Avara AV3 earphone review:- One of the best in its price bracket.


 The Avara AV3 is not a very demanding earphone. Even with its 50ohm impedance it is acceptably driven out of my Samsung Galaxy M30s while delivering a full bodied lower end and acceptable amount of details. The main reason behind this is its 120db sensitivity which helps it get loud without being pushed hard.

 One might find older generation mobile phones not being able to push the AV3 to an acceptable level. It is advised to use a dedicated DAP or amplifier to get the best out of it. The AV3 doesn’t have any problem with a variety of sources. It takes the base sound character of the source and adds its own traits to it.

 If you are using something like ZX300 it will add some sharpness to its base smoothness while making the upper mid range more susceptible to peaks while retaining its sonic abilities.

Shanling M5s:-

 While driven out of the Shanling M5s, which has smoother and fuller notes across the spectrum the AV3 follows suit and deliver smoother and fuller notes compared to the ZX300 and Plenue R. It maintains the M5s’s stage size without a single peak across the spectrum. The bass notes feel fuller and deliver better slam. The mid range feels lush with fantastic note’s body. Nothing shines out of proportion. The treble is smoother with a very good stage size. This combination brings the gentle side of the AV3 while giving a bit of the bite away. And if you love silky smoother and lush notes, umm.. You should not go for the AV3.

Plenue R:-

 When driven out of the Plenue R the AV3 adds even more sharpness to the already sharp notes thickness of the R. It tends to deliver slightly smaller bass volume compared to both ZX300 and M5s. Some might find this combination a bit more aggressive than what they desire as the presentation gets very precise and analytical. What is good about this combo is the amount of details and air between instruments it is able to extract out of the AV3 is fantastic. The stage size is not the biggest either but it does feel acceptably big.

Note worthy:-

 What impresses me the most about the AV3 is its ability to respond to equalizers without losing details at other parts of the spectrum. You can pump up the bass from the EQ if you find it on the lower side but I find the bass to be good enough and didn’t had to use any EQ for the review.


VS Secret Garden 3:- ($359)

 The SG3 has plenty of similarities with the AV3, both have similar 3BA drivers setup and share a similar sound signature too. Both the earphones come with similar type of accessories but the TFZ cable feels more premium.

 The SG3 delivers slightly bigger sub-bass punch, mid bass is similar in quantity and quality, upper bass lacks a bit of energy. The transition of upper bass to lower treble has a small dip in energy. Mid range doesn’t manage to maintain impressive amount of transparency and clarity of the AV3. The Vocals region has more energy and is more forward, while the rest of the mid range feels partly veiled, lacking some clarity. Notes feel less natural. Treble has similar extension and energy but is more uneven in comparison. The SG3 is susceptible to sibilance.

 Even when the TFZ has exact driver configuration as the AV3 it doesn’t manage to impress like the AV3. It sounds tingly with some part of the spectrum shining brighter than rest.

VS Fiabe Black:- ($495)

 Housing a single BA driver, the Fibae Black, even when is priced considerably higher, doesn’t manage to out do the AV3.

 It has bigger sub-bass rumble and moves more air. Mid bass and upper bass is similar to the AV3, Decay of the Fibae Black is slightly slower. On a whole it deliver more voluminous lower end in comparison. The bass to mid transition is good, but doesn’t do better than AV3. Mid range feels very dull and lifeless compared to the energetic and agile mid range of the AV3. Vocals do have better timber, texture and feel more natural. Treble region lacks some extension and energy. Similar to the mid range the treble region too feels dull. Stage size too is smaller from every direction.

 Layering and separation of the AV3 is superior, AV3 has more air between instruments too. Except the bass region the only thing the Fibae Black does better than the AV3 is sonicality.

 The AV3 delivers better details, transparency and is more engaging while the Fibae Black is good for a casual listening sessions.


 If you were paying attention, I have mentioned that the AV3 is the best selling earphone from Avara Customs, not their latest. The AV3 is nearly two years old and the Secret Garden 3 and Fibae Black came out this year, but none of them are as capable as the AV3. It shows how good it is.

 The AV3 has fantastic balance across the spectrum, you just don’t see any type of over exaggeration at any point. The bass has a nicely rounded body with a good punch to it, the mid range has fantastic transparency and clarity with an accurate vocal region, the treble region has fantastic energy till the end and extension is better than its price range.

 What makes the AV3 stand out of the rest is it is hard to find an earphone that doesn’t cross the limit while delivering this type of details and clarity. The balance is of all the things is very good.

 If you are looking for an earphone under $500 that delivers on every front and doesn’t lack energy at any point, even in this flood of earphones, the AV3 is the one to get.

 Thank you for reading, have a nice time.

 Enjoy, Cheer!!



Suman Sourav Meher

Suman Sourav Meher

My humble audiophile journey started in 2010, when I was in college, where I fell in love with the elements, nuances, and variations of this mesmerizing world. The ability of tiny earphones to recreate amazing sounds made my bad days tolerable and good days better! Now I am a full-time audiophile with a preference for musical tracks, especially vocals and engaging ones. I must admit I am addicted, but not to drugs or alcohol, but to earphones. Come join me as I share my experiences, bad or good, and let’s have some fun!


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