Audiofly AF1120 In-ear Earphone Review

Verdict –

Objectively evaluating such expensive earphones is more complicated than it may seem. Because in isolation, any $800 earphone will sound great, and it’s only in comparison to similarly priced models and those neighbouring it in price that we can start to appreciate the extent to which an earphone performs well. But the AF1120 was rather the opposite, which is often a good thing, and it wasn’t until I compared it to more sculpted earphones that I began to really appreciate it’s more neutral, mid-forward tones


The AF1120 isn’t perfectly neutral and lacks the delicate frequency balanced of the Campfire earphones, but it is an exceptional mix of components that work perfectly well with each other. I love the consistency of their sound combined with their technical prowess and their comfort and fit are easily class leading. The AF1120 isn’t the most vibrant, resolving earphone, but it’s hardly a jack of all trades. Rather, the AF1120 is a versatile, mature and simply impressive earphone that isn’t objectively compromised. Of course, for my tastes, I would prefer a little more treble energy and they do have a typical BA sub-bass roll-off. But if you have a nice musical source and are looking for a very neutral, natural and detailed earphone with all-day comfort, the AF1120 is an exceptional option.

Verdict – 10/10, The AF1120 is a stunning in-ear with excellent comfort, fit and sound. Their neutral tones won’t suit everyone’s tastes, but few will dislike their stunning detailing, texturing and realism. Audiofly’s flagship in-ear provides a nuanced and versatile package that earns its premium pricing.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

Avid writer, passionate photographer and sleep-deprived medical student, Ryan has an ongoing desire to bring quality products to the regular reader.


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  1. thanks ryan.

    and af1120 vs 64audio u4se?, im looking for this preference sound>build quality>fit.

  2. The U6 has the same shell as the U3, so it’s not quite as comfortable and portrudes from the ear a lot more than the Audiofly. The cable is much better, using a regular 2-pin. Their sound is considerably bassier and more u-shaped rather than the slightly mid-forward AF1120. The U6 has a more soundstage space and detailing is more aggressive. For pure sound, I would take the U6 by a fair margin, but if you’re very fit sensitive, perhaps the Audiofly is a better choice.

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