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Astrotec AS-200HD

Astrotec AS-200HD Review

Astrotec AS-200HD
Brief: Closed-back portable headphone from Astrotec

MSRP: $36.79
Current Price: $24 from

Build Quality (7/10): Like the AS-100HD, the AS-200 model is a compact supraaural headphone similar in many ways to the MEElectronics HT-21. The single-sided cord is of good thickness and a metal band runs through the headband. The AS-200HD is the closed variant and uses metal plates on the outside of the earcups, which give it a more solid feel compared to the all-plastic HT-21. The construction is not heavy-duty by any means but for a small, reasonably-priced supraaural, it feels like it will last.

Comfort (8.5/10): The AS-200HD utilizes pleather-padded cups and headband. The headphones are very lightweight but there is more clamp force compared to the MEElec HT-21, which allows the Astrotec set to fit more securely but gives up a small amount of long-term comfort.

Isolation (6.5/10): With a closed-back design and soft padding, the AS-200HD isolates quite well for a small on-ear headphone.

Sound (6/10): The AS-200HD is the closed-back sibling of the similarly-priced AS-100HD model. The AS-200HD is even bassier than its semi-open counterpart, offering up lots of impact and a very full-bodied sound for such a small headphone. In fact, it is probably the bassiest of the entry-level on-ears. Unfortunately this also means that the low end is boomy and not very refined, even next to the AS-100HD. The midrange sounds more subdued by the bass on the AS-200 model as well, appearing veiled. The treble, however, has slightly more presence and is better-balanced with the midrange compared to the AS-100. However, it still doesn’t keep up with the prominent bass, resulting in a slightly dull sound.

Like the AS-100HD, the AS-200HD is generally a warm and smooth-sounding headphone. Despite the bass bloat and midrange veil it can be enjoyable – the presentation, while not as expansive as that of the AS-100HD, has a bit more depth to it and the treble is more satisfying. There is some congestion resulting from the boomy bass but it’s hardly a deal-breaker in an entry-level portable headphone. Also, while the AS-200HD doesn’t have the clarity of the MEElec HT-21 and Koss KSC75, it’s also not in the least bit harsh or sibilant.

Value (8/10): While equally comfortable and better-isolating compared to the semi-open AS-100HD model, the Astrotec AS-200HD encounters fierce competition from other closed-back sets and simply doesn’t have much going for it aside from the startlingly strong bass. It’s difficult to call the AS-200 “Hi-Fi”, but casual listeners should enjoy them – these diminutive headphones do pack quite a punch and the smooth and warm sound is very non-fatiguing and uncritical of source and recording.

Manufacturer Specs:
Frequency Response: 8-21,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ω
Sensitivity: 106 dB SPL/1mW
Cord: 3.94ft (1.2m); Angled Plug
Space-Saving Mechanism: Flat-folding, collapsible



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6 Responses

  1. Yamaha EPH-100 is one I prefer in that price range but again that’s at US prices (about $130-$150). Also, build quality is still better on those RHAs (especially if you are getting RHA’s 3-year warranty).

  2. Okay, sorry for bothering you but i have one more question.
    If i’m buying ma750 for 160+ dollars, Is that worth it? Or are there any nicer iems for my taste at that price range?

  3. I provided an in-depth comparison between a GR07 BE and MA750 in my MA750 review: The regular GR07 is the same, just a little less bassy than the BE. The MA750 is still bassier, warmer, and more “fun” than any VSonic. Outside of sound, the MA750 has better build quality/durability but otherwise they’re about on-par.

    I can’t tell you how to get these in India for a reasonable price. Unless otherwise noted I assume all budgets include shipping to the US only.

    The HTF600 is a fairly large over-ear headphone. It is not portable and does not isolate a whole lot of outside noise. The P30 doesn’t isolate much either, but it is more portable. It’s also on-ear, while you asked for over-ear.

    You do not need a DAC for these headphones with a good source. Not sure how the Note 4 performs but it’s probably not bad.

  4. Thank you for your reply. But I have some questions for you,
    1)How does ma 750 compares to gr07?(signature, Isolation , build quality and layering)
    2)since ma 750 costs 167$ in my country (India). Can you suggest some trusted international shippers to bring down the budget?
    3)which one of these are more durable? (I’m a rough user and planning to use it for 2+ years)
    4) I prefers a little warm signature than too plain. So which one will justify me more?And which one is more fun to hear?
    5)Soundmagic P30 and P21 costs 33$ and 20$ here. How these OEM compares with htf 600?which one have more portability and nice isolation?
    6)My primary audio sources are retina macbook pro, galaxy tab 2 (Wolfson wm1811 DAC+boeffla sound + viper android) and galaxy note 4 with 320kbps and flac library. So is it necessary to buy an external DAC and amp? If so, can you suggest one under 50$?

  5. Not a lot to go on there but my personal choices in that price range would be RHA MA750 for IEMs and Panasonic RP-HTF600s for over-ears.

  6. Hi joker
    I am planning to buy a pair of iem and over ear headphones
    iem : 100$(soft) ,120 (hard)
    Oem:40 $ (soft)
    Music preference:
    Dubstep,hip hop ,electronic ,pop
    Can you recommend some headphones?

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