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BQEYZ Cloud: Riding the Nimbus

Disclaimer: I thank BQEYZ for generously providing me with the Cloud in exchange for an honest reviewOn behalf of the team at the Headphone List, we thank them for their generosity and trust in THL.


The aptly named Cloud elevates and enlivens upper-treble clarity without an exorbitant price tag. Porous and atmospheric, the Cloud presents sound in a larger-than-life and euphoric manner – addictive yet engaging.

While macrodynamics err on the softer side regarding slam and impact, surgical micro-detail retrieval compensates for those intrinsic weaknesses. The Cloud is truly an IEM to watch (more like listen to).


+ Eye-catching teal/celadon colourway

+ Fully-machined and satinized aluminium chassis – no reservations when it comes to its longevity

+ Ergonomic form factor with ease of wearability

+ Excellent treble clarity with upper-treble sparkle and shimmer

+ Excels at top-to-bottom layering and separation

+ Flat mid-bass response whilst maintaining timbral accuracy


– Shallow sub-bass depth and roll-off sabotage overall macro-dynamic presentation.

– Occasional sibilance caused by over-emphasising hissier and sharper harmonics.

– Unexciting bottom-end, lacking heft, body and overall slam.


BQEYZ (known as ‘Dongguan Xianchao Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd’) is a professional audio company situated in Shenzhen, China. Unlike the ‘young blood’ brands that dominate the existing Chi-Fi space, BQEYZ has roots deeply burrowed into the Chi-Fi marketplace.

But, there are numerous points of distinction. Firstly, BQEYZ’s IEM releases each share full-metal jackets instead of the formulaic acrylic/resin form that IEMs take these days. Secondly, each preceding release shares a biophilic theme inspired by the oriental splendour of China, (Autumn, Winter etc.). Thirdly, each following iteration embraces and experiments with novel driver topologies, from bone conduction drivers to passive radiators.

The harmonious interplay of these three uncommon differences results in the birth of innovative and inventive IEMs that contest the status quo. An ambitious and daring brand such as BQEYZ doesn’t shy away from risky endeavours. Their latest release, the ‘Cloud’ doesn’t stray too far from the heart of their message.

Priced at $169, the Cloud occupies a space that can be characterised as a packed sardine can – congested and overpopulated. This review determines whether or not the Cloud has a seat at the comically large table. The Cloud can be purchased on Linsoul’s official website.


LCP Diaphragm with dual-cavity structure

The Cloud embraces a tried-and-true 10mm Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) dynamic driver with a dual-cavity design. Traditionally associated with high-end Sony earphones, LCP is an ultra-rigid material that enhances the structural integrity of the flexure. Beneficially, the entire surface doesn’t bend or crease uncontrollably.

Passive Radiator

This is where BQEYZ’s experimental impulses kick in. The Cloud also contains a 6.8mm passive radiator with a hyper-flexible diaphragm. The pent-up air pressure generated from the LCP dynamic driver produces enough force for the passive radiator to operate seamlessly. Leveraging intelligent acoustic design, both drivers are paired passively to compensate for their respective weaknesses.


BQEYZ kindly provided me with a sample of the Cloud in their bubbly and boisterous ‘teal’ colourway. Interestingly, the Cloud’s packaging is perfectly colour-matched to the IEM itself. The Cloud comes shipped in a rectangular, high-quality cardboard box. The Cloud’s technical specifications can be found conveniently printed in English, Japanese, and Mandarin on the box’s underside.

Under the lid, you’ll find the following accessories:

  • BQEYZ Cloud
  • BQEYZ Instruction Manual
  • BQEYZ Hard Zipper Case
  • 2-braid SPC cable with 3.5mm unbalanced termination
  • 2 Sets of S, M and L silicon ear tips with ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Reference’ tunings
  • S, M and L foam tips in plastic jewel case
  • Cleaning brush/tool.

The Cloud’s package is replete with all the accessories a general enthusiast could need. I am especially enamoured by the structural integrity and roominess of the carry case. Overall, I would describe the Cloud’s accessory offerings as excellent.


The Cloud is fabricated from an aluminium alloy in a satinised finish, precision milled from 5-axis CNC machining. Speaking from experience with BQEYZ’s earlier offerings, the Cloud impresses with its flagship-level build quality – one that could (almost) rival the likes of Campfire Audio.

The Cloud’s faceplates boast a wind-like pattern formed from two wave-like contours etched into it: an elegant flourish that riffs off BQEYZ’s inspiration from nature. The calming and restful ‘teal’ colourway especially enhances it. Moreover, the seam running alongside the faceplate gleams with an undistorted brightness – akin to ‘anglage‘ in fine horology.

Visually, the teal paint has been evenly deposited onto the surface of each shell. There are no apparent imperfections on its pebble-like surface, nor are there visible hairline scratches or flaws. The BQEYZ logo is sneakily tucked away underneath both shells.

The Cloud’s shells are a contemporary and pragmatic interpretation of the IEM form – designed, machined and finished with grace and care.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The Cloud has a svelte silhouette, with curved contours rather than angular corners and ridges. As such, the Cloud is a comfortable and easy-to-wear IEM, with no sharp edges pressing against the concha or anti-helix of the outer ear.

Because aluminium is an extremely lightweight material, I can wear the Cloud easily for hours without detectable discomfort or fatigue.

The Cloud’s spout/nozzle is moderately long, allowing for a tight seal with decent insertion depth – neither too deep nor too shallow. The spout itself is capped with a wire-mesh earwax guard.

Because the Cloud relies on a dynamic-driver array to produce its sound, there is a pinhole-sized vent on each channel. This slightly compromises the Cloud’s ability to isolate and eliminate noise ingress from the surrounding environment. Wind noise is still detectable in outdoor settings, but minimally in normal weather conditions.

Cable Quality


Previously, I’ve stated that the Kotori Audio Vampire comes pre-packaged with one of the finest exemplars of how cables should be designed and manufactured. The Cloud continues that trend successfully. The Cloud’s default cable is fabricated from a co-axial, SPC cable with a single braid each. The Y-split and 3.5mm unbalanced termination comprise the same aluminium alloy, albeit in a silver, satinised finish.

Each braid has a distinctly ‘white’ rather than ‘silver’ hue, shielded in an ultra-flexible sheathing that is (arguably) the softest I’ve come across. Supple and smooth to the touch, the Cloud’s cable does not hold onto any memory, nor does it spool into a mess when clumped carelessly into the pocket of my jeans.

When worn, the stock cable’s ultra-flexibility prevents it from getting in the way of your everyday life, from the daily commute to extended desk usage.

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