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Canal Works CW-L71 PSTS Review

Canal Works is a Japanese custom in-ear monitor company. They have already released many monitor models that provides different driver combinations. For instance, they offer CW-LO5QD2 (four drivers), CW-L33BB (five drivers), CW-L51a (six drivers), and PSTS (Personal Sound Tuning System) with some models. In fact, they might have chosen easier model names to make them catchier.

As fine examples of Japanese approach and discipline, the products of Canal Works look very strong and well finished. Regarding the craftsmanship, the reviewed monitor is simply excellent.

Canal Works has many distributors in Japan and a few international ones around the world. In contrast of Fitear, they are willing to globalize and commercialize their products to a larger audiophile society.

Design, Fit, and Accessories:

Canal Works L71 PSTS is the current flagship that has eight balanced armature drivers and the personal tuning system, which allows us to change the sound signature with eleven non-polarized resistors. The driver configuration consists of four drivers for high frequency, two drivers for the midrange, and two for low frequency.

The company also utilizes a three-way passive crossover system as well as two main and relatively large acoustic tubes. On the faceplate, there are three holes and two of them are for the changeable resistor that is located outside the monitor. Changing the resistors is quite easy and their physical stability is very strong. The monitor in my hands also has industry standard sockets for two pin.

The reviewed monitor provides a very good seal and a superb comfort; the craftsmanship is simply errorless. Canal Works offers many different main body colors as well as colorful and wooden faceplates.

The monitor comes with a hard carrying case, a soft carrying case, a standard 4-braided cable, a wax-cleaning tool, and a cleaning cloth. In the PSTS version, the resistors are offered in a small box. On the each cap of the small box, the value of the resistor inside is printed to make them distinguishable.

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  1. CWL-71 rank high in my top ten iems list, but it’s obvious to me that the Witch Girl 12 drivers sound better than CWL-71. (I said sound better, because I found they have similar sound signature, when I auditioned them side by side weeks ago) BTW the witch girl 12 cost a lot more, it depends really on the budget, both iems sound excellent to my ear,

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