BGVP VG4 review


Smooth yet detailed

8.7 Perfect for those who like it Gentle

Priced at $229, the VG4 dwells at the lower end of ArtMagic lineup from BGVP and delivers a detailed yes smooth notes. It trades some bite and attack for a more musical approach.
If you like the control and precision of BA earphones but don't want it to sound very serious, the VG4 is for you.

  • Sound Quality 8.1
  • Matching with sources 9.2
  • Feel inside the ear 8.7
  • Build quality 8.8
  • User Ratings (12 Votes) 6.7


VS TSMR 2 ($169):-

 The TSMR 2 comes in a simple package and fewer tips. Aesthetically its stock cable is considerably worse than the VG4.

 The bass is flatter with slightly less depth to it. The mid bass is similarly emphasized. Notes sound faster and drier and have a bit more details. Mid range is more forward with sharper notes. Vocals sound slightly sibilant in comparison. Treble has similar extension but has more energy. Stage size is slightly smaller than the VG4.

 Even when the TSMR 2 is priced considerably lower than the VG4 and houses only two BA drivers it is technically more capable with better bite and transparency.

VS TFZ Secret Garden 3 ($339):-

 The Secret garden 3 houses 3 BA driver per side has slightly better set of accessories and is nearly 50% more expensive than the VG4.

 The bass is very similar with quantity but has slightly better quality. It goes marginally deeper and has better sub-bass rumble. Mid bass is slightly more prominent. The decay speed is faster. Both the transition points could have been better with transparency and energy. Mid range is slightly more attacking, vocals are sharper. the SG3 has some undesirable peaks across the mid range. Treble has better energy (without peaks) and both the earphones have similar treble extension. Stage size is more or less same with the SG3 delivering slightly better width.

 The SG3 delivers slightly better amount of details but is not much ahead of the VG4.

VS Mee MX4 pro ($199):-

 The triple BA single dynamic driver earphone is one of the richest earphones when it comes to accessories. It ships with two cables.

 Thanks to the dynamic driver the MX4 pro delivers much fuller and meatier bass notes. Sub bass has similar extension with better rumble. The mid bass is more prominent with considerably bigger slam and air. The dynamic driver delivers better bass texture. Mid range is similarly detailed with sharper notes. Treble region has slightly less extension but has better energy and bite to it. Stage size is conical in shape with less depth compared to the VG4. Layering and separation is slightly inferior to the VG4.

 The MX4 pro has better bass presence with more bite and attack across the spectrum.

VS Lear Kaleido ( ~$220)

The Lear Kaleido resembles the VG4 with its approach. Smoother treble with good details and stage size.

Thanks to the dynamic driver the Kaleido delivers a considerably bigger lower end with a lot of slam and air. The decay speed is considerably slower. The lower end has slightly lesser amount of details but better texture. The mid range is less forward and lacks a bit of micro details. Vocals have slightly sharper finishing. Treble lacks some extension as it roll off a bit too early. Stage size is similar with lesser depth to it.

The VG4 is technically superior and it shows.


 The VG4 is a capable earphone with good clarity and details. It resolves very good amount of details while delivering calmer notes with a musical touch to them. The cleanliness makes it stand out of the rest. Every note is placed in its place with very good amount of air between them. The stage size gives it an immersive experience. You just sit back and enjoy the music without having to bother about any type of harshness or sibilance.

 It is slightly held back as it lacks a bit of attack and bite with the treble region. If you are a fan of smoother presentation, the VG4 is factory made for you. All you need is to just relax and enjoy the music.

 Thanks for your time.

 Cheers and have a fantastic year ahead.

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