August 23: New CIEM from Lime Ears offers a sound signature switch


Poland-based CIEM manufacturer Lime Ears has announced a new version of their flagship triple-driver earphones. Dubbed the LE3SW, the earphones incorporate a switch that allows the user to switch between the sound signatures of the more neutral LE3 and bassier LE3B models (both of which we’ve reviewed here). Pricing seems very reasonable – at a mere 50€ premium it’s almost like getting two earphones for the price of one.

Official statement below.


If you couldn’t make up your mind… Here it is!
Our new product: LE3SW with switch that allows you to change sound signature between LE3 (clear, balanced) and LE3B (with additional warmth and extended bass impact).
Now available as custom option (add 50€ to standard LE3 price)!

On picture: LE3SW in universal demo version (fits into every ear to give you foretaste of what is yet to come). Contact us if you would like to try it out!


Lime Ears LE3 with switch


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