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BGVP DH3 review -Different from the Crowd

I have been working on a handful of earphones lately, BGVP has dominated my list of IEMs along with ISN at this point of time. BGVP has a whole lot of IEMs in most of the price brackets, starting at $30 going as high as $1499. BGVP is better known for their BA based earphones but they have made some decent hybrid earphones too. BGVP DMG made some waves with its detailed and bassy signature.

The DH3 on the other hand comes under artmagic lineup and is tuned to be more reference type IEM than the DMG and DMS. The single 8mm dynamic driver is coupled with two BA drivers in a 4 way electronic crossover. It has two tuning switches to tweak the sound. It comes in a handful of colors and is priced at $149. It faces tough competition from Spring 2, ISN D10 and a whole lot of earphones.

Get one for yourself from here:


The DH3 has similar set of accessories as the VG4. It has similar set of tips as the VG4, a pair of foam tip, 3 pair of white tips, 3 pair of mid wide bore tips and 3 pair of wide bore tips can be found inside the box. Of all these tips the foam, white and blue tips are stuffed in the foam along with the ear pieces while the wide bore tips can be found inside a paper box along with a cleaning tool and the cable. Some documentation like instruction and warranty card can be found inside a paper envelop.


Earphones in this price range use good quality material with their earphones. BGVP has used metal houses for their DMG and DMS earphones in the past. But the DH3 has stuck with a full resin shell like the DM7 and VG4 which gives it a nice and sturdy still a very ergonomically feel inside the ear. The semi-custom type body with a wing design holds on to the inner ear with good amount of traction. The nozzle is slightly on the shallower side and doesn’t have the deep feel to it. But thanks to the lighter resin material the earpieces don’t fall out. The universal nozzle can fit t400 size tips but any wide nozzle tip can be used on it. There are a few layers on resin on the whole body, giving the DH3 a premium feel. DH3 has a two bore design, one for the DD and other for the BA drivers. There is a bass vent just aside the MMCX port.

The build is sturdy. Don’t put brute force on it and it will survive without any problem. It might not survive drops on marble or concrete floors either.


BGVP has been shipping their earphones with better than standard cables but the cheaper DH3 has a slightly cheap feeling cable compared to the VG4 and DM7. It is a 5N single crystal copper cable. It is not the best cable in this price range. Earphones like TSMR 3 and 4 ship with below par cables but the ISN D10 and BQEYZ Spring 2 come with better cables.

The cable guides are supple, holds the ear nicely and don’t exert much pressure. The cable splitter has a low profile. Cable slider or chin slider is tight but slides without much problem. The straight 3.5mm jack is very light and feels solid to the hand. The braiding is tight but still has fairly low amount of microphonics.



Suman Sourav Meher

Suman Sourav Meher

My humble audiophile journey started in 2010, when I was in college, where I fell in love with the elements, nuances, and variations of this mesmerizing world. The ability of tiny earphones to recreate amazing sounds made my bad days tolerable and good days better! Now I am a full-time audiophile with a preference for musical tracks, especially vocals and engaging ones. I must admit I am addicted, but not to drugs or alcohol, but to earphones. Come join me as I share my experiences, bad or good, and let’s have some fun!


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  1. How would it compare to something putting vocals forward and instruments a background, avoiding sounding thin (and just warm. not Heavily so), bass homogeneous or inline with midrange not louder (like the former vocals vs instruments) with “natural decay/impact” even intruding on mids that’s not distractingly detrimental, no sibilance treble but having enough avoiding to be boring. It’s a technicalities vs pure enjoyment (lost in music) equation.. you know iem’s like that? I think it’s the natural and the way for earphones to be, exception: type 2. The worthwhile detail-ed (but musical) vs money equation ( like this under 200usd iem ) still I prefer a cohesive/coherent engaging sound (which is the point of listening to music anyway) am presently lookin to buy this iem but if I discover one that would best it I’ll do that instead (since i can’t find the 1st type), with your appreciated help.

    1. Didnt under stand you properly but if you are asking for an IEM that is a bit mid forward and music then go for the Akoustyx S-6, Etymotic ER3SE and Soranik Ion-2s

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