry for the Skullcandy generation. Smooth, natural, and very enjoyable, the sound is refined enough for these to be among IEMs to consider in the sub-$50 range. If turning heads is a priority alongside all of the usual concerns, the Ankit earphones might just beat out the best of the rest in the crowded market.

Pros: Comfortable, reasonable isolation, almost zero microphonics, unique looks, engaging and natural sound
Cons: Meager accessories, poor strain reliefs on cable





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