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Announced: LEAR LCM/LUF-BD4.2 Dual Dynamic + 4 BA hybrid universal and custom-fit earphones!

Hong Kong-based LEAR, makers of the impressive LCM-5 monitors that average_joe has previously reviewed here, have begun accepting orders for their new flagship – a 6-driver (Dual Dynamic + 4 Balanced Armature) hybrid earphone available in both universal and custom-fit (CIEM) form factors.

Following the nomenclature installed by LEAR’s quad-armature LCM-4 custom-fit and LUF-4 universal models, the LCM-BD4.2 model is the custom-fit version while the LUF-BD4.2 is the universal version.

Features of the LEAR LCM/LUF-BD4.2:


  • Bass Drivers: dual high-sensitivity 6 mm dynamic drivers with “Acoustic Low Pass Filter”
  • Midrange/Treble Drivers: quad Balanced Armature in dual mid/dual high configuration
  • Integrated 3-way crossover
  • 4-bore design in dual low, single mid, single high configuration
  • Metal sound tubes
  • Built-in tuning adjustment with multiple settings


The universal-fit LUF-BD4.2 is available for audition in LEAR’s HK retail shop and can be pre-ordered by emailing [email protected] or through official LEAR dealers. Order fulfillment will start on February 15th. Customers who pre-order before 10th of February will get an extra LEAR C2 cable (black or clear, worth USD$60/$65)  for free or enjoy a 10% off discount of any DIY LEAR cable.

Pricing is set at HKD$9998 (USD$1400) for custom-fit LCM-BD4.2 and HKD$8888 (USD $1260) for the universal-fit LUF-BD4.2 with free international shipping except to countries with official LEAR dealers. Product pages for the new model are not yet on the LEAR website but you can get some idea of the customization options on the LCM-4 and LUF-4 product pages.

We’ll certainly be looking forward to hearing these earphones!


Official LEAR website :
LEAR HK Facebook page :
LEAR Japan:


Product Images:
LEAR LUF-BD4.2 Tuning Knob
LEAR LUF-BD4.2 Tuning Knob


About LEAR
What means “LEAR”?
“L” Listen & Learn
“E” Everything
“A” Audio & Acoustic
“R” Revolution

To Create High quality products with reasonable prices and have our products made or designed in Hong Kong!

Company Overview
“LEAR” was first established in The People’s Republic of China in 2008 and was marketed and directed by Hong Kong Forever Source Digital.
Our first product was an in-ear earphone which was called the “LEAR LE-01”.
This product showed our customers the high quality sound we can create at the reasonable price that we offer.Since 2009 LEAR’s ownership has been transferred to Hong Kong Forever Source Digital.
We are investing our effort and time in researching and developing the brand and bringing it to the next level.
Contact info

Forever Source Digital
Flat 1001, 10/F, Good Hope Bldg, No.5 Sai Yeung Choi Street S, Mong Kok, Kowloon.
Fax:(852) 2332 8902
Tel: (852) 2332 6902
E-Mail: [email protected]





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