Author Deezel

Church-boy by day and audio-obsessee by night, Daniel Lesmana’s world revolves around the rhythms and melodies we lovingly call: Music. When he’s not behind a console mixing live for a congregation of thousands, engineering records in a studio environment, or making noise behind a drum set, you’ll find him on his laptop analysing audio gear with fervor and glee. Now a specialist in custom IEMs, cables and full-sized headphones, he’s looking to bring his unique sensibilities - as both an enthusiast and a professional - into the reviewer’s space; a place where no man has gone before.


A First Look: Vision Ears EVE 20

A first look at Vision Ears’ limited-edition EVE 20: A six-driver powerhouse with thunderous dynamics, huge, well-textured instruments and a killer low-end.


A First Look: Stealth Sonics C9 Pro

A first look at Stealth Sonics’ brand new flagship with all-new BAs, heightened output and a smooth, organic, full-bodied signature with technical chops to boot.

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