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Audio-Opus Opus#2 Preview

Opus#2 is a pretty new digital audio player by Audio-Opus aka the bit company that is located in Seoul, Korea. The bit (the Best Internet Technology) is established in 2004. As their special market brand, Audio-Opus offers audiophile products and they have reached serious sales figures so far. Based on what we read and hear, we can assume that Audio-Opus has a strong background.

Besides Opus#2, they have recently released a metal-cased version of Opus#1. Opus#1 already got many praises from owners as well as reviewers. It sounds quite good for its price. Now it is time to preview the flagship, Opus#2.

The new flagship has an aluminum body and a touch screen. It is heavier and bigger, but stronger than the little brother Opus#1. The significant change on the designing approach is the volume pot and the protection part around it. The sensitivity of the volume pot is very good. There is no direction problem as it is the case with some A&K players.

Opus#2 uses an Android-based software. There are Bluetooth and wireless functions, but it is not possible to install third-party applications at the moment. Hopefully, Audio-Opus will allow us to use streaming apps on the player in future. Opus#2 offers 128 GB of internal memory and there is also a micro SD-card slot for expanding the total memory.

The current stock firmware has a good shape and speed, but the existence of some little bugs and delays should be taken into consideration. In fact, Opus#1 had nearly the same problems when it was launched. However, the company has fixed them in time with the releases of firmware updates. I foresee that Opus#2 will get so much better in this regard.

The player comes with a micro USB cable to charge/plug into computer and nice leather case that has a highly reliable material. There is a micro USB port at the bottom of the player. Interestingly, I cannot charge it with an Apple charger, since it doesn’t have enough power to charge Opus#2. We need to get a Samsung unit to charge the player.

Overall Sound:

Opus#2 has a slightly open-toned presentation. Still, it sounds detailed and musical with some traces of being technical.

The low frequency of the player is more bodied and dynamic than its little brother, Opus#1. It is not overpowered and there is no stage-tightening problem with IEMs that have dominant mid-bass presentation. The overall tone of the lows is not too warm, but the mid-bass gives a good body and smoothness to the spectrum.

Opus#2 provides a resolved and slightly open-toned midrange presentation. The mentioned open tone offers more transparency and air without being unnatural and uncontrolled. The average note thickness leans towards the thin side by a very small margin. The mid-bass presentation thickens the lower and center midrange; that eliminates the disadvantages of the open tonality.

The treble presentation is alive and detailed. There is a slight color on the treble of Opus#2, but it never turns into a metallic sounding unit. The player offers a combination consisting of technical and musical approaches. It sounds neither boring, nor clinical.

The stage of Opus#2 has enough width and depth to provide a non-congested instrument placement and a good separation. As for a comparison, the stage is wider than Lotoo Paw Gold, but LPG provides a slightly deeper stage.


Ordering and Pricing Information:

The regular price of the player is $1599 and it can be currently ordered via Amazon and distributors. Please click here for Audio-Opus website and the full specs of the player.

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