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He started listening music when he was a child. His audiophile journey has begun under the wings of a single dynamic driver IEM. He has started to search for both technical and musical perfection in audio gears. He mostly reviews high-end systems including custom in ear monitors, aftermarket cables and digital sources.

The in-ear monitor maker from Poland, Spiral Ear, is known with its silicone-based monitors. The…

An all-in-one amplifier from AudioValve, Germany
Canal Works CW-L71 PSTS offers a weighty and natural sound with an excellent coherence. Check the review to see how that Japanese custom in-ear monitor performs.
A flagship digital audio player from Korea. Is it worth its price? Just check the review to find the answer.
A while ago, Unique Melody has updated their flagship Maestro. The new monitor has a stellar performance and provides a weighty and dynamic presentation. Needless to say, it is a great sounding unit.
An upgraded version of Eros cable from Effect Audio, Singapore
Soranik ION is an universal in-ear monitor that provides a spacious sound. Soranik says ”Hello” from Vietnam.
A new player from a strong Korean company, Audio-Opus
Unique Melody has recently updated Maestro. The renovated flagship still has 12 drivers and 4-way passive crossover system.

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