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Black Friday Everything You Need To Know!

Black Friday is upon us along with all the lightning deals we’ve come to expect. If you’re like us, you’ll want to know about all the top deals that will be running for the upcoming holiday season, read on for all the details!


Apos Audio

Apos Audio are running deals across their ensemble bundles, experience savings across various products as well.

Lowest Price Guarantee Extension

Apos are extending their price match guarantee throughout the holiday period until Dec 31st, meaning that Apos will match the lowest price buyers can find within 30-days of purchase or refund the difference – and this includes sales and deals from other authorised sellers. The usual price match disclaimers apply, see here or contact Apos staff to confirm whether your purchase satisfies their criteria.


  • Free SPC balanced cable with Meze Rai Penta valued at $149 USD.
  • Exclusive 20-30% discount of nearly all Ultimate Ears products (until Dec 4th)
  • Dan Clark Spotlight Sale, gain discounts across DCA’s product range up to 15%!

New Ensemble Bundles

Apos Ensemble provides discounts on pre-made bundles. Each includes a DAC and AMP with or without a select range of headphones and in-ears. This holiday season, Apos introduce:

  • Topping-50S Ensemble: D50s DAC, A50s amp, power supply, interconnect cable, and your choice of headphones.
  • SMSL-9 Ensemble: SU-9 DAC, SH-9 amp, interconnect cable, and your choice of headphones.
  • Topping-90 Ensemble: D90 DAC, A90 amp, interconnect cable, and your choice of headphones.
  • Topping-30-Ensemble: E30 DAC, L30 amp, interconnect cable, and your choice of headphones.
  • Gustard-16 Ensemble: X16 DAC, H16 amp, interconnect cable, and your choice of headphones.

Extended Product Range

Apos are ever-expanding their product range to suit all buyers. We recently announced that they are authorised sellers for Ultimate Ears. Apos are proud to announce they are now also an authorised seller for Unique Melody. UM have created some of the most stunning and unique IEMs on the market, with a focus on innovative acoustic designs such as the new MEST that features a bone conduction driver to augment the bass response. Their latest IEMs have been hugely well-received and can now be enjoyed with Apos’ legendary support and price-matching.

AKM Fire

It’s with a heavy heart that we report that the AKM production line has been closed until the end of April 2021 at the soonest due to a devastating fire. Our best wishes on behalf of all THL members go out to those affected in any way or form.

Unfortunately, this also means that AKM products will be experiencing stock shortages and limited restocking. We have also experienced price jumps over 20% since this news made light. Apos highly encourages those looking into products using AKM chips to purchase now as stock will be limited for some time to come.


We recently featured Apos’ SMSL SU-9 giveaway, this is another reminder to enter as sign-ups end on Nov 30th. See Apos’ product page for more details and specifications, enter the giveaway here and see our full review of the SU-9 on THL here.



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