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Campfire Audio 2020 Launch Impressions

Introduction –

We’re all familiar with Campfire Audio. The company has been hand-assembling high-quality IEMS in Oregon, USA for years and have developed huge prominence. Their original BA-flagship Andromeda played a very large part in this; a ubiquitous name whose slightest mention puts a glint in audiophiles eyes. And yet, since its inception, the company has never tried to recapture its glory. Each subsequent model has been, to me, firmly unique and appealing to different preferences. Campfire Audio have secured themselves as unafraid to challenge the status quo. Instead, the company was hard at work, tweaking, revising and experimenting with limited-run models and new technologies.

The results have finally born fruit for all with their 2020 launch where Campfire Audio has announced not one, but 3 new and exciting models. All are flagships and one, finally, is positioned to usurp the Andromeda as their highest-end BA earphone. Welcome the Andromeda 2020, Solaris 2020 and the all-new 7-driver Ara.

You can peruse Campfire Audio’s new models on their website here.

New Technology

Solid Body Design

Taking a page from their custom line-up, all universal models now feature a solid-body design. To aid visualisation, I’ve taken a still from a promotional video for reference, courtesy of Campfire Audio. In essence, the metal housings now feature a 3D printed resin interior, permitting finer control over the acoustics surrounding each driver and also how that sound is delivered to the ear.

Cork Carrying Case

The genuine leather carrying cases included with each model were a trademark of CA and these new models represent a shift in ideology. Instead, buyers will receive cork carrying cases stained in varying colours to suit each earphone. They are identical in design and dimension to the IO, Polaris II and Andromeda 2019 cases but are more environmentally friendly and sustainable with enhanced impact protection. The same opulent shearling interior can be observed.

What’s New

Solaris 2020 vs Solaris

The Solaris has been redesigned from the ground up. It features solid-body design The housing is now 20% smaller for improved ergonomics, the most common complaint with the original. It sports a smoke super Litz cable that is much softer than the original and has pre-moulded earguides as opposed to memory wire. The faceplates are now coated in gloss black PVD that promises greater durability than the gold faceplates on the original. A larger vented BA driver is now handling the midrange with according changes in impedance from 10-ohms to 15-ohms on the update. The tuning remains similar but has been refined.

Andromeda 2020 vs Andromeda

The updated Andromeda brings subtle refinements over the 2019 revision alongside an enhanced sound signature with improved vocal presence and detail retrieval over the original. This primarily stems from its adoption of solid body design that brings improved acoustic performance and noise isolation.

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