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When jelt2359's Shure earphones stopped working ten years ago he was forced, kicking and screaming, to replace them. He ended up with more than 20 new IEMs. Oops! jelt2359 flies to a different city almost every week for work, and is always looking for the perfect audio setup to bring along.

LimeEars' Emil is a wizard of treble In the magic mountains of Xanadu did Kubla…

jelt2359 listens to Vision Ears’ VE5, an outstanding midrange performer.
jelt2359 has a listen to Nelson Pass’ two latest amps, armed with his trusty Hifiman HE6.
jelt2359 gets his hands on newcomer Warbler Audio’s unique single driver CIEM, the Prelude.

A review of eight flagship custom-fit in-ear monitors by jelt2359

jelt2359 reviews the Spiral Ears SE5 Ultimate: Spiral Ears’ new flagship proves that more drivers is not always better
jelt2359 reviews the AAW W500 AHMorph: Singapore-based AAW launches an impressive freshman Hybrid IEM
jelt2359 reviews the 1964Ears Adel A12: 1964Ears debuts Adel technology in a new twelve-driver flagship
jelt2359 reviews the Lear LCM BD4.2: The Lear Flagship CIEM is a hybrid Dynamic + Balanced Armateur offering
‘Noble Audio Kaiser 10’ Review: We put Noble Audio’s ten-driver flagship through the paces

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