Campfire Audio Jupiter In-ear Earphone Review


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I think a lot of writers approach the Jupiter with the wrong mindset. The Andromeda isn’t the Jupiter+ and the Jupiter isn’t the Andromeda Minus. Rather, they pursue different sounds but share common strengths, the Jupiter is its own creation with its own unique identity. In fact, those who are looking for a bit more balance may actually favour the Jupiter over the slightly bassier Andromeda. Because the Jupiter is a creature of resolution, coherence and separation. They excel with anything fast or complex while remaining engaging enough to flatter slower tracks. They are also balanced and very natural but have a more full-bodied, organic tone that grants them with a bit more depth and realism. While they aren’t exceptionally vibrant of sculpted nor are they as universally pleasing as the Andromeda, the Jupiter is a delicately tuned in-ear monitor with the same stunning technicality and passion running through its veins.

Verdict – 9.5/10, The Jupiter interests listeners with its striking looks then captures them with its heavenly sound. Their build is outstanding and Campfire’s Litz cable is among the best on the market. Despite looking sharp, the Campfire’s feel soft and stable in the ear with class leading isolation. But their sound still manages to steal the show with profound resolving power presented through a natural and organic tone.

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