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An avid photographer and writer 'in real life', Guy's passion for music and technology created the perfect storm for his love of portable audio. When he's not playing with the latest and greatest head-fi gear, he prefers to spend time away from the hobby with his two (almost) grown kids and wife in the breathtaking city of Cape Town, and traveling around his native South Africa.
Swiss-based Gaudio Labs has just unveiled its limited edition flagship IEM, Tödi. We take a closer look at the story behind this stylish newcomer.
Better known for luxury cables, Singapore accessory maker Eletech has raised the bar for luxury eartips too.
For its 10th anniversary, Vision Ears has rolled the dice on an all-new flagship for its premium VE line…and it’s something very special indeed.
Eletech’s new School of Athens cables, Aristotle and Euclid, represent the boutique cable maker’s latest expression of extreme modern copper and silver cables.
Crosszone’s CZ-1 is like no other headphone you’re likely to hear, featuring three drivers and unique spatial imaging that offers a whole new take on how we listen to music.
Rising from the ashes of the 10th Anniversary Astrolabe, Beat Audio’s Orbit Saga is an audaciously-priced ultra flagship cable that promises to make your already-premium IEM listening experiences stratospheric.
On its six year anniversary, 64 Audio’s first Signature Series custom IEM, N8, is still one of the finest bass-first monitors on the market. We take a detailed look at the story, styling and significance of this very special IEM.
Cayin is renowned for its tube amps and portable players. N3 Ultra is the company’s latest shot at combining the best of both in one affordable package.
Effect Audio returns with two new additions to its Code Series of solid core cables. Can Code 24 and the limited edition Code 24C finally crack the code for high-gauge usability and performance?
HiBy’s latest DAP, R4, changes the entry-level landscape yet again, with software and hardware previously reserved for flagships. Does it cut any corners to get there? Let’s find out.

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