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BGVP DM8 review : Definitely Mighty 8

In last few months I have worked a handful of BGVP IEMs. I have reviewed their DM7, VG4 and DH3 and all of them were good at what they were targeted at. They make some of the best value for money IEMs available in the market. They have a range of IEMs priced between $50 to $1250 but their best seller lineup has been the DM series. It started with the DM6 which was a precision tool. I worked on the DM7 and I was really impressed by it. Then they came up with the DM8 last September. DM8 houses 8 BA drivers which was a slight departure from their naming scheme. The DM6 has 5BAs, DM7 has 6BA drivers but this time BGVP decided to match the driver number with the model number. It uses 5 Knowles and 3 Sonion drivers in a 4 way crossover design. The silver version with clear shells and silver face plates made with 3D printing technology is priced at $349, slightly higher than the departing DM7. While the more premium looking blue, green and purple woodcarving versions with pure wooden shells are priced at $379.

It faces plenty of competition from Moondrop Blessings 2, DUNU SA6, Audiosense T800 and many more. I will compare it with Avara AV3, Fiio FD5 and DUNU SA6.

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Unboxing the DM8 is a easy affair. The unboxing experience is simple yet exciting.

DM8 ships with a lot of accessories. Those who have owned BGVP IEMs know that BGVP always ships with plenty of tips!! a lot to be precise. Most of their IEMs ship with at least 7 pair of tips. The DM8 ships with 11 pairs of tips. It has set of tips for Vocals, bass and balanced sound in S/M/L sizes, a pair of foam tip in M size and a narrow bore tip pre installed on the earpieces.

The cable is placed inside a paper box aside the set of tips. The earpieces are stuffed in a piece of foam. It has a cleaning tool and extra 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced adapters placed inside the metal carry case.

Here is my unboxing video:


I am big supporter of good quality cables with all IEMs. Even when the cable is not the best sounding one, it should be complimenting the looks of the IEM at least. If the IEM is priced over $100, aesthetics matters. BGVP used to ship with decent cables with all of their IEMs and theit DM series flagship ups the ante with a more premium looking cable. The specialty of that, it is a 2.5mm balanced cable and comes with 3.5mm and 4.4mm adapters. These adapters are just snap on and snap off so no pyrotechnics required.

It is an upocc 6N 8-strand single crystal copper 24awg cable. It utilizes Litz Type 4 structure with 50cores in each strand. Much like all other BGVP cables this too is fairly supple and it is one of the most comfortable and well behaved cables in this price range. It does not have unnecessary amount of rubber on cores which help with better memory behavior. Earphones like TSMR 3 and 4 ship with below par stock cables. The DM8 cable on the other hand is of a considerably premium quality. It nicely compliments the DM8 aesthetically.

The cable guides are supple and hold the ears securely without being uncomfortable or loose. The cable splitter though is bigger than desirable. The cable slider or chin slider is neither very loose nor very tight and slides smoothly on the cable. The straight 2.5mm jack is slightly heavy but feels solid to the hand. The braiding is not tight and has fairly low amount of microphonics to it. The MMCX connectors fit tightly in the socket.


BGVP has been making IEMs for a while, they have used resin and metal as shells material but now wood is the essence of the market now. Even when the DM8 has a silver version with 3D printing technology it has wooden shells which look outstanding and interestingly the whole body is made out of wood. Not even the nozzles use different material. It just simply looks so good. Mesmerizing to be real, giving each earpiece its own unique design and charm, I won’t mind if more expensive IEMs adopt this principal. The wooden shell has few layers of resin on it to protect it from moisture and minor scratches. It has a single bass vent to let some air in.

There is nothing to complain about when it comes to build quality. It feels solid to the hand and very sturdy. The best part is it’s considerably smaller than the DM7 making it more comfortable for wider range of listeners. It has a semi custom type design which is ergonomically sound and the wing design on the inner side of shell proves excellent tracking and the deep fit nozzle provides a secure fit. One aspect that took me by surprise is the bigger than average nozzle size. It is around 5mm in diameter and has no lip either, it will be hard to put anything smaller than T400 tips.

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Suman Sourav Meher

Suman Sourav Meher

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