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Doctorjazz is a long time audiophile, long time writer for The Audiophile Voice and Guitar World, and an obsessive headphone geek. A musical omnivore, he is at home in jazz dives, punk clubs, concert halls or looking under the racks at used record stores, and sometimes has time for a busy pediatric practice as well.

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CanJam New York 2018-the Return of the Monster Show! CanJam made it back to Times…

  Focal, the French company that shook up the headphone world recently with the release…

Focal, the French speaker manufacturer who made such a splash in the Headphone World recently…

Aëdle is a relatively new company aiming to deliver both fine audio AND luxury, with a focus on using high-end materials and nuanced designs.
A review of the Elear open-back full-size headphones from legendary speaker manufacturer Focal

This year was the first CanJam to happen in NYC in years. The venue was…

Overall, I’d say the III is quite an accomplishment at the price. It gives one a taste of the detail, openness, and drive of the higher priced spread (and bears more than a passing resemblance to its older sib), at a reasonable (in these days of $4K headphones) price.

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